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  1. Hi. I´m trying to use Rocksmith Custom Tool Kit for the first time but in the rscustom page there is no more RSInjector to download. Is the Injector no needed any more? Where can I download the latest version of it? Thanks.
  2. Hello everyone! First off I love this project, and once I get the issues hammered out this will no doubt suck hours upon hours of my life away. I went on a downloading spree and got a bunch of custom songs. In combining the functions of the Toolkit and Automator, I managed to convert at least most of the downloaded files into Mac format (all files use the Cherub Rock appid). So far it seems that the cdlc is about 50/50; about half will run with no problem, and the other half freeze after tuning. I've tried most of the options in the toolkit (mac version) and haven't found anything that solves the problem. I've searched the Internet up and down and haven't really found any solutions. The only clue that may be notable is the showlights file. I've unpacked Cherub Rock, some of the files that work, and some of the files that do not work, and noticed that more often than not the files that do not run have a showlights.xml that is significantly smaller. For example, RHCP - By The Way works, while Blink 182 - First Date does not work. The showlights.xml for By The Way is 38 KB, while First Date is 117 bytes. The contents of the First Date showlight.xml is as follows: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <showlights count="1"> <showlight time="2.522" note="66" /> </showlights> Again, not sure if this is what's breaking the cdlc, but it's currently the only clue I have. I've been comparing unpacked files left and right and haven't noticed anything else out of the ordinary between the two. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if you require any further information, or screenshots, etc. MacBook Pro 15-inch (Late 2008) OSX Yosemite 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 8 GB RAM DDR3 NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT 256 MB
  3. Hello, i am new to CDLCs and i can´t start the toolkit. I use: - iMac mid 2011 - version 10.10.4 I downloaded the customsongtoolkit and when i start it, it says i need to download MonoFramework and gives me a link where i can download it. So i downloaded and installed it. I even restarted my Mac. But toolkit still wants me to download MonoFramework. I can't find the MonoFramework in Finder and i don´t know what to do.
  4. Hi, I have a problem with my CDLCs. I download a bunch of cdlc for my rocksmith, but when i'm in rocksmith none of them are there exept one. ( and of course the Smashing Pumpkins one ) little exemple : I was playing a Billy Talent cdlc. Then i downloaded another one by Atreyu. i put it in my RS dlc Folder. And only the Atreyu one was available. The Billy Talent was not there anymore. So i downloaded like 10 more just to see. And still, only one appearing in my game. Someone got the same issue ? Thx
  5. Are there differences between platforms in trms of core components? I tried to batch convert a few filees from PC to PS3 and noticed some errors. Ive searched around and cant seem to find anything to let me know what theese differences may be and figured id ask here before reading through the RST source files on github to figure it out.
  6. About 90% of what i have in my dlc folder does not show up ingame. (Yes steam is running and i am using RSinjector, + every file is a m.psarc file). I am not big with smiles so you won't get any. :) ok maybe 1
  7. Hi! Most of the CDLCs don't appear on Mac. Sometimes they do, sometimes not. (Mostly not) Is there any way to fix this? I'm using the RS Injector (+ Steam running in the background) (Changing the APP ID to Cherub Rock doesn't help either)
  8. Hey guys, I'm new here. Just joined a few days ago and love the site! I have an issue though - PC DCLC's won't work on my MAC (early 2011 MBP, running Mavericks and works very well with medium settings I have to say) I followed the tutorial verbatim and downloaded Mono 3.1, and then 3.4 (neither has worked to this point) and then converted the pc songs accordingly and placed them in the correct folder. Unfortunately, after the tuning screen Rocksmith crashes. Perhaps I am missing something here. Appreciate any help if anybody has run into this! Thanks!
  9. A very silly and basic question, but after making a few cdlc and following available tutorials, something still isn't entirely clear to me: how does one author cdlc for non-pc platforms, like Mac, Xbox, and Playstation? My intuition tells me that in WWise you select all the platforms for conversion and check all platforms in the Rocksmith Toolkit, but I'm not actually able to test the function without these other platforms. What's the short of how to do it? Oh! Bonus question: when using a .wav at 320kbps in EoF, is there any reason to encode the song at 256kbps instead of 320? All the tutorials do so, although they might be dated with respect to current Editor functionality. Thanks!!
  10. Is it possible? I've been scouring forums and downloading the software for days, finally got EOF running fine but creating the .wem file in Wwise is where I'm stumbling. Then a minute ago I found a comment somewhere that said regardless, you need windows for Rocksmith Custom Toolkit to create the.psarc file. Is that true? Has anyone here successfully created Rocksmith CDLC on their Mac? Any input is appreciated!
  11. Hi Everyone, I'm trying to download and play music on my MAC Locksmith 2014. Its very difficult. I have watched plenty of youtube but I'm missing a step but don't know what. Can someone help please?
