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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I am so pleased with the CFSM tool and it's updates than now fix tones issues that last year the CFSM classified as corrupt and no longer do! Near the end of Remastering my 3000+ CDLC suddenly CFSM (latest beta version) died on my PC. It seems to kill the batch remastering process when it encountered dreddfoxx's Alice Cooper - Halo of flies . I reboot my PC to clear up any issues but once I reboot it still gives me the following debug info: [2018-01-24 08:56:26]: + <WARNING> 'D3DX9_42.dll' file validation is disabled ... [2018-01-24 08:56:26]: + CustomsForge Song Manager (v1.4.2.8 - PC BETA VERSION) [2018-01-24 08:56:26]: + .NET (v4.0.30319.42000) [2018-01-24 08:56:26]: + RocksmithToolkitLib (v2.8.4.1-5f9a8079 BETA) [2018-01-24 08:56:26]: Populating SongManager GUI ... [2018-01-24 08:56:26]: Loaded File: songsInfo.xml [2018-01-24 08:56:26]: Performing quick rescan of song collection ... [2018-01-24 08:56:26]: Saved File: appSettings.xml [2018-01-24 08:56:26]: Saved File: dgvSongsMaster.xml [2018-01-24 08:56:26]: Raw songs count: 186 [2018-01-24 08:56:26]: <ERROR>: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Rocksmith2014\dlc\AliceCooper-HaloOfFlies-dreddfoxx-v.1.0-RS2014-RR-DD-Lead,Rhythm,Bass,Vocals-Estd-ACESHIGH_p.psarc - Object reference not set to an instance of an object. [2018-01-24 08:56:26]: Parsing archives from C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Rocksmith2014\dlc took: 164 (msec) [2018-01-24 08:56:26]: Saved File: songsInfo.xml [2018-01-24 08:56:26]: Loaded File: appSettings.xml [2018-01-24 08:56:26]: Loaded File: dgvSongsMaster.xml [2018-01-24 08:56:26]: Exception(NullReferenceException): Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Then I uninstall and reinstall CFSM and reboot PC, then open CFSM as Admin and even remove dreddfoxx custom and the debug info says: [2018-01-24 09:26:49]: + <WARNING> 'D3DX9_42.dll' file validation is disabled ... [2018-01-24 09:26:49]: + CustomsForge Song Manager (v1.4.2.8 - PC BETA VERSION) [2018-01-24 09:26:49]: + .NET (v4.0.30319.42000) [2018-01-24 09:26:49]: + RocksmithToolkitLib (v2.8.4.1-5f9a8079 BETA) [2018-01-24 09:26:49]: Populating SongManager GUI ... [2018-01-24 09:26:49]: Loaded File: songsInfo.xml [2018-01-24 09:26:49]: Performing quick rescan of song collection ... [2018-01-24 09:26:49]: Saved File: appSettings.xml [2018-01-24 09:26:49]: Saved File: dgvSongsMaster.xml [2018-01-24 09:26:49]: Raw songs count: 185 [2018-01-24 09:26:49]: Parsing archives from C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Rocksmith2014\dlc took: 61 (msec) [2018-01-24 09:26:49]: Saved File: songsInfo.xml [2018-01-24 09:26:49]: Loaded File: appSettings.xml [2018-01-24 09:26:49]: Loaded File: dgvSongsMaster.xml [2018-01-24 09:26:49]: Exception(NullReferenceException): Object reference not set to an instance of an object. I am completely stalled. Note that when I now attempt to start CFSM it does try to start parsing but then debug text file pops open. Link to my debug file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1gu9ct43pqI470mTgIlN9xcEUXu4OByO5 My PC: Dell XPS 8900 Intel Core i7-6700K - 4GHz RAM: 32 GB Windows 10 Home Version 1709, OS Build 16299.192 I supoose my .Net is the one in the debug messaging. I do have the latest nightly build toolkit installed though the debug messaging seems to reference v2.8.4.1-5f9a8079 BETA .....?!? My antivirus and firewall is off I used the default installation directory for RS Any advice? Edit: Oh yes, somewhere along the way I got this dialog box. I just got it again trying to install Toolkit and CFSM on another Windows 10 PC, Core i5. Appreciate any help! Edit 2: Darn, same dialog box as in Edit 1, when I try to install on my laptop (ASUS UX303UB), also with Windows 10, Core i7 6500U, 2.5GHz, 12GB of RAM. An old version of CFSM did run properly though. Didn't pay attention to which version as it uninstalled but it was from after May 2017 when I purchased the laptop. I think the latest beta CFSM is solid because it remastered over 2500 CDLC with no unexpected behaviour. I'm stuck. Edit 3: The Latest "Release" seems to work (just tried my laptop), as it parsed through all my /dlc contents (containing just ODLC).
