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Found 10 results

  1. http://guitargames.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/ddc-512.png {Original icon from Svengraph} Dynamic Difficulty Creator I am pleased to share with you the "Dynamic Difficulty Creator" which : - uses the XML files of each arrangement to produce a new version of these files (files like "PART REAL_GUITAR.xml") - generates all phrases automatically (if not already created in EOF) - generates all levels of dynamic difficulties from 0 to 19 if needed for each phrase DDC v3.7 supports various time signatures : - if a time signature is missing, you can now con
  2. Hello, I downloaded KITADE NANA - Kesenai Tsumi on whom there is a Dynamic Difficulty. But in the game, she does not appear. It is the case for some song. Can you help me please ? thanks
  3. Dynamic Difficulty is rarely well responsive in cDLC on phrase levels. When a phrase is leveled op or down, identical notes in other phrases don't level. This happens because most of us don't define phrases, Phrases are sub-elements of sections, they subdivide a section. A phrase should not cross two sections, it should not start before or end after a section. To avoid problems, usually the whole song is divided in sections (more or less respecting its note structure) and we check "also add as phrase" 1 section = 1 phrase, while a section can have multiple phrases. We leave the task to defin
  4. Hey, I was hesitating to make a thread, but why not ask you guys... So I recently got a new computer (windows 7 to 8.1) and had to reinstall both rocksmiths themselves, steam, the .dll folder, toolkit and all the cdlcs. Some cdlcs say that they have DD, and then when I load them in game, well the DD chart shows up when I select the song but it is all one level (as if you had learned it to maybe 80% or so). Then when I start the song, no DD -- the graph appears flat as if it never existed. I'm curious as to why it isnt working when I've had this work before. An example is say Nacholede'
  5. So, I've gone through and used the Dynamic Difficulty Creator, but I'm faced with another problem - most of the songs that once lacked Dynamic Difficulty also lacked section markers. Which means, as a result, when I enter the Riff Repeater, it's either the whole song or none of it. Is there a way to retrieve files from the CDLC pack to add section markers to break up a song?
  6. I'm just finishing my second CDLC. Overall, I'm pretty happy with how things are working out - but so far I have used the DD Creator in the Rocksmith Custom Toolkit to produce Dynamic Difficulty. With the bass part for the current song, this seems fine (it's not a very complicated part). I'm not really satisfied with what the DDC produces for the guitar part though. I can see roughly what the algorithm is doing and as an algorithmic approach that seems fine... but it's not the same as the order of notes to make visible if I had free choice. (I'd like to think that I would pick a more "mu
  7. So, I've had a project going for a few months. Unfortunately, I've had two things prevent me from finishing it. One being work, the other is my lack of knowledge. I've got the song charted out, finger positions mapped for chords. I just don't know how to incorporate dynamic difficulty. Is there something in the toolkit, or is there something I have to do? Any light that can be shed would be fantastic, thank you all.
  8. Hey everyone! So I've been in this community for a couple months now and have played a good number of custom songs (props to everyone). I think that now is the time to start contributing back to everyone. Personally, I like to search only for songs with Dynamic Difficulty, which is what inspired my first project to be Here's To Us, by Halestorm. I've noticed someone has a custom available for this, but it does not have dynamic difficulty available. Rather than pestering the individual, I thought I might take this simple song into my own hands. I wasn't able to find a *.gp of the song's tab
  9. I've made the CDLC for the B-52's Rock Lobster. It's the fourth song I've done, all with DD. However, for Rock Lobster the DD graphics (bar graph above song as it's played along with sections) don't show up when the song is being played or in riff repeater. The dynamic difficulty is working just not showing up. I can lower the DD and the notes disappear. Also, the brackets show up in riff repeater and I can move to any section of the song and change the DD level. The space between the brackets is empty. Any reason why the graphic part isn't working? Thanks.
  10. Hi there I'm one of the guys who discovered the pleasure of learning to play the guitar later when the job and family really limits the time... Now for the question: Can I add in any way Dynamic Difficulty to the CDLC that don't have it? I really want to play some songs but in full it is much too hard and with all those notes coming I have no chance in learning the song.... Thanks and I hope I'll get a positive answer Cheers, Calin
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