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  1. 1 hour ago, dt7667 said:


    Interesting choice. Good song

    Bass players may be happy with this one - the main riff is played on bass (in the studio/album version). Although that means I'll prob have to work out an alternate arrangement for guitar




  2. I have no idea what is going on with this CDLC. I have checked everything so many times and can't find any problems. The rhythm track is delayed by 1 bar for all finger/handshapes. It doesn't show anything for the first bar and then starting at bar 2 everything is off by one measure. The lead and bass tracks are fine, and this rhythm track was fine previously until I updated it with handshapes. Now the handshapes are correct but it displays 1 measure late.

    Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong because I can't figure it out


    In this image it should be showing the handshape at fret 5 but its at fret 2 (the previous measure). The FHPs are correct and I've tried deleting them and regenerating several times even though they are correct.


  3. 9 hours ago, mczero said:

    Hey arrov.

    Just a suggestion. You might like to make a list of which sub menus in Eof are useful + what they do. I almost only use the Rocksmith ones, thinking that the others are for GH etc. but you have show you can use Pro-guitar and maybe others, I didn't know about. I've ignored most sub menu choices think they wouldn't work for RS. 

    Good idea, I'll have to review what I may be able to add in that isn't already in the guide. In truth, I'm still learning everything as I assemble this guide and it mostly reflects everything I know already. It would be a good idea though to review the documentation for EOF and see what I may be missing - it seems that a lot of the functions apply to RS, but aren't immediately obvious.

    There are a few helpful tricks I haven't added yet tho, so will have to do that

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  4. Well my issue isn't so much with remembering what I played, its having to manually search for it instead of it just showing up at the top

    Its annoying when playing but its even worse in Tone Designer when you're trying to load tones from recently played songs because you can't even search for a song in Tone Designer, you have to scroll

  5. Nurse is taking a bit longer cus I'm trying to get everything right before uploading

    I am also doing some improvements to Enjoy The Silence, tones, handshapes and watching some old performances to see about a better arrangement

  6. On 5/15/2021 at 12:07 PM, arrov said:

    I've also been working on my custom arrangements for Eye and its getting close to ready. Right now its a custom lead & bass arrangement I put together. I just saw the live performance recording of this song with Marilyn Manson and its really good, this would be worth doing another CDLC for as well.. but I may use some of it to base a rhythm guitar part on for the album version:

    I'm actually almost entirely done with Eye already, I just got lazy and didn't get around to finishing it yet. I already did tab arrangements for all parts, and then I found this live acoustic performance with Marilyn Manson and I wanted to make some adjustments to my arrangements based on this video... but I need to sit down and do some working out of how they're playing it first

    I also might do an acoustic CDLC version using this audio

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  7. Tone design tip:
    I'm increasingly finding that I have to totally cut the treble and mids (on the amp, sometimes additional in EQ) to get the best distortion tones. Otherwise its just always pretty harsh. It doesn't make any sense and I would never design tones like this with real equipment, but in RS I am getting the best sound this way.. at least for the kinds of tones I am working with.

    Unfortunately also the modulation FX like flanger and phaser are pretty bad about making the tone harsh... I've been using the rack fx for these even though they are very subtle and aren't that great.. the pedal phaser/flangers just make it way too harsh I'm finding


    I'm going to have to go back and update some of my older CDLC to fix harsh tones...

  8. I'm working on a couple non-SP songs but should have them done soon

    If anyone has any requests for the next SP let me know, redo of anything already here or otherwise.. don't have anything particular in mind just yet 

    (will prob do Snail if no requests)

  9. Slight revision/addition:

    Ghost Notes
    Select all notes in a track by pressing Ctrl + A, then go to the Note menu->Pro Guitar-> Remove ghost note. This will remove all ghost notes from a track and make them normal notes instead. This is bc Rocksmith doesn't show ghost notes and they won't show up when you're playing.
    (Make sure you do this at the very start after importing your tab. Do not do this after applying handshapes. Handshapes create ghost notes and require them to function. If you remove all ghost notes after creating handshapes, your handshapes will be jacked up.)

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  10. 18 minutes ago, CJCW said:

    I wanted to thank you for explaining how lyrics work. I avoided doing them for years because the tutorial I initially learned from didn't include how to do them, and I had no idea if it would be another difficult process that made making CDLC that much tougher, but it turns out it's probably the easiest part of the whole thing.

