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  1. This is a huge genre, so I'll be sure to miss some bands. To start with, I'm just going to post some of the bands that have highly rated albums on progarchives and rateyourmusic. If there are any that you feel deserve to be here, let me know and I'll update the list. If you have any suggestions on how to group things, they'd be appreciated. Also, if you update any progressive rock CDLC, it might make sense to link to this post so users can more easily find other prog rock that isn't on the front page. Notable charters @@Liquidlizard, @@dreddfoxx, @@Aludog, @@bernixix, @@solservo, @@RufusDelta, @@BHMath, @@albatross213, @@Deratio, @@icaroonofre, @@PC Plum, @@Sharris, @@joe21121, @@TheBestAlex... The band list: Anathema (2 songs) The Aristocrats (3 songs, lead only) Camel (2 songs) Chris Squire (1 song) Electric Light Orchestra (8 songs) Emerson, Lake & Palmer (6 songs, Ignition seems to glitch out trying to link to them. Perhaps the "&" is causing problems?) Frank Zappa (9 songs) Focus (2 songs, with one official) Frost* (2 song) Gazpacho (1 song) Genesis (18 songs) Gentle Giant (6 songs) Guthrie Govan (4 songs) Jethro Tull (16 songs) Kansas (4 songs) Kate Bush (5 songs) King Crimson (5 songs) Magma (1 song) Manfred Mann's Earth Band (1 song) Marillion (4 songs) The Mars Volta (7 songs) Mike Oldfield (4 songs) The Moody Blues (1 song) Neal Morse (1 song) Opeth (6 on Damnation, 6 on Heritage, 4 on Pale Communion) Ozric Tentacles (2 songs, both bass only) Pink Floyd (74 songs) Peter Gabriel (2 songs) Porcupine Tree (12 songs) Procol Harum (1 song) Riverside (14 songs) Rush (112 songs) Steven Wilson (7 songs) Supertramp (8 songs) Traffic (1 song) Tricot (1 song) Uriah Heep (7 songs) Van der Graaf Generator (2 songs) Wishbone Ash (3 songs) Yes (16 songs) Charter Inspiration List (a.k.a. bands that have tabs that we should have more of) Al di Meola (30+ tabs) Anathema (30+ tabs) Anglagard (7 tabs) Arena (3 tabs) Beardfish (5 tabs) Caravan (7 tabs) Camel (34 tabs) Can (7 tabs) Cardiacs (13 tabs) Emerson, Lake & Palmer (25+ tabs) Eloy (2 tabs) Frank Zappa (50+ tabs) Focus (14 tabs) The Gathering (14 tabs) Genesis (50+ tabs) Gentle Giant (25 tabs) Goblin (5 tabs) Invisible (2 tabs, plus lots of text tabs) Kansas (13 tabs) Kate Bush (15 songs) King Crimson (50+ tabs) Le Orme (4 tabs) Mahavishnu Orchestra (13 tabs) Marillion (~25 tabs) Mike Oldfield (30+ tabs) Motorpsycho (2 tabs) Neal Morse (13 tabs) The Moody Blues (~15 tabs) Pat Metheny (30+ tabs) Premiata Forneria Marconi (5 tabs) Phideaux (4 tabs) Phoenix (13 tabs) Soft Machine (4 tabs) Spock's Beard (12 tabs) Steve Hackett (~20 tabs) Steve Howe (~20 tabs) T2 (3 songs) Traffic (5 tabs) Transatlantic (2 tabs) Wishbone Ash (13 songs) Any bands that I missed? Any bands that you'd like to see that have GP or PowerTab files available but don't have songs on here? Edit: Added a new section for bands that I think we should and could have more of (provided the tabs don't suck).
  2. OUT OF SERVICE :{ I focus on Progressive genres and I like getting bass charts as accurate as possible. Completed Works: (5-string bass) (6-string bass) Rush Haken Fates Warning Porcupine Tree Circumstances Premonition Monument Halo Freewill Shapeshifter I Am Malignant Narcissism Portals La Villa Strangiato Turn the Page Jethro Tull Scale the Summit Vital Signs Aqualung Redwoods Lessons Whales The Trees Alpenglow The Levitated (w/ guitar) The Olive Tree NEW! Black Hills Download Archive Works in Progress: :!: Discography Project :!: Works in Consideration: * = will be doing Update: (last June 8th, 6:27 PM) When making suggestions, I want people to keep in mind that my time is limited. When making choices I will always gravitate towards a song with a fun/busy bass line, thanks. This list probably looks like shite unless you're using Google Chrome.
