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Found 2 results

  1. Hey everybody - I just bought a 5-string bass (Epiphone Thunderbird Pro 5), and thought it would be fun to use for the few custom songs that use a tuning involving a B or lower for bass. However, I ran into a few issues. Things I know: I know Rocksmith only "supports" a 4 string bass; at least in the sense that if you are in the bass path it will only show 4 strings (red, yellow, blue, orange). Can't get it to display a 5th string, although I suppose it MIGHT be possible to use the lead or rhythm path and just tell it that you are using a "guitar" in a custom, really low tuning. But that would show 6 strings instead of 5. Anyway, that isn't too important. Standard 5-string bass tuning is BEADG. I know that customs can be created with a bass arrangement set to tunings like BEAD or even lower. So, if a song intended for a 5-string bass uses that low B but doesn't have any notes on the G string (or if they can be transcribed to higher frets on the D), it seems like it SHOULD work. For a BEAD(G) tuning song, you'd just mentally shift the "red" string to the B, yellow for E, etc. Then for a song in standard tuning, you'd just skip the low B and shift back to red being E, etc. It IS possible to play bass customs set to BEAD (or lower) tuning with a guitar set for bass emulation. I tried that, and while it sounds really bad to my ear, it will at least let you tune. HOWEVER -- it seems like this doesn't actually work with a real bass. When I plug in my bass and try to play a custom in BEAD, I notice that there seems to be a threshold/limit built into Rocksmith's detection system set exactly at the frequency of that low B string. If I am slightly sharp from B, it shows up on the tuner and will display down to roughly 4 cents sharp. If I tune down any lower than that, the meter starts to flake out and bounce around all over the place -- like it knows that it is hearing *something*, but it just can't quite figure out the frequency. I have been unable to get the game to pass the tuning stage at the start of a song in BEAD without switching to a guitar and using bass emulation. If I try to tune down from slightly sharp, it isn't stable or close enough for the game to think that it is in tune. If I tune the string to perfect B (or any lower) using a chromatic or other software tuner, the game just gets fully confused and has no idea what it is hearing. Anybody else with a 5-string bass (or a standard bass tuned down to BEAD) notice these issues?
  2. I imagine this question's been asked a few times but in the hope of progress.. Has anyone created custom songs for 5 String Bass? Gutted I can't use the low B in game. Songs from artists like Jamiroquai would benefit in a big way! Has anyone managed to trick the game into showing 5 strings on the note highway? I'm sure someone in this talented community has worked something out?!
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