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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, Came across a song that has 4 different BPMs. Is it possible to "associate" a section to a certain BPM in EoF? -Allowing for multiple BMPs in one song? i am able to do so in guitar pro but it doesn't replicate in EoF and if I try to change manually it changes the whole song's bmp, not just the phrase I want Just trying to figure out a way to edit less notes possible but it looks pretty bad...May have to redo the tabs myself instead of trying to make the circle fit in the square... Thanks.
  2. Hi, I have two questions: When I change the BPM while synchronizing a beatmap, the measres after the one I am syncing use the same value as before the synch. How do I correct that. For example if the first measure is at 95 BPM, and I synch measure 8, it changes measure 1 to 94 BPM. But measure 8 and after are still at 95. Is there a way to have eveything synched to 95? I have a song that progressively increases in speed and I have to adjust at every measure, the way it's set up now. How can I make the metronome sound louder? It's not loud enough and I have a difficult time discerning the metronome from the song. Having another sound (cowbell, for example) could help too. I tried creating a Guitarpro file that only contains one note, but that seems to de synch if I am only moving the beatmap. Thanks, L
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