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Found 25 results

  1. WASP - maneater, neutron bomber, heretic, rebel in the fdg a good chunk of the headless children album is already made for CDLCs, but these are missing, would be cool to have them
  2. How it works. Request a Tone in here. 1. Post a youtube link of the song. 2. Give a link for the CDLC without tone. (Keep the default one in the toolkit) 3. Say for which instruments you need the tone. 4. If you feel the song requires more tones. Say so and Say where in the song the second tone is so that the tone creator can hear it. 5. Wait patiently. 6. If your tone has been made and sent to you. Don't forget to say thank you and give them some credit when you post the CDLC. So hopefully some people are willing to help you out in here.
  3. Hey guys, Hopefully I'm posting this in the right place and there's another big COC fan that will be willing to help with this, might make a fun project, as these songs are a BLAST to play. Figured this might be a cool project in honor of Pepper just now rejoining the band. I know GP tabs (or any tabs in general) for COC stuff are pretty hard to find around the internet. I recently paid somebody to tab out scores for the Deliverance and Wiseblood albums and was wondering if someone might be interested in using those PDF files to make CDLC. I know it's more difficult not having the GP tabs, but it might be a fun project...I'd do it if I was better at using EOF etc. Tracklists are as follows: DELIVERANCE: 1."Heaven's Not Overflowing" 2."Albatross" 3."Clean My Wounds" 4."Without Wings" 5."Broken Man" 6."Señor Limpio" 7."Mano de Mono" 8."Seven Days" 9."#2121313" 10."My Grain" 11."Deliverance" 12."Shake Like You" 13."Big Problems" 14."Shelter" 15."Pearls Before Swine" Senor Limpio, Seven Days, and Pearls Before Swine would be a fuckin BLAST to play. WISEBLOOD: 1."King of the Rotten" 2."Long Whip / Big America" 3."Wiseblood" 4."Goodbye Windows" 5."Born Again for the Last Time" 6."Drowning in a Daydream" 7."The Snake Has No Head" (featuring Alex Montana) 8."The Door" 9."Man or Ash" (featuring James Hetfield) 10."Redemption City" 11."Wishbone (Some Tomorrow)" 12."Fuel" 13."Bottom Feeder (El Que Come Abajo)" Long Whip, The Door, Redemption City, and Bottom Feeder would be amazing. Would especially love to see Bottom Feeder. If this is something you'd like to take on, just reply and/or message me your email addy and I'll send over the PDFs. I did buy these scores, so please be serious about working on these if you do want me to email them to you, of course I'd share them with any other diehard COC fans. The tabs have the correct tuning for each song, and I think have at least lead and rhythm, if not the bass parts as well (they're on my other computer so I'll check to verify). They're professionally made, and I can tell you from experience playing them that for the most part they're very accurate to the sound of the albums. Lots of things looked wrong on paper to me but when I played them I was like "Wow, that's how that's played", totally shocked me. Hope someone's interested in doing this, hit me up if ya are.
  4. If possible could someone please make a chart for the lead guitar for this slipknot song. Many Thanks
  5. I'm searching for the song; Before we disappear, from Chirs Cornell and i wanted to make the request if some one make the cdlc i'll really appreciated
  6. Bamii_

    CDLC Requests

    Can we get more Skating Polly songs please...
  7. Is there a way to make the game stop trying to make me tune to E standard? I have my guitar in D standard and I can't play the Guitarcade games or Session Mode without doing some annoying workaround because it exclusively expects me to tune to E. And no, uptuning my guitar is not an option for me. So, is it possible to change the default tuning?
  8. Hey can some one make CDLC for the song Love is a Bitch by Two Feet ?
  9. Hey peeps noticed that no one has done a good chart of 11th hour & ruin by lamb of god and wondering if anyone is willing to as its a great song and since learning guitar its a song I would love to learn but cant read music and rocksmith is the only way I learn to play, many thanks to anyone that can help out in advance.
  10. I would like to request this CDLC, if someone could create the lead part for this song: Como Un Puñal - Los Zigarros. With solo and all. I could even give a donation for the work to the developer of the song! :D I put here the youtube link of the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrhWYgpho8I
  11. I'm just starting out learning guitar and happened to start watching the Witcher last night (Netflix series). I love the song "Toss a Coin to Your Witcher" and saw others playing it on electric guitar on youtube. Was wondering if someone with much more talent than I could/would be willing to create this for Rocksmith?
  12. Could anyone out there see if they can do a CDLC of the bass/rhythm lines in these three? https://youtu.be/jYY_MAco57U https://youtu.be/AnKDteNmvBQ https://youtu.be/q1UexVjhuvw Thanks in Advance!
  13. Looking for Buckethead Viva Voltron... I can't seem to find it, but I know it exists. I would love a copy of it! Thank you!
  14. Good Morning, I would like to ask the help of you brothers of the rock the post of the music. alter bridge my champion grateful and very rock n roll in your life.
  15. MattABM


