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Found 4 results

  1. Hi Guys, Trying to use EOF 1341. It won't allow me to use the keyboard. I cannot enter any text into textboxes, let alone use shortcuts. When i do press a key, the editor loses focus and i then cannot use the mouse until i alt+tab into it. I'm using a UK QWERTY, however i have tried changing my locale to US with no luck. Win 7 x64. Also tried a USB keyboard (Same UK QWERTY). Any ideas? Thanks Pu
  2. I wasn't sure where to post this, but it seems to be the most relevant place -- when using the CDLC request page, typing a search is a bit inconvenient, especially via mobile browser. When typing the search on my laptop, the search bar suddenly stops receiving input, as if I have clicked elsewhere on the page. On mobile, however, my keyboard simply opens, and immediately closes, presumably in the same premise. Curious if anyone else has run into this error, or if the issue may already be being dealt with. Thanks guys! Keep rocking!
  3. Hello to all, here's the situation. My brother bought a keyboard last year, but he never got around learning to play, so I decided to take the instrument for myself. Now, in the last year I've used Rocksmith my guitar skills have increased in a way that I can now easily play songs that I didn't imagine I'd be able to a couple of years ago, which leads me to my question. Wrapping it up, I know there are equivalents to Rocksmith for learning Keyboard, but I want to know if some of you happen to have tried some in the past, and if you can recommend any. Thanks for your time.
  4. I reworked the F1 - Shortcut Keys to add "Quertz" shortcuts. I gathered ALL shortcuts, categorized to their usability. You may replace the "keys.txt" in the EOF folder with this "EOF keys.txt", to make it appear with F1 Or you may use and edit it as a standalone file, and give me recommendations. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I did this because I was anxious about what happened when I worked in EOF these last days. (Win 8.1 made an update without my consent) I felt like in the Twilight Zone :wacko: . First : the crtl shift buttons remained selected after I released them (Info Panel). Impossible to work like that. I re-installed EOF, with default preferences : no change. Solution found : Seems like EOF must now be run as administrator to avoid this. edit : run as administrator was not a final solution. "Make the keyboard easier to use" (ease of access center). Windows update somehow turned on "Toggle keys by holding down NUM Lock for 5 seconds) seems the solution Second : I could not enter a note higher than 19. Not with the Keyboard (ctrl+F9 -F12), not with the mouse wheel. A higher number in the note window changed to a muted note ! Solution found: set the fret limit in "Track>Pro guitar>Set number of frets/strings" (problem caused when I re-installed EOF) Seeking for solutions, I found more : My middle mouse button now works to open the note window (shortcut N) (in the Logitech setpoint tool, I set it to "generic Button")
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