  3. I figured it was time to get started on this page, so here goes. I can't say I really have the intention of doing every song listed here (particularly as many of them have no resources available), but I do hope to finish a majority of their stuff. Out of Myself (2003) http://i.imgur.com/qINgBKC.jpg 1. The Same River (In progress. Bass mostly done, guitar text tab available) 2. Out of Myself (somewhat flawed GP available) 3. I Believe (GP available, not certain of quality) 4. Reality Dream (LB) 5. Loose Heart (LBV) 6. Reality Dream II (guitar mostly done, bass cover available) 7. In Two Minds (text guitar tab, bass cover available available) 8. The Curtain Falls (in progress, guitar mostly done, bass partway) 9. OK Voices in My Head EP (2005) http://i.imgur.com/RL5QoGr.jpg 1. Us 2. Acronym Love 3. Dna ts. Rednum or F.Raf 4. The Time I Was Daydreaming (text guitar tab available) 5. Stuck Between Second Life Syndrome (2005) http://i.imgur.com/IbeSvWJ.jpg 1. After 2. Volte-Face 3. Conceiving You (somewhat flawed GP available) 4. Second Life Syndrome (flawed GP available) 5. Artificial Smile (in progress) 6. I Turned You Down (LBV) 7. Reality Dream III (LB) 8. Dance with the Shadow 9. Before (GP available, can't comment on quality) Rapid Eye Movement (2007) http://i.imgur.com/Cx2f90a.jpg 1. Beyond the Eyelids 2. Rainbow Box (LBV) 3. 02 Panic Room (LB) 4. Schizophrenic Prayer 5. Parasomnia 6. Through the Other Side (GP available, can't comment on quality) 7. Embryonic 8. Cybernetic Pillow (text guitar tab available) 9. Ultimate Trip Anno Domini High Definition (2009) http://i.imgur.com/m01y0GE.jpg 1. Hyperactive (flawed GP available) 2. Driven to Destruction 3. Egoist Hedonist 4. Left Out (LBV) 5. Hybrid Times Memories in My Head EP (2011) http://i.imgur.com/lgeTdbA.jpg 1. Goodbye Sweet Innocence 2. Living in the Past 3. Forgotten Land Shrine of New Generation Slaves (2013) http://i.imgur.com/dbW80EZ.jpg 1. New Generation Slave (LBV) 2. The Depth of Self-Delusion (GP available, can't comment on quality) 3. Celebrity Touch (LBV) 4. We Got Used to Us (In progress, bass is done, guitar tab available) 5. Feel Like Falling (text guitar tab available) 6. Deprived (Irretrievably Lost Imagination) 7. Escalator Shrine (In progress, pretty far along with both instruments but not done) 8. Coda (LR) Love, Fear and the Time Machine (2015) http://i.imgur.com/JBtWCJS.jpg 1. Lost (Why Should I Be Frightened By a Hat?) (LRBV) 2. Under the Pillow (In progress, guitars done, bass halfway) 3. #Addicted (somewhat flawed GP available) 4. Caterpillar and the Barbed Wire (bass cover available. Don't think there's anything for guitars) 5. Saturate Me (LB) 6. Afloat (LBV) 7. Discard Your Fear (LRBV) 8. Towards the Blue Horizon (In progress, guitars mostly done) 9. Time Travellers (LRB) 10. Found (The Unexpected Flaw of Searching) (LB) Eye of the Soundscape (2016) http://i.imgur.com/QLwDTQi.jpg 1.1. Where the River Flows 1.2. Shine 1.3. Rapid Eye Movement (2016 mix) 1.4. Night Session - Part One 1.5. Night Session - Part Two 2.1. Sleepwalkers 2.2. Rainbow Trip (2016 mix) 2.3. Heavenland 2.4. Return 2.5. Aether 2.6. Machines 2.7. Promise (LR) 2.8. Eye of the Soundscape
  4. http://theriffrepeater.com/song-speculation-dream-theater-makes-rocksmith-debut-metropolis-petrucci-myung/ :D
