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Found 12 results

  1. Hello there This is the topic created for the organization purposes. You can find here every Opeth chart sorted by album. (All customs made by me unless otherwise stated.) Orchid (1995) 1. In Mist She Was Standing 2. Under the Weeping Moon 3. Silhouette (Piano instrumental) 4. Forest of October (Created by Flapman) 5. The Twilight is My Robe (Created by mattrxcool) 6. Requiem 7. The Apostle In Triumph Morningrise (1996) 1. Advent (Created by bernixix) 2. The Night and the Silent Water 3. Nectar 4. Black Rose Immortal 5. To Bid You Farewell My Arms, Your Hearse (1998)
  2. I still have pretty much no idea what to do with tones (especially for guitar, since I don't have one). If anyone could advise on the most common types of adjustments (EQ, pedals, whatever) that would be a great help! I recently (as of Feb. 2016) started adding the notes.eof files to my download folders. For some of the older ones I think the .ini files were different which can cause the sync to get screwed up, so I'll try to update the older ones (I'll probably be wanting to do serious updates to lots of my older CDLC anyway). So far, my Blotted Science, Between the Buried and Me, Coroner,
  3. I'll just be starting this thread for progressive metal for the moment. Again, this is a pretty expansive genre, so I'll try to stick to one link per band. It will be incomplete for a while. I'm not entirely sure how to organize this. At the topmost level it probably makes sense to do some sort of division between clean vocals and mixed/harsh vocals, but it might make sense to subdivide those as well. Thoughts? Notable charters @@Fyres, @@Nacholede, @@Shinyditto12, @@cdeath, @@albatross213, @@Ki113r94, @@Brooklyn_Sounds, @@bernixix, @@Jansku79, @@rummhamm87, ... Clean Vocals Ayreon (20 s
  4. Me playing through Symphony X's track Domination off of their 2007 album Paradise Lost. A great bass track, and a great custom by @@Daikano! There were some note recognition issues for some reason, so I recharted a bunch of it and that seemed to get rid of the issues. Haven't polished the guitar track as much, but hopefully an update will be available soon! Not the best start, but really solid the rest of the way.
  5. This is a preview version (LRB) of the first single off of Symphony X's upcoming album, Underworld. This song is pretty unforgiving on your accuracy, as none of the easy parts have enough notes to make a significant impact, so I was actually surprised I ended up as high as I did. And the guitar is even harder :D. Any feedback is welcome, especially pertaining to the guitar parts! Thanks!
  6. Me playing through my CDLC of Sigh's Corpsecry. This song is quite fun to play, and while I know a "new" band can be a hard sell on here, I truly believe it deserves more attention than it has received thus far. I hope you enjoy the song and check out the CDLC! Let me know if there are any ways to improve it, and spread the love of metal!
  7. WIP: Planned: Frank Zappa - Willie The Pimp Frank Zappa - The Gumbo Variations Released: Aardvark - Very Nice Of You To Call Adam Sandler - The Goat Song Alan Parsons Project - The Cask Of Amontillado Argent - Lothlorien Camel - Slow Yourself Down Chris Squire - Hold Out Your Hand/You By My Side Dr. Z - Evil Woman's Manly Child Ekseption - Smile Ekseption - Beggar Julia's Time Trip [RS Cut] Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Jerusalem Emerson, Lake & Palmer - The Sheriff Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Jeremy Bender Focus - Sylvia Frank Zappa - You're Probabl
  8. I guess you know how this works, so instead of me explaining, here's the link to all my customs: Link Below you can find my ongoing projects, so take a peek if you're interested and if you find something you like let me know. You're always welcome to tab something out yourself of course. Progressive Music Project: As any of you might have guessed from the list of customs I've release and the ones released by others that I showed interested in the most, I'm a big fan of progressive music of any kind and the fact that the progressive tag can be applied to almost every genre is what makes it s
  9. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Zt7wwpIp22g/T1d7KYotPGI/AAAAAAAAIAs/rmieireJSs4/s1600/faceless-1.jpg CHARTERS PLEASE NOTE If you're planning on helping with charting some songs by The Faceless you must do a few things: Must Have "Riff Repeater"Should Have "Dynamic Difficulty"Artist Sort is "Faceless The" (Please make it consistent) The Faceless Discography Project Legend: Not Charted YetWork in ProgressDoneUnplayable Custom (Errors, Out of Sync, etc)No guitar is played within the songCharter of CDLCL = LeadR = RhythmB = BassV = VocalsAkeldama (2006) "An Autopsy""Pestilence""All Dark Grave
  10. Hi guys! I was just wondering if someone knows a good source for Ayreon tabs I've found several GP tabs, but not a lot. So i'm asking if someone can tab a song from their albums, or at least ask for help or well...anything! I really want to do customs from Ayreon and i really REALLY need good tabs from Ayreon songs Hope you guys can help me! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFfKWaM1Bp8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=codSKV_0NrQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yeq8YMPBRCQ
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