  12. Hello!! I need help. I bought Rocksmith 2014 and im playing in on my mac. I want to have ALL the songs from RS2012 + DLC in my game. Can someone please walk me through how to do it? thank you!
  13. Does anyone know where to find it? I have seen you tubes of a nearly perfect one. So far I have found only a PC version. Can it be easily converted? If not is there a mac version? I'm having a hell of a time finding this :(
  14. Hey fellow Mac users. I updated to Yosemite today and the good news is that Rocksmith still works great with all of the CDLC. Nothing seems to have changed. The bad news is that my customsongtoolkit no longer opens. It was working perfectly fine before the update to Yosemite. I have downloaded several of the previous releases to test and received the same result. I also reinstalled Mono. Basically, it spins the beachball for a moment, appears in the dock and just hangs. It needs to then be force quit. So...if any of you manage to find a working version of the tool kit for Mac on Yosemite, please share if at all possible. I will continue to try to find a working version and will update this if I find one. Just wanted to let others know that are considering upgrading that it may cause this issue for you as well.
  15. I can't get the rscustoms toolkit to open on my mac. I have been trying for days with no success. I downloaded and installed mono, then downloaded the most current toolkit for mac and it will not start up. Icon will appear temporarily on bottom of screen and then disappear. I can't find a single tutorial that is mac specific. The rscustoms website does not contain any user guides. Please help!!
  16. Hey all- I have been playing RS1/RS2014 for a few years now. It has helped to increase speed with scales, chord changes, and tempo. It has helped to replace a metronome while learning songs. I had reached a plateau on the game for a while, but then found cdlc. I am now armed with a nice collection of every song that ive ever wanted to play! (thanks charters!) I am having issues though. RS2014 is running on a Macbook pro (mid 2010). I have (tediously) examined every downloaded CDLC to make sure all tracks load properly. All tracks were grouped alphabetically and then loaded into the dlc/ folder by chunks. So i would test A-F, before testing the G-L group. Then I would proceed to M-O, etc. I have removed all tracks that would not show the guitar neck or note highway. I thought this process would fix the loading issues (post tuning), but it has not. When all songs are loaded into the dlc directory, rocksmith semi-freezes, with only the speaker cabinets animating when the guitar is used. Anytime the dlc directory is populated with over 300 songs at any given time, all tracks seem to freeze in this same way. Is it possible that two tracks are conflicting and causing ALL songs to load improperly? I have checked for duplicates, and only found the same titles (in different formats, _m/_p) from purchased dlcs (about 40 or so). I also have Cherub, purchased songs, and the rs1 compatibility files in the dlc/ directory. Is there a limit to how many tracks can be loaded into the dlc/ directory at the same time on a mac? In the past week, i have upgraded the Apple's memory to 8GB, replaced the HDD for a SSD, and have upgraded the OS to the current Yosemite beta. Looking into mem/top,etc, the system looks to be running as expected. Any help is appreciated. thanks,
  17. Hi Guys, I can't install the ToolKit on my Mac. I am running Mac OS 10.9.4 XQuartz Updated to the latest mono project Downloaded and installed the latest ToolKit build for mac The RSInjector works fine, I am able to download the songs already formatted for Mac but I have some PC versions I would like to convert to Mac... So, when I fire up the ToolKit, (steam is on) I can see the Icon bobble up and down on the dock but then it disappears without launching anything, no matter how long I wait. Does anyone have any ideas of what I can try? Help would be appreciated
  18. The final version of ...Like Clockwork. Hopefully everything works well and no problems with links ^^ I post it here because I'm too lazy to update the links in all the QOTSA song topics. Have Fun PC: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B5MCCnnuWm_IbkNSMk9uU201RWc&usp=sharing MAC: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B5MCCnnuWm_IUk9fYk5ROW05TGc&usp=sharing
  19. Hi there, sorry if probably I open a new topic on an already discussed problem, but I didn't find a solution to my problem. I have rocksmith 2014 and I tried to install CDLC on my mac. I succeed in obtaining the song in the song list, when I start the song, I am asked to tune my guitar, and everithing seems to start, but I remain with the image of a room with a carpet on the floor. I can ply the guitar and I hear the sound, but I'm not able to exit from that place. I need to terminate the game and restart. Obviously everithing works fine with my DLC. I use the tool to insert the ID from a DLC I purchased (Iron Maiden - Fear of the dark), the I converted with the tool the PC version to the MAC version. What did I wrong? Please help me. Andrea
  20. I have Rocksmith 2014 through steam and Cherub rock dlc. I downloaded some Mac CDLC and the final step says to laugh Rocksmith using RSInjector but when I double click on it, nothing happens. Please help
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