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Found 2 results

  1. A Place For My Head. B) CDLC In Progress CDLC Completed Rammstein [*]Mein Land [*]Sonne [*]Haifisch [*]Buck Dich [*]Links 2, 3,4 [*]Ohne Dich [*]Amour [*]Amerika [*]Mein Hertz Brennt ​ Dethklok [*]Deththeme [*]Thunderhorse [*]Murmaider [*]Face Fisted ​ Steriogram [*]Walkie Talkie Man CDLC Backlog Rammstein [*]Mein Teil [*]Eifersucht ​ Dethklok [*]Dethalbum Soundgarden [*]Black Rain **If any on the backlog have already been released let me know and I will remove it. Thanks!
  2. Okay, since the number of Rammstein cdlcs for rs2014 increased lately, me, Zenithkicker and Sharkman828 decided to group all the Rammstein customs here for a discography project, I'll list the album then the songs it includes after it, if it was done for rs2014, I'll say the creators name and give a link to that song's cdlc by that creator. okay, here we go: From the album "Herzeleid": "Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen?" "Der Meister" "Weißes Fleisch" "Asche zu Asche" (By Sharkman828) "Seemann" (By me) "Du riechst so gut" (By Sharkman828) "Das alte Leid" "Heirate mich" "Herzeleid" "Laichzeit" (By Sharkman828) "Rammstein" ------------------------------------------------ From the album "Sehnsucht" "Sehnsucht" "Engel" "Tier" "Bestrafe mich" "Du hast" (By BeastWithMoDz) "Bück dich" (By Zenithkicker) "Spiel mit mir" (By Sharkman828) "Klavier" (By Sharkman828) "Alter Mann" (By Sharkman828) "Eifersucht" "Küss mich (Fellfrosch)" ------------------------------------------------ From the album "Mutter" "Mein Herz brennt" (By Zenithkicker) "Links 2-3-4" (By Zenithkicker) "Sonne" (By Zenithkicker) "Ich will" (By me) "Feuer frei!" (By Sharkman828) "Mutter" "Spieluhr" "Zwitter" (By Sharkman828) "Rein raus" (By Sharkman828) "Adios" (By Sharkman828) "Nebel" (By Sharkman828) "Halleluja" (By Sharkman828) ------------------------------------------------ From the album "Reise, Reise" "Reise, Reise" (By me) "Mein Teil" (By Sharkman828) "Dalai Lama" (By me) "Keine Lust" (By me) "Los" (By Sharkman828) "Amerika" (By Zenithkicker) "Moskau" (By Sharkman828) "Morgenstern" (By me and Sharkman828) "Stein um Stein" (By me) "Ohne dich" (By Zenithkicker) "Amour" (By Zenithkicker) ------------------------------------------------ From the album "Rosenrot" "Benzin" "Mann gegen Mann" (By Sharkman828) "Rosenrot" (By me) "Spring" (By Sharkman828) "Wo bist du?" (By Sharkman828) "Stirb nicht vor mir" (By Sharkman828) "Zerstören" (By Sharkman828) "Hilf mir" (By Sharkman828) "Te quiero Puta!" (By Sharkman828) "Feuer und Wasser" "Ein Lied" (By Sharkman828) ------------------------------------------------ From "Liebe ist für alle Da" "Rammlied" (By Sharkman828) "Ich tu dir Weh" (By me & Sharkman828) "Waidmanns Heil" (By Sharkman828) "Haifisch" (By Zenithkicker) "B********" (or "Bückstabü") "Frühling in Paris" "Wiener Blut" (By Sharkman828) "Pussy" (By Sharkman828) "Liebe ist für alle da" "Mehr" (By Sharkman828) "Roter Sand" "Führe mich" (By Gnobiwan) "Donau Kinder" (By Sharkman828) "Halt" (By Gnobiwan (W.I.P.)) "Liese" ------------------------------------------------ Extras, Singles, Bonus tracks: "Mein Land" (By Zenithkicker) "Das Modell" (By Sharkman828) "Feüerräder" "Kokain" "Wilder Wein" "Stripped" (By Sharkman828) "Vergiss uns nicht" "Gib mir deine Augen" ------------------------------------------------
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