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Found 9 results

  1. I've made the CDLC for the B-52's Rock Lobster. It's the fourth song I've done, all with DD. However, for Rock Lobster the DD graphics (bar graph above song as it's played along with sections) don't show up when the song is being played or in riff repeater. The dynamic difficulty is working just not showing up. I can lower the DD and the notes disappear. Also, the brackets show up in riff repeater and I can move to any section of the song and change the DD level. The space between the brackets is empty. Any reason why the graphic part isn't working? Thanks.
  2. Hello, I downloaded KITADE NANA - Kesenai Tsumi on whom there is a Dynamic Difficulty. But in the game, she does not appear. It is the case for some song. Can you help me please ? thanks
  3. Dynamic Difficulty is rarely well responsive in cDLC on phrase levels. When a phrase is leveled op or down, identical notes in other phrases don't level. This happens because most of us don't define phrases, Phrases are sub-elements of sections, they subdivide a section. A phrase should not cross two sections, it should not start before or end after a section. To avoid problems, usually the whole song is divided in sections (more or less respecting its note structure) and we check "also add as phrase" 1 section = 1 phrase, while a section can have multiple phrases. We leave the task to define more phrases to the DD creator. It is easy to define phrases by using EOF "Catalog" in song menu, which is the most underrated feature because it seems always deactivated. Catalog gets activated when 2 notes at least are selected. It groups and names ranges of notes and finds all identicals. Catalog note blocs can be displayed (Q), and played below the main "Piano roll". Catalog note blocs can be named freely, and their name can be used as phrases "LeadScale1", "BassScale2" ... Instead of starting with a global song view (using Lyrics to structure), start with the 1st repeating pattern of notes. Procedure would be : 1. Select the first repeating set of notes and define its name in Catalog. (it must start on a main beat called measure, to make it a start position for a phrase) 2. Give the same catalog name to the phrase (shift+P) at the 1st beat of the selected notes. 3. Use the catalog feature to search (F3) for identicals (sets current position on it's first note) (or shift+F3 to jump to previous identical) 4. Give all found set of notes the same starting phrase/catalog name. 5. Repeat procedure for next set of notes 6, Check for unrepeated rest of notes following defined phrases (solo, intro, outro ...) 7. Gather phrases into a section, without checking the "also add as phrases". This may need to be done for all parts lead, rhythm,bass, selecting "specific to PART_..." when adding a phrase. Catalog is not related to Phrases, it only helps to create them. This means you can give same phrase names, even if single notes, ending notes are different. This way Dynamic Difficulty works correctly. Success/fail on one phrase level adjusts all levels of the same phrase name (like in official songs) It may take more time, depending on the song, until one gets used to. And it helps analyzing song structures. Example : In a 1st section called "intro", 4 phrases are freely called "Scale1" and another called "Scale2" http://www.mediafire.com/convkey/0d08/puniaho9c981301bg.jpg?size_id=6 In a 4th section called "postvs", 1 phrase only among 2 others is called "Scale1" http://www.mediafire.com/convkey/f79b/w5235ha5t7lj69dbg.jpg?size_id=6 I let the files go through the DD creator (with 6 phrases set) and it kept my number of phrases. http://www.mediafire.com/convkey/b167/25dmq383jhocdg2bg.jpg?size_id=4 Now, when I increase the level in the section intro (it's not possible to increase the level of a phrase separately), the phrase "scale1" in the 4th section "Riff" is automatically increased, without being selected and only this phrase. Check XML level of the events The XML of EOF : Phrase names get replaced by a phrase ID (position depending) <phrase disparity="0" ignore="0" maxDifficulty="0" name="Riff1" solo="0"/> <phrase disparity="0" ignore="0" maxDifficulty="0" name="Riff2" solo="0"/> <phrase disparity="0" ignore="0" maxDifficulty="0" name="Riff3" solo="0"/> phrase disparity="0" ignore="0" maxDifficulty="0" name="Scale1" solo="0"/> <phrase disparity="0" ignore="0" maxDifficulty="0" name="Scale3" solo="0"/> <phraseIteration time="5.976" phraseId="4"/> <phraseIteration time="9.910" phraseId="4"/> <phraseIteration time="13.845" phraseId="4"/> <phraseIteration time="17.779" phraseId="4"/> <phraseIteration time="42.369" phraseId="3"/> <phraseIteration time="46.304" phraseId="4"/> <phraseIteration time="49.255" phraseId="5"/> All phrases Scale1 get the Id=4 The XML of DD Creator : Phrase names of EOF get lost and replaced by another name and phrase ID <phrase disparity="0" ignore="0" maxDifficulty="3" name="p1" solo="0"/> <phrase disparity="0" ignore="0" maxDifficulty="3" name="p2" solo="0"/> <phrase disparity="0" ignore="0" maxDifficulty="3" name="p3" solo="0"/> <phrase disparity="0" ignore="0" maxDifficulty="2" name="p4" solo="0"/> <phrase disparity="0" ignore="0" maxDifficulty="2" name="p5" solo="0"/> <phraseIteration time="5.976" phraseId="2" variation=""> <phraseIteration time="9.910" phraseId="3" variation=""> <phraseIteration time="13.845" phraseId="3" variation=""> <phraseIteration time="17.779" phraseId="4" variation=""> <phraseIteration time="40.402" phraseId="8" variation=""> <phraseIteration time="42.369" phraseId="9" variation=""> <phraseIteration time="46.304" phraseId="4" variation=""> <phraseIteration time="49.255" phraseId="10" variation=""> Only the previous identical section seems to get a common ID. Maybe the DDcreator's can explain this. I hope to contribute to go beyond the "lazy Section=Phrase" option, to make cDLC closer to official quality and make Riff Repeator and Dynamic Difficulty work as they should, considering most users are probably beginners or enter intermediate level.
