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  1. what are the chords for ‘your woman?’ the verse and chorus is: gm – eb – cm – f the “well i guess what they say is true bit” goes: f# – f – eb – eb f# – f – eb – f and that’s all it is! i don’t know why the tabs i’ve found over-complicate it all so much. http://www.whitetown.co.uk/wp-includes/images/smilies/simple-smile.png where are you from? why are you called white town? two reasons: 1. i’m indian. i was born there and we emigrated to britain when i was three years old, in 1969 i chose the name of the band to represent some of the experiences i had as a kid, growing up brown in predominantly white towns. as you may imagine, it wasn’t exactly a barrel of laughs. 2. i was also alluding to this bit of history: around the forts the first signs of segregation were already apparent – the european and indian communities lived in separate settlements with very distinct characters. in the case of fort st. george, madras, the main fortifications surrounded the warehouses and other military buildings, and the so-called ‘white town’ had another ring of fortification separating it from the ‘black town’. (source: indianest) what gear did you use to record ‘your woman?’ the gear i used was all pretty old and most of it was secondhand. the total value was just over £2000 (in 1997). this was it: * tascam 688 midistudio (8-tracks on cassette) * atari 520stfm running sequencer one (free prog off the front of st format magazine) * emax ii (akais – yeuchh) * casio cz101 (cost 50 pounds) * roland jx3p * casio vl-1 * crappy old electric guitar. that was also pretty much all i used for the whole of the album, although i did get enough money in early ’97 to move to a digital 8-track (da38) and get a beautiful yamaha o2r mixer (swoon). my “studio” for ‘women in technology’ was my spare bedroom which was approximately 9 feet square. with squeaky floorboards which you can hear on some of the vocal tracks http://www.whitetown.co.uk/wp-includes/images/smilies/simple-smile.png what gear do you use now? i use:*dual-processor apple mac g5 (2ghz, 2gig ram) *logic pro 7.1 *motu 24 i/o converters (three of these) after serious issues with logic pro’s appalling midi timing and the fact that apple don’t give a crap about professional musicians, i’ve gone back to hardware. bye bye computer recording! from january ’06, i’ve been using: * yamaha aw2400 * elektron monomachine (currently, the best synth in the world) * elektron machindrum (ditto for drum machines) plus various mics, synths, guitars etc. how do you feel about being a one-hit wonder? better than being a no-hit wonder!
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