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Found 6 results

  1. MissRocktism


    I figured there's people out there who enjoy grindcore as much as me, so I thought i'd try my hand at compiling a list of grindcore cdlcs, and it's sub-genres. I plan on updating this list periodically, so let me know what I've missed! btw i totally ripped off of hologrammar's format lol Notable Charters @ghgeek20, @Comalive, @qt314xxx Avant-garde Fantômas (3 songs) Classic Style Anal Cunt (6 songs; lead only, 404'd) Gridlink (3 songs) Napalm Death (4 songs) Deathgrind Aborted (5 songs) Benighted (11 songs) Brain Drill (1 song) Cattle Decapitation (2 songs) Dying Fetus (6 songs) Mis
  2. hi everyone the problem i'm getting since yesterday is that my rocksmith realtone cable is making an enormous buzz, i know its the cable because it does it even if the bass isn't plugged i tried to play like this but its really annoying(and loud) what weirdens me out is that it wasn't something progressive, the day prior i played for hours and i had no trouble or any buzzing at all, i tried by cleaning it, setting it in other usb port but nothing changed, i dont know what to do? buying the replacement is not an option as they are overpriced as hell where i live(my friend wanted one and the c
  3. If I switch from rhythm to lead I get a buzzing noise coming out of the speakers until I go back to rhythm. The buzz is so bad I won't use it until I can solve this problem. I have removed everything from laptop like all extra usb devices, moved laptop to another room, ran off just the battery, even took it outside. I found this problem just a few weeks ago because I felt like it was time to learn the lead side of songs. Thanks in advance if anyone can help.
  4. Hello people, first time poster. I have been using RS14 on my mac without any issues for over a year now. Last night I thought I would have a session, started up the game, logged into my play account and got to the main menu. The problem is when the connected guitar registered an ungodly noise started. The animated speakers on the main menu were buzzing away like the strings were being scratched at yet I hadn't picked up the guitar from the stand yet. Now this isn't the static sound most people have complained about in the past, this was a loud scratching, like a very drunk steven vai.
  5. The more I played RS14, the more I got annoyed by bad tones. Not tones from charters, but the tones RS14 generates on my hifi. Even official customs sound poor. :huh: Santana doesn't sound like that, neither does Eric Johnson. Amp plugins like Amplitube, Guitar Rig, Waves GTR sound so much better on this same hifi. I envied my friends here who could play RS14 with a Y-split cable connected to the guitar, to split one cable to RS14 and the other to an effect pedal and their Amp. I read about some noise in threads by @doctorz and by @Hostilian how to get rid of it, by buying more electroni
  6. http://s12.postimg.org/zchpg3wgp/laksdjflksd.jpg I'm wondering what's everyone's settings because mine are here as shown and I know this has to do with computer specs as well but ever since the game came out I've been struggling with making it sound right and I'm tired of it. I've read countless forums and tweaked here and there but now I just want to know yours and I'll input those numbers and see which one works for me but for now I see no lag which was a problem long ago for me. My sound get's distorted sometimes, loud unnecessary ringing, hit a single string and another sometimes p
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