  4. http://guitargames.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/ddc-512.png {Original icon from Svengraph} Dynamic Difficulty Creator I am pleased to share with you the "Dynamic Difficulty Creator" which : - uses the XML files of each arrangement to produce a new version of these files (files like "PART REAL_GUITAR.xml") - generates all phrases automatically (if not already created in EOF) - generates all levels of dynamic difficulties from 0 to 19 if needed for each phrase DDC v3.7 supports various time signatures : - if a time signature is missing, you can now configure its categorization maps - the synchronization process in EOF must respect the rhythm (the measures, beats and time signatures have to be correctly defined in EOF) For best results : - during the synchronization process in EOF, do not move the notes, just move the main measures (vertical bars) - create sections and phrases in EOF carefully because they strongly influence DDC process - All sections and phrases must start on the main beat of a measure If these rules are bypassed, DDC can work, but the results are not garenteed ... I'm writting a dedicated tutorial about DDC : DDC Tutorial ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- D O W N L O A D L I N K ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Production (stable) : ddc_v3.7.zip (Requires RSToolkit v2.8.1.0-980b5022 beta or greater) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- U P D A T E S ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Update v3.7 : (14/07/2020) - New specific part in the log file to display the handShapes properties - Fixed bug : HandShapes are not always generated when they contain both single notes and chords Update v3.6 : (02/12/2018) - The "offset" property is now setted if the first beat starts after 0.000 - New "maxMeasuresPerPhrase" parameter to disable the automatic phrase creation process based on the average number of measures per input phrase - Fixed bug : A new beat was always added at time 0.000 - Fixed bug : A COUNT phrase iteration was always added at time 0.000 - Fixed bug : The time position of the last noguitar section was always adjusted - Fixed bug : The maximum number of generated DD levels wasn't limited to 30 Update v3.5 : (27/07/2018) - Fixed bug : When generating the transcriptionTrack tag, a chord must be ignored if it is replaced by single notes at upper levels - Fixed bug : Notes are not always generated for odd measures when "ddc_dd_remover.xml" template is used - Fixed bug : The computation of number of differences is wrong for the first level of difficulty Update v3.4 : (20/09/2017) - More levels added in the default configuration file - In order to add more levels of difficulty, each level is splitted in two sublevels, the first one keep only new notes added in odd measures. - Fixed bug : The last notes may be omitted when the last "noguitar" section has an adjusted time position. - Fixed bug : Error in calculating the total number of events in each phrase that affected the process of merging adjacent difficulty levels. - Fixed bug : Transcription track could produce several single notes at the same time position and on the same fret - Fixed bug : Embedded handShapes may produce issue when generating the transcriptionTrack tag - Fixed bug : Spaces in chord name and display name were not managed correctly - Fixed bug : Count attributes may have wrong values in transcriptionTrack children tags Update v3.3 : (07/04/2017) - Set the default value when an attribute is missing in the input XML file - Generation of transcriptionTrack tag without attributes that have the default value - Don't generate XML attributes with default value in the DDC output file (RSToolkit v2.8.1.0) - Fixed bug : High density status may be forced even if the chord contains any technics - Fixed bug : A value of 100 for the "minHighDensityMisused" configuration parameter doesn't deactivate the density correction process Update v3.2 (28/11/2016) - New process to force the density status of chords depending on their position in a sequence - New parameter in the configuration file to adjust or not the density status of chords - New process to add open notes in chord tags in order to remove display glitches - New message in the log if the time position of an anchor is adjusted - No more protection of adjacent measures that share the same handShape during the phrase creation process - No more generation of linkedDiffs node (only newLinkedDiffs is usefull) - Fixed bug : Wrong time position used when generating a new anchor at the beginning of a phrase - Fixed bug : HandShapes and anchors may be splitted at the beginning of a new phrase - Fixed bug : Linked notes may never appear in any difficulty level Update v3.1 (02/10/2016) - The order of XML attributes has changed for note, chordNote and handShape tags - The feature that automatically adjusts the sustain of notes has been removed - Fixed bug : DDC may crash during the check of overlapping sustains Update v3.0 (01/02/2016) - The chords without chord notes are now supported - New process to add measure 0 at time 0.000 when startBeat is greater than 0.000 - New process to keep the highDensity value as defined in EOF - Fixed bug : HighDensity status can be overrided with a wrong value Update v2.9 (23/01/2016) - New logic to avoid the split of existing handShapes when the new phrases are generated - New process to allow excotic handShape phrases - New check to remove handShapes which are empty - New logic to allow handShapes without a valid chordTemplate reference - Fixed bug : Start time of the first handShape in a phrase may be greater than the phrase start time - Fixed bug : HandShape with no visible note inside maybe generated - Fixed bug : DDC may crash if duplicate nodes are found in the XML file - Fixed bug : The highDensity attribute was not recomputed for lower levels of difficulty Update v2.8 (06/12/2015) - Single distinct notes which are located on the same time position are now managed like a chord if they are associated with a handShape and a chordTemplate. - The transcriptionTrack generation process has been modified to manage multiple notes on the same time position. - New check about the maximum number of phrases and automatic increase of the phrase length parameter if possible. - New process for increasing the phrase length parameter if the maximum number of phrases will be reached (new parameter in the config file to define this limit). - New process for detecting similar phrases (similarities are now computed by measure). - New process for detecting duplicate events on a same time position and to avoid a crash of DDC (only the first occurrence is kept by time position). - Fixed bug : TranscriptionTrack generation may produce events in the wrong order based on their time position (when the highest level has less events than the lower levels). - Fixed bug : Always add the first event of each phrase in the first level of difficulty to avoid a crash in RR. Update v2.7 (06/04/2015) - Fixed bug : XML prolog was missing in the result XML files. Update v2.6 (31/01/2015) - New default value for the phrase length parameter (4). - Fixed bug : DDC may generate a wrong value in the "count" attributes when it merges all existing difficulties to create the "transcriptionTrack" tag. - Fixed bug : The highest level of difficulty is not use when DDC merges all existing difficulties to create the "transcriptionTrack" tag. - Fixed bug : A measure may be not protected by a preceding one if it contains a new sequence of linked notes. Update v2.5 (05/07/2014) - New process to merge all levels of existing Dynamic Difficulty if the "transcriptionTrack" tag is empty. - Notes and chords sustain are now considered if they overlap two or more measures (prevent the creation of empty phrases which break the handshapes length). - Fixed bug : DDC error when the number of chordNodes is lower than the number of frets defined in the chordTemplate Update v2.4 (13/06/2014) - New categorization process to allow multiple time signatures. - New notation to define the ramp up models. - New configuration file (ddc_default.cfg) to allow the modification of internal parameters (category and subcategory maps, merging levels, linked diff.). - New parameter to specify the configuration file to use. - New checks and associated warnings about the categorization process. - New merging process to reduce the number of difficulty levels (separate from the DD generation step). - New view of difficulty levels in the log file for a better differentiation of the levels before and after the merging process. - Fixed bug : Adjacent levels of difficulty may be wrongly merged together. Update v2.3 (13/06/2014) - Fixed bug : Some adjacent measures are wrongly protected in the same phrase. Update v2.2 (15/03/2014) - Synchronize events on the timeline before generating the new phrases. - Protect adjacent measures in the same phrase if they contain a sequence of linked notes. - Generate a warning if a sequence of linked notes overlaps two sections or two subsections. - Fixed bug : Last chord may be missing. - Fixed bug : New phrase can be created with only one empty measure. Update v2.1 (15/02/2014) - Auto-adjustment to the previous main beat for each section and phrase iteration which is not placed on the main beat of a measure. - DDC now allows handShape's end time equals to the start time of the following one. - Fixed bug : Technics on chords can be lost if the chord is the first one in the current phrase iteration. - Fixed bug : Chord notes may be missing if the chord is the first one in the handShape in the current level of difficulty. - Fixed bug : First chord reference in a sequence may be the wrong and chord note technics may appear or disappear. - Fixed bug : Phrase length parameter can be ignored when only the last measure of the current phrase is empty. - Fixed bug : Linked notes can be ignored when two notes have the same time position. - Fixed bug : First section may be missing. Update v2.0 (24/01/2014) - New