  5. Hello there This is the topic created for the organization purposes. You can find here every Opeth chart sorted by album. (All customs made by me unless otherwise stated.) Orchid (1995) 1. In Mist She Was Standing 2. Under the Weeping Moon 3. Silhouette (Piano instrumental) 4. Forest of October (Created by Flapman) 5. The Twilight is My Robe (Created by mattrxcool) 6. Requiem 7. The Apostle In Triumph Morningrise (1996) 1. Advent (Created by bernixix) 2. The Night and the Silent Water 3. Nectar 4. Black Rose Immortal 5. To Bid You Farewell My Arms, Your Hearse (1998) 1. Prologue (Piano instrumental) 2. April Ethereal (Created by albatross213) 3. When 4. Madrigal 5. The Amen Corner 6. Demon of the Fall 7. Credence 8. Karma 9. Epilogue Still Life (1999) 1. The Moor 2. Godhead's Lament 3. Benighted 4. Moonlapse Vertigo 5. Face of Melinda 6. Serenity Painted Death 7. White Cluster (created by albatross213) Full album chart Blackwater Park (2001) 1. The Leper Affinity 2. Bleak 3. Harvest 4. The Drapery Falls 5. Dirge for November 6. The Funeral Portrait 7. Patterns in the Ivy 8. Blackwater Park 9. Still Day Beneath the Sun - Bonus Track 10. Patterns in the Ivy II - Bonus Track Deliverance (2002) 1. Wreath (Created by albatross213) 2. Deliverance (Created by albatross213) 3. A Fair Judgement (Created by albatross213) 4. For Absent Friends (Created by Sammerh) 5. Master's Apprentices (Created by albatross213) 6. By the Pain I See in Others Damnation (2003) 1. Windowpane (Created by FearTheTitan) 2. In My Time of Need (Created by albatross213) 3. Death Whispered a Lullaby 4. Closure (Created by albatross213) 5. Hope Leaves (Created by albatross 213) 6. To Rid the Disease (Created by albatross213) 7. Ending Credits (Created by albatross213) 8. Weakness Ghost Reveries (2005) 1. Ghost of Perdition (Created by FearTheTitan) 2. The Baying of the Hounds (Created by albatross213) 3. Beneath the Mire (Created by albatross213) 4. Atonement 5. Reverie/Harlequin Forest (Created by bernixix) 6. Hours of Wealth 7. The Grand Conjuration 8. Isolation Years Watershed (2008) 1. Coil (Created by albatross213) 2. Heir Apparent (Created by albatross213) 3. The Lotus Eater (Creater by ghgeek20) 4. Burden 5. Porcelain Heart 6. Hessian Peel (Created by solservo) 7. Hex Omega 8. Derelict Herds - Bonus Track 9. Bridge of Sighs - Bonus Track / Robin Trower Cover Heritage (2011) 1. Heritage (Piano instrumental) 2. The Devil's Orchard 3. I Feel the Dark (Created by Mach) 4. Slither 5. Nepenthe (Created by solservo) 6. Häxprocess 7. Famine 8. The Lines in My Hand (Created by albatross213) 9. Folklore 10. Marrow of the Earth (Created by twentyskulls) 11. Pyre - Bonus Track 12. Face in the Snow - Bonus Track Pale Communion (2014) 1. Eternal Rains Will Come 2. Cusp of Eternity (Created by FearTheTitan) 3. Moon Above, Sun Below 4. Elysian Woes 5. Goblin 6. River 7. Voice of Treason 8. Faith in Others (Created by FearTheTitan) Sorceress (2016) 1. Persephone (Created by DearkenedGod) 2. Sorceress 3. The Wilde Flowers 4. Will o the Wisp 5. Chrysalis 6. Sorceress 2 7. The Seventh Sojourn 8. Strange Brew 9. A Fleeting Glance 10. Era 11. Persephone (Slight Return) 12. The Ward - Bonus Track (Created by Sammerh) 13. Spring MCMLXXIV - Bonus Track
  6. If deleting a topic is a thing, please do so. I am not an active community member any longer and the formatting of this page was completely wrecked on an update or something I suppose.