  2. Hello, When attempting to Edit Song Information for certain .psarc's in the CDLC Song Manager, I consistently encounter this error/exception and the song is not editable (the UI for editing the song doesn't open, but the application can continue to be used) : System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not find file 'C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Temp\Metallica_Wherever-i-may-Roam_v2_RS2014_Pc\EOF\1203811966_fixed.ogg'.File name: 'C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Temp\Metallica_Wherever-i-may-Roam_v2_RS2014_Pc\EOF\1203811966_fixed.ogg' I figure it's a localized issue and I need to do something on my computer, but I don't know exactly what to do to solve the issue. I basically just need to edit the song information to assign a new / different APP ID to the song to make it available in-game, but not being able to do that in the Song Manager kind of stumps that process. Is there a sneaky way to circumvent this error from happening or editing the song information manually? I only encounter the error on some songs, others work just fine and show up in Rocksmith 2014 after following the normal customs installation steps. Replication steps: 1) Download "Where ever I May Roam" by Metallica from http://ignition.customsforge.com | https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5AoG3ulaB8kclBhQ21DR3hDRzA/edit 2) Put the file into the Rocksmith 2014 DLC folder (per regular customs "install" process)3) Open CustomsForge Song Manager4) Right click the song in the song list and choose to "edit song information"5) Observe error is being thrown, but application can continue to run and other songs are still editable I've already searched the forums for solutions to the issue but didn't find any threads about it - I hope this is the right place to ask for help and that I haven't overlooked an incredibly obvious sticky thread on how to solve the problem. :)
  3. Hi CFSM developers, I am extremely pleased with your beautiful software which, in it's initial release, is already very impressive! Thank-you sooo much! You guys addressed everything I wanted! So I tested the CFSM Song Manager, Duplicates and Renamer tabs Although they do everything I could possibly want and although I can happily live with no improvements made, I figured you'd like to hear some opportunities for refinement that you are free to ignore. I know not every cares like me about renaming so some points are more a wishlist than issues. Song Manager tab: Questions: - What is the "STATUS" column? - The four optional settings to display Ignition information have nothing outputted in those columns for any of the 2000 songs in my collection. Is this meant for later? What are these fields? High Priority: - I thought one of the main features of the song manager was to alert the user when a newer version of a CDLC he/she downloaded has been uploaded. Either my vigilance is perfect and my library is fully updated or I have failed to notice how to be alerted. I imagined that the Version number would turn red or something when a CDLC has been superseded. Medium Priority: - Wold be great if when selecting songs we could hold CTRL to multiple select or SHIFT to select a range of CDLC. Ex: Just downloaded 60 songs which I selected for renaming but had to select them 1 at a time in the "Select column" - Many CDLC in the "Author" column show either "N/A" or "Custom Song Creator". What is the difference between "N/A" and "Custom Song Creator"? Would be nice to find a way to show the real author. Perhaps this is based on Toolkit's feature of inserting author name into the CDLC? If so it's unfortunate there is no easier way to tell who the author is since it is a rather important field when managing one's library. - In the updated column some CDLC dates precede RS2014. ACDC-Back In Black by user N/A shows 7-14-2003 (?) Low Priority: -remember user's preferred column widths, based on previous usage - Just to avoid any confusion I'd show the version number of CDLC to 1 decimal place. If we see an integer we can't help but wonder if we have an old version. Duplicates tab: High Priority: - When I select a duplicate and click "delete selected" button it does one of 3 things: works like a charm repopulates the duplicates list with stuff I've already deleted or moved manually, which only corrects if I rescan crashes the program Medium Priority: - If the list of duplicates cannot all fit in one page, there is no way to scroll down or up the list. Must eliminate duplicates and rescan to get to the previously inaccessible duplicates. Low Priority: - When I select a song and click "Move selected" it simply reparses the entire /dlc folder and places the selected songs in a folder /dlc/duplicates (I had to look for where they went. Perhaps the software can show where they will move and perhaps the user would benefit being able to choose where to move the files) - The time stamps in the "Updated column" show dates that precede Rocksmith 2014. Something screwy there. Renamer tab: Questions: Should we refrain from renaming ODLC? High Priority: -When doing a batch rename of 60 songs I just downloaded, with the following template: \\NEW\\<artist>-<title>-<author>-v.<version>-RS2014PC-RR-<dd>-Lead,Rhythm,Bass,Vocals-Estd-ACESHIGH whatever songs had version set to N/A in the Song Manager tab was moved to a sub-directory of NEW. Ex: /dlc/NEWBruce Springsteen-Dancing in the dark-N. In it resides another subdirectory called "A-N". In it resides a psarc file called: A-RS2014PC-RR-_dd-Lead,Rhythm,Bass,Vocal-Estd-ACESHIGH_p.psarc Medium Priority: - Save renamer settings. Ex: \\NEW\\<artist>-<title>-<author>-v.<version>-RS2014PC-RR-<dd>-Lead,Rhythm,Bass,Vocals-Estd-ACESHIGH Would be nice if we didn't have to type the above every time we restart the program. - Would be nice to not have files being renamed to be located in the /dlc folder. Example, if we wish to keep that directory clean with only ODLC and have CDLC in subdirectories, then it would be useful to allow the user to enter the path of the files to be renamed, ex: /dlc/NEW Low Priority: - wondered a bit if when check-marking "Rename only the songs that are selected in Song Manager" if I had to click "Rename all" to get the process going. I got really panicky that click "Rename all" button would rename the thousands of other songs I had already renamed to my liking. I guess I would change the label in the button to "Rename" instead of "Rename All" - Would be nice if we could have other "Usable Properties" to append in the renaming template. Example: <Arrangements>, <tuning>, <AppID>, <ScrollSpeed>, <No tone>. Example, my naming convention for songs is as follows: Accept-BallsToTheWall-Chlipouni-v.2.2-RS2014PC-RR-DD-Lead,Rhythm,Bass,Vocals-Estd-ACESHIGH_p.psarc No comments on Setlists since I haven't ever really used setlists yet. Again, these are just things that I think would make this amazing software a tiny bit more sleek. But you've worked hard enough and it's time to relax. Feel free to ignore everything since it's nothing that a bit of manual touch-ups can't fix. Cheers! You guys rock!!
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