display of DD levels in the log file to facilitate the DDC process check. - DDC now supports anchors on the secondary beats of a measure. - New logic added for merging two adjacent levels of difficulty if there is no more than 10% of differences between them. - New comparison system to detect similarities between two distinct phrases (less than 25% of differences). - New warning added in the log file if a chordNote tag is not found for the fundamental note. - New optional parameter "-p" to overwrite the XML file content without changing its name (value "Y"). - New optional parameter "-t" to generate or not the log file (value "Y"). - Fixed bug : notes and chords may be missing on the highest level of difficulty. - Fixed bug : arpeggios are not generated by DDC if they are at the last position in the chord templates list. Update v1.9 (10/01/2014) - New warning added in the log file if sections or phrases don't start at the first beat of a measure. - Fixed bug : Wrong value in "count" attribute of the "phraseIterations" tag in specific cases. - Fixed bug : "ChordNote" tag may be missing in lower levels of difficulty for fret hand muted chords. - Fixed bug : Process may stop when loading XML file informations if a phrase is defined before the first section. Update v1.8 (04/01/2014) - Arpeggios are now supported. - File path removed in the ramp-up model name for the generated comment. - Chord Templates are now fully described in the log file. - Fixed bug : The phrase "p0" was always generated even if no iteration of the phrase was referencing. - Fixed bug : Wrong categorization, if the last measure is not complete (based on the current time signature) and contains notes or chords. - Fixed bug : A few notes or chords are missing due to a bug in the sub-categorization process. Update v1.7 (25/12/2013) - New "transcriptionTrack" tag management. - Now supports the DD remover functionality. - First phrases and sections are not generated if they are empty for the current arrangement. - First "COUNT" empty phrase iteration is added between the first beat and the first non-empty phrase. Update v1.6 (15/12/2013) - Synchronize the first measure with the first section before generating new phrases. - Fixed bug : The last phrase iteration was missing in the generated XML file. - Fixed bug : Minor correction in the "linkNext" sequence management. Update v1.5 (11/12/2013) - New "INFORMATION" status for log messages. - New validity check of the XML format. - New security checks about the time position of the first anchor and the first handShape. - ChordNote tag children are cloned for the fundamental notes in lower levels of difficulty. - HandShape endTime is adjusted when it is splitted due to a new phrase iteration. - Remove sustains parameter is set to "N" by default. - Fixed bug : Sections are lost if there are less phrase iterations than sections. Update v1.4 (05/12/2013) - First empty phrase iterations are not generated. - Protect the loading of XML chords and notes when the last measure is not complete. - Anchor "time" value is adjusted for the first event of each new phrase iteration. - Chord sustains are now collected from the "chordNote" tag. Update v1.3 (03/12/2013) - HandShape "startTime" value is now adjusted to the "time" value of its first associated chord in the current level - HandShape "endTime" correction - HandShape added for the first chord of each new phrase iteration if necessary - Chord notes added on the first chord of each new phrase iteration if necessary - Only the needed anchors are now inserted on each level of difficulty - Fixed bug : Wrong "chordId" was used in "handShapes" for lower levels of difficulty Update v1.2 (24/11/2013) - Supports the Rocksmith 2014 Score Attack mode - Automatic difficulty selection for the three Score Attack levels - New "heroLevels" tag added for each non-empty "phraseIteration" Update v1.1 (19/11/2013) - Auto detection of the Rocksmith XML format (2012 or 2014) - The following Rocksmith 2014 technics are now supported : - All new attributes on notes and chords - New "chordNote" elements under "chord" - New "bendValues" elements under "note" and "chordNote" - "linkNext" logic for combining several chords and/or notes in a complex note in RS2014 - DDC now works with no "section" and/or no "phraseIterations" - Existing phrases in the input XML file are now used as subsections - Fixed bug : Wrong "chordId" was used for the lower levels of difficulty Update v1.0 (03/11/2013) - New lightweight executable for Windows 32bit (command line tool) - DDC program totally rewritten in Tcl Update v0.9 (21/09/2013) - DDC now supports all technics on the fundamental notes of the chords (palm mutes, bends, slides, ...). You must first activate [song][Rocksmith][Export chord techniques] in EOF for export these informations in the XML files. - Two new sub-categories (1 & 2) for category 8 in the default ramp-up model (to soften the rise of the first levels) Update v0.8 (12/09/2013) - Sustain of the fundamental note of a