  7. So, I figured I'd make a thread for death metal and its subgenres. As there are a lot of songs charted for many such bands, for the most part I'll try to post one link per band and let you know how many songs they have on here. This will probably start out pretty incomplete (and biased towards bands I know and charters of those bands). If you have any recommendations for other bands, or changes to the organization, or anything else, let me know and I'll see what I can do. Notable Charters @@bernixix, @@firekorn, @@Jansku79, @@albatross213, @@Mercenary, @@Tiberya, @@Comalive, @@Ki113r94, @@Khaaoos, @@ghgeek20, ... Classic Style Behemoth (6 songs) Bloodbath (5 songs) Bolt Thrower (1 song) Cannibal Corpse (25 songs) Certain Death (7 songs) Death (44 songs. Later albums more technical/progressive) Deicide (1 song) Demonoid (2 songs) Dismember (2 songs, no bass) Entombed (4 songs) Grave (1 song) Kataklysm (22 songs) Jungle Rot (6 songs) Morbid Angel (2 songs) Nile (13 songs, sometimes more technical) Obituary (4 songs) Six Feet Under (5 songs) Vader (5 songs) Melodic Abdication (1 song) The Absence (1 song) All Shall Perish (5 songs) Amon Amarth (55 songs) Amorphis (29 songs) Arch Enemy (45 songs) At the Gates (3 songs) Before the Dawn (3 songs) Be'lakor (3 songs) The Black Dahlia Murder (8 songs) Carcass (9 songs) Children of Bodom (69 songs) The Crown (3 songs) Dark Tranquillity (13 songs) Darkest Hour (14 songs) Disarmonia Mundi (2 songs) Heaven Shall Burn (10 songs) Hypocrisy (11 songs) In Flames (80 songs) In Mourning (1 song) Insomnium (35 songs) Into Eternity (3 songs) Kalmah (21 songs) Mors Principium Est (9 songs) Noumena (1 song) Omnium Gatherum (3 songs) Scar Symmetry (2 songs) Sentenced (5 songs) Septicflesh (5 songs) Soilwork (11 songs) Skeletonwitch (11 songs) Suidakra (3 song) Sylosis (21 songs) Unleashed (1 song) Technical Anata (1 song) Arsis (1 song) Atheist (2 songs) Beyond Creation (3 songs) Blotted Science (6 songs) Cattle Decapitation (2 songs) Decapitated (6 songs) Demilich (1 song) Dying Fetus (5 songs) The Faceless (9 songs) Fleshgod Apocalypse (3 songs) Gorod (9 songs) Job For a Cowboy (7 songs) Necrophagist (7 songs) Obscura (12 songs) Origin (4 songs, lead only) Psycroptic (2 songs, guitar only) Quo Vadis (2 songs) Revocation (28 songs) Spawn of Possession (1 song) Progressive Akercocke (1 song) Cynic (5 songs) Dan Swanö (8 songs) Disillusion (2 songs) Edge of Sanity (2 songs) Gojira (25 songs) Ne Obliviscaris (7 songs) Opeth (43 songs. The albums Damnation, Heritage, and Pale Communion aren't death-influenced) Strapping Young Lad (9 songs) Bands with lots of tabs that haven't been done yet Anata (17 tabs) Arsis (~20 tabs) Atheist (13 tabs) Atrocity (5 tabs) At the Gates (30+ tabs) Be'lakor (15 tabs) Benediction (9 tabs) Beyond Creation (8 tabs, but lots of strings.) Bolt Thrower (~30 tabs) Cryptopsy (20+ tabs) Dark Lunacy (5 tabs) Dark Tranquillity (50ish tabs) Decapitated (20+ tabs) Dying Fetus (30+ tabs) Fallujah (10 tabs) Fleshgod Apocalpyse (15 tabs) Gorguts (~20 tabs) Hieronymus Bosch (15 tabs) Hypocrisy (50+ tabs) Incantation (18 tabs) In Mourning (10 tabs) Lykathea Aflame (7 tabs) Mercenary (9 tabs) Monstrosity (11 tabs) Mors Principium Est (30+ tabs) Necrophagist (~20 tabs) Nile (~30 tabs) Noumena (9 tabs) Obscura (20+ tabs, most of the remaining are guitar only, but from tab books, so very accurate. Songs from Omnivium and later use 7-string guitars) Origin (14 tabs) Pestilence (~20 tabs) Psycroptic (11 tabs) Sadist (11 tabs) Scar Symmetry (30+ tabs) Sentenced (30+ tabs) Spawn of Possession (~20 tabs) Soilwork (50+ tabs) Suffocation (~30 tabs) Suidakra (~20 songs) Ulcerate (8 tabs)
