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Found 2 results

  1. After receiving numerous requests from people to post the customs that I have been using for experimentation with Violin on Rocksmith, I have uploaded them. If others have created customs for violin, feel free to post links on this thread. Video links might be useful too, if available. WARNING: The BASS chart on these songs is for a REAL VIOLIN! DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TUNE A BASS TO MATCH THE REQUIRED TUNING Tuning instructions: Do NOT use emulated bass. The custom is already coded to expect an instrument tuned to G,D,A,E in the 4th-6th octave, which equates to guitar notes on the 10th fret of A, 12th fret of D, 14th fret of G, and 17th fret of B (12th of E). Customs currently available (PC only): Practice track: Beethoven's Ode to Joy http://www.mediafire.com/download/ghch7t79l3gp93d/Beethoven_Ode-to-Joy_Violin_Only_v1_p.psarc Video Demo (queue to 13:25): Lindsey Stirling: My Immortal (Evanescence Cover) http://www.mediafire.com/download/cfp37a56z4ooa6d/Lindsey-Stirling_My-Immortal-Violin-Only_v2_p.psarc Video Demo (queue to 5:36): Gil Shaham: Paganini's Sonata Concertato in A Major (1st movement) http://www.mediafire.com/download/c2cr9x9pu8491rm/Paganini_Sonata-Concertato-in-A-major-MS-2_I_-Allegro-Spiritoso_v1_p.psarc Video Demo:
  2. My violin teacher and I were talking about Rocksmith 2014 and how it works. She grumbled that they'll probably never make a game like this for violin because it is much less main-stream in the modern era. This got me to thinking: Could I possibly create a functional RS2014 custom for violin rather than guitar? Obstacles: 1) It produces a saw-toothed waveform when bowed, rather than a sine wave. 2) It has 4 strings rather than 6. 3) Its highest note is more than an octave higher than guitar can reach. For 1, I think this might be a non-issue since it appears that Rocksmith's audio detection is based on frequency between peaks. For 2: I think I could probably use the Bass and set the root frequency to 880 (1660?) with custom tuning to that of a violin: G,D,A,E (low to high) For 3: This would (in theory) be achieved by the same method as 2, I think. Has anyone tried making a custom for a similarly tuned instrument, such as a mandolin? If so, then the violin custom would probably work.
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