    I do not know where to post this, but could anyone please make a bass CDLC for Go Robot by the Red Hot Chili Peppers??
  16. So i mentioned this a while back about the request / complete thing going on with it not being updated. Thing is, alot of the problem is the people posting the requests. It doesnt take that much of an effort for someone to see a song has already been made by a quick search rather than requesting it to be made. I'm not expecting any sort of fix for this, just thought i'd bring it to attention and see if anyone else feels a bit annoyed by people asking before looking.
  17. There is dozens of requests on request page and it's really easy so get lost between bunch of songs. However what I'm talking about is this masterpiece: I was surprised that it wasn't created before and now I'm getting obsesset with trying to learn this song. How hight are the chances some skilled editor might actually create rocksmith version of this? That's a lot of work to recreate something like this and I understand that not many will take look at it but still here's some tabs https://chordify.net/chords/avicii-levels-skrillex-remix-full-theofficialskrillex I'll be happy to receive any sort of answer. Thanks)
  18. I know there is a form to make requests but this one is a bit different. I am wondering if someone would be kind enough to make a simple CDLC to help me with Justin Guitar's 1 Minute Changes. It would be great to practice these using the Riff Repeater so you can monitor & adjust your speed. So a CDLC with basic chords, where you can practice switching between them for 1 minute each and be able to speed it up as you progress. Justin has it set up in a few stages; Stage 1 - Chords A, D, E (D to A, D to E, & A to E)Stage 2 - Chords Am, Em, Dm (Dm to Am, Dm to Em, & Am to Em)Stage 3 - Chords G & C (G to C)There are more stages but we could start with these 3. Maybe the way to do it would be to have 3 Different CDLCs, each at a slow tempo to start, where you can use riff repeater to practice each "1 Minute Change" and speed them up as necessary. It would be great for practicing chords and help with the timing instead of counting. If it is possible and not too difficult it would be greatly appreciated if someone would be willing to make these! Thx in advance
  19. Hello guys , I'm sorry that I ask but can someone make the song The Street Beats - I wanna change into CDLC for Rocksmith 2014 I would be very greatful if someone do it. This is the song: P.S Happy Holidays Everybody!
  20. I'm not sure if this is the right place for this but here goes. so i've noticed that there is a serious lack of cage the elephant and have waited a while to see if more songs pop up but none have. so in fear of sounding lazy and wanting someone else to do work for me i was wondering if someone could post a couple more of their songs from like melophobia or thank you happy birthday. if so that would be great and if not oh well it was worth a try. thanks.
  21. Let me preface this, I have really, really nice tabs, not from ultimate-guitar. I really love them and I enjoy playing along. But to have it in Rocksmith, with the tones, would be fucking incredible. Can anyone do this quick? I'd be willing to share the tabs if it could be completed quickly and shared on the Ignition so that everyone can love it. Please!
  22. Hello all, First I want to say, I hope this is the right subforum, if not please correctly place it. I submitted a new cdlc, and while searching through the request board, I noticed that it was requested. I was unable to find a way to mark it as created and let everyone know that it is done/link them to it. Is there a way to do this? If so how? Thanks in advance for any answers!
  23. This is my first CDLC (Koichi Korenaga - Let me Go, Let You Go) and I feel it still needs work. The tones at least need some help. The transcription isn't my own work. I received it as a Christmas gift. The work was done by Simon Revill. I personally think he did an awesome job. Here's a link to the current version. https://www.dropbox.com/home?preview=Koichi-Korenaga_Let-Me-Go-Let-You-Go_v1_p.psarc I'm going to place a request on the testers thread. But anyone who feels like it, please take a look and give me some feedback. I love this song so I really want to get this right. Thanks. Almost forgot, currently PC only. Edited to fix incorrect link.
  24. hi, i think all Dream Theater's Fans should go to Rocksmith's facebook page,sign up to Uplay if they haven't yet and request DT official songs !!!!! :D go here: https://www.facebook.com/rocksmith.usa/app_418953888161748 Request these songs (because only these can be played on E Standard on all parts): Dream Theater - Metropolis Pt.1: The Miracle And The SleeperDream Theater - Pull Me UnderDream Theater - Peruvian SkiesDream Theater - The Ytse JamDream Theater - Strange Deja VuDream Theater - Octavarium maybe one day they will release official DT dlc pack if we all do this !
  25. Heya all, just wonder if someone is avalible to work on the afore mentioned Quarterflash song, not a tricky one on bass but a good song still. Here is the tube link to a video in which a guy does a cover on bass and also includes a link to a bass tab notation:
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