chord was not generated if this chord was the last one of the tab (now it works) - Sustain correction wasn't apply on all notes (now it works) Update v0.7 (03/09/2013) - New more powerfull web hosting (but not free ...) - New parameter to choose the length of the phrases (2, 3 or 4 measures) - New parameter to remove or not the note's sustain - New parameter to configure the ramp-up model (* & **) - The transformation process starts instantly when the queue is empty Update v0.6 (30/08/2013) - New leveling model with a maximum of 4 new notes or chords at each level transition - Up to 21 levels of difficulty for a phrase - In the previous release, palm muted effect was omitted during the generation of the XML result file (now it works correctly) - Phrases length can be set to 2, 3 or 4 measures (the difficulty highway bar doesn't display when there are too many phrases; increasing the phrase length resolves this problem) - Automatic sustain correction for each note with length less than 1/4 of its measure (we can keep those sustains in EOF for future compatibility or different behavior in Rocksmith 2014) Update v0.5 (26/08/2013) - Faster than v0.4 (less than 20 seconds for an arrangement) - Source XML files with only two phrases ("COUNT" and "END") are now supported - When a phrase reaches its maximum level of difficulty, it is not written in the higher levels - Similar Chords templates was merged in the previous version and can loose some specific finger positions - "controls" and "phraseProperties" XML elements was omitted in the previous versions - DDC now supports chords HandShapes for single notes Update v0.4 (20/08/2013) - Faster than v0.3 (less than one minute for an arrangement) - Now supports original XML files with multiple levels inside - "events" and "linkedDiffs" XML elements was omitted in the previous version
  5. Hey everyone! So I've been in this community for a couple months now and have played a good number of custom songs (props to everyone). I think that now is the time to start contributing back to everyone. Personally, I like to search only for songs with Dynamic Difficulty, which is what inspired my first project to be Here's To Us, by Halestorm. I've noticed someone has a custom available for this, but it does not have dynamic difficulty available. Rather than pestering the individual, I thought I might take this simple song into my own hands. I wasn't able to find a *.gp of the song's tabs, but I've got fretting/chord reference from a video posted directly by Lzzy and Joe to the band's YouTube channel. I've also got some general ideas how I might scale the difficulty. Again, this is my first project, so I'm still gaining familiarity with the software. Although I've got a general idea of what I'm doing, I'd greatly appreciate any support/tips/assistance anyone might have to offer. I'll keep you all updated!
  6. So, I've had a project going for a few months. Unfortunately, I've had two things prevent me from finishing it. One being work, the other is my lack of knowledge. I've got the song charted out, finger positions mapped for chords. I just don't know how to incorporate dynamic difficulty. Is there something in the toolkit, or is there something I have to do? Any light that can be shed would be fantastic, thank you all.
  7. So, I've gone through and used the Dynamic Difficulty Creator, but I'm faced with another problem - most of the songs that once lacked Dynamic Difficulty also lacked section markers. Which means, as a result, when I enter the Riff Repeater, it's either the whole song or none of it. Is there a way to retrieve files from the CDLC pack to add section markers to break up a song?
  8. I'm just finishing my second CDLC. Overall, I'm pretty happy with how things are working out - but so far I have used the DD Creator in the Rocksmith Custom Toolkit to produce Dynamic Difficulty. With the bass part for the current song, this seems fine (it's not a very complicated part). I'm not really satisfied with what the DDC produces for the guitar part though. I can see roughly what the algorithm is doing and as an algorithmic approach that seems fine... but it's not the same as the order of notes to make visible if I had free choice. (I'd like to think that I would pick a more "musical" selection that would enable the phrase to be learnt quicker.) Are there other ways to create DD? My guess is that I ought to be able to do something in EoF to create the DD, but I've not seen a single tutorial describe how to do it. Am I missing something?
  9. Hi there I'm one of the guys who discovered the pleasure of learning to play the guitar later when the job and family really limits the time... Now for the question: Can I add in any way Dynamic Difficulty to the CDLC that don't have it? I really want to play some songs but in full it is much too hard and with all those notes coming I have no chance in learning the song.... Thanks and I hope I'll get a positive answer Cheers, Calin
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