  8. I figured it's probably time to make a topic for this, given my and @@cdeath's activity over the past few months. So, here goes! Songs are done by me unless noted otherwise. All songs have riff repeater, and those done by me have .psarcs with DD available at the download links. All songs are in D standard tuning, except for the bass part on The Edge of Forever, which is in D drop C. Symphony X 1. Into the Dementia 2. The Raging Season 3. Premonition 4. Masquerade 5. Absinthe and Rue 6. Shades of Grey 7. Taunting the Notorious 8. Rapture or Pain 9. Thorns of Sorrow 10. A Lesson Before Dying The Damnation Game http://i.imgur.com/1Z63lQk.jpg 1. The Damnation Game 2. Dressed to Kill [LRB] by @@cdeath 3. The Edge of Forever [LRBV] 4. Savage Curtain [LRBV] 5. Whispers 6. The Haunting 7. Secrets 8. A Winter's Dream - Prelude 9. A Winter's Dream - The Ascension The Divine Wings of Tragedy http://i.imgur.com/pJX0iY0.jpg 1. Of Sins and Shadows [LRBV] 2. Sea of Lies [LRBV] by @@Daikano 3. Out of the Ashes 4. The Accolade [LRBV] 5. Pharaoh [LRB] by @@cdeath 6. The Eyes of Medusa 7. The Witching Hour 8. The Divine Wings of Tragedy [LRBV] by @@Daikano 9. Candlelight Fantasia Twilight in Olympus http://i.imgur.com/c89Gyay.jpg 1. Smoke and Mirrors [LRBV] 2. Church of the Machine 3. Sonata 4. In the Dragon's Den [LRBV] 5. Through the Looking Glass [LRB] by @@cdeath 6. The Relic [LRB] by @@cdeath 7. Orion - The Hunter 8. Lady of the Snow V: The New Mythology Suite http://i.imgur.com/ERc83yd.jpg 1. Prelude 2. Evolution (The Grand Design) [LRBV] 3. Fallen [LRBV] 4. Transcendence (Segue) 5. Communion and the Oracle [LRBV] 6. The Bird-Serpent War / Cataclysm [LRBV] 7. On the Breath of Poseidon (Segue) 8. Egypt [LRBV] 9. The Death of Balance / Lacrymosa 10. Absence of Light [LRB] by @@cdeath 11. A Fool's Paradise [LRBV] 12. Rediscovery (Segue) 13. Rediscovery (Part II) - The New Mythology [LRB] The Odyssey http://i.imgur.com/fMTCYQw.jpg 1. Inferno (Unleash the Fire) [LRBV] 2. Wicked 3. Incantations of the Apprentice 4. Accolade II [LRBV] by @@Daikano 5. King of Terrors 6. The Turning [LR] by @@cdeath 7. Awakenings 8. The Odyssey [LRBV] by @@Daikano Paradise Lost http://i.imgur.com/DcX4Dje.jpg 1. Oculus Ex Inferni 2. Set the World on Fire [LRBV] by @@Daikano 3. Domination [LBV] by @@Daikano 4. The Serpent's Kiss [LRBV] 5. Paradise Lost [LRB] by @@cdeath 6. Eve of Seduction [LRB] by @@cdeath 7. The Walls of Babylon [LRB] 8. Seven [LRBV] 9. The Sacrifice (I've looked at this, and the bass tab's not complete and not always accurate) 10. Revelation (Divus Pennae Ex Tragoedia) [LRB] by @@cdeath Iconoclast http://i.imgur.com/9muZdOT.jpg 1.1. Iconoclast [LRBV] 1.2. The End of Innocence [LRB] by @@cdeath 1.3. Dehumanized [LRBV] 1.4. Bastards of the Machine [LR] by @@cdeath 1.5. Heretic [LR] by @@cdeath 1.6. Children of a Faceless God [LRB] by @@cdeath 1.7. When All is Lost [LRB] by @@cdeath 2.1. Electric Messiah [LRB] by @@cdeath 2.2. Prometheus (I Am Alive) [LRB] by @@cdeath 2.3. Light Up the Night [LRBV] 2.4. The Lords of Chaos [LRB] by @@cdeath 2.5. Reign in Madness [LRBV] Underworld http://i.imgur.com/ODjRnc9.jpg 1. Overture 2. Nevermore [LRBV] 3. Underworld [LRB] by @@cdeath 4. Without You [LRB] by @@cdeath 5. Kiss of Fire 6. Charon [LRBV] 7. To Hell and Back [LRBV] 8. In My Darkest Hour [LRBV] 9. Run with the Devil [LRBV] 10. Swansong [LRBV] 11. Legend [LRB[ Works in Progress: If you have any works in progress, post in the thread and I'll put them here and make sure that we don't duplicate our efforts while working on these songs! Updates and Fixes: Let us know if there's anything that we should fix. The more specific and easy to implement your advice is, the better! So if the tab or sync is wrong, can you tell us where, and how to fix them? If the tones can be improved, do you have suggestions for tweaks, or other tones that might work better? The more specific your feedback is the more likely we can fix those problems! -Album for Rediscovery Part 2 is marked as "V - The..." instead of "V: The...". The song title should also be made to match the official. -@@cdeath - The song title for The Lords of Chaos is currently "The Lord of Chaos" -I will work on resyncing and re-polishing many of my songs. A few older ones still need resyncs, and among other polishing things, I realized I should set hand positions more carefully during tapping sections. Future Plans: If you're planning on working on one of the songs in the near future, or you really want to get a shot at a particular song, let us know and I'll post it here. When new tabs from Underworld get posted I'll try to get them linked here as soon as possible. I really want to do Legend, but I could be convinced to let other people try some of the other songs :)
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