    Same here! I always skipped it because I felt like it just wasnt that important overall and making the CDLC was already a lot of work


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  11. Hell yeah man, I'm from the KC area. The original show I saw them at was the MCIS tour in Kansas City. It was delayed because that whole keyboardist overdose with Jimmy happened right before the KC date... I had terrible seats at the very top 

    Their live performances are really pretty amazing if you catch a proper one. After the first KC show, I saw an acoustic set in the daytime outside  at Lilith Fair (booooooooooooooooooo) and then didn't seem them again until the Zeitgeist tour which was great, but not the same. The show a couple years back completely delivered. 

    Its said about a lot of bands, but the Pumpkins are truly something else live. Their whole sound is really built around live performance with explosive sound... 

    I'm not sure what kind of set they will perform on the next tour compared to that first reunion tour, but definitely try to catch them if you can. Tickets are unfortunately pretty expensive.. only reason I was able to go that time is the tickets were a birthday gift.

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  12. 54 minutes ago, dt7667 said:

    Was just able to run through the Some "Lead" and play the tones on their own.   Once again your tones are great.  I love the multi effect.  I just sat and noodled with that for 10 mins by itself!   I imagine SP is really tough to create tones for considering everything they through in there.   

    Everything seems great on the play through.  As a player I don't really ever notice how certain things are shown on the note highway.  So you are probably just being too hard on yourself as the creator to make those octave bends look right.  

    Bottom line is that it is 110% better than the other version out there (not that I don't appreciate the work it took for even the "lesser" CDLC).  Didn't realize that we are limited to 4 effects in a song...that makes it even harder to make a really good SP track.   I can't tell you how much I appreciate the stuff you are putting out on CF.  I have a bunch of your work now and its great fun.  I literally grew up to playing along with the tab book from Siamese Dream everyday after school as loud as I could before my parents got home.  Playing this stuff again just reminds me how much I love guitar and music.  Thank you.  


    Thanks for the great feedback! I really appreciate it. 

    It is somewhat difficult to get the tones right for SP songs since they are so heavily layered and processed. Its fairly easy to get good sounding tones without the song playing, but once you try to add them over the song it becomes much harder to find a sound that fits in the mix. 

    You're limited to 4 tones per arrangement (L/R/B) so that's not too bad, but when it comes to SP the songs have lots of little variations in the different sections so it can become a problem when you're obsessive like I am

    I was also heavy into SP back in junior high and highschool.. they were huge for me, first band I saw live also. I saw them on the reunion tour a few years back and it was amazing... they played for a few hours and hit pretty much every song I'd want to hear, along with quite an incredible stage show. If you're able to see them on an upcoming tour, I'd really recommend trying to go. I haven't been much into their recent albums and I'm hoping the MCIS sequel they are currently working on changes that.. but they still have the magic live & its great to see the whole band (minus D'Arcy) back on stage.


    Hummer should be up shortly.

  13. Added a bit to the guide that I forgot to include originally, a step at the very beginning before importing tab into EOF:


    6a. If your tab file doesn't have 1 resting measure at the start, insert an empty bar at the first measure of the tab (in Guitar Pro or Tux). Next go to EOF and select "Beat -> Push Offset Back" and do this 4 times (if its a 4/4 time signature, if its not 4/4 adjust accordingly)  so that it pushes the offset (starting line) back 4 times. This will result in a full bar being added to the starting point in EOF. Now when you import your tab, the empty bar/measure at the start will line up with the pushed back starting point in EOF, and you'll see the first notes line up with the start of the audio in measure 2. The reason you do this is because you need at least 1 bar at the start before any Riff Repeater Phrases or you will get an error. If you don't do this at the very beginning, it will be a big headache to add later because it messes with your beatsync.

  14. I do need to fix the way the final 10-12 octave bends are displayed at the end of the solo... I've been trying to get extended notes with bends to display better because RS seems to jack it all up. After applying the handshapes, I can't figure out any way to import a tab again without losing all my work and doing stuff inside EOF is a pain... it should really show as one long extended chord with bends 

    The lead tone is a little weird sounding on the lower octave riffs towards the end also

    I really would have liked to do more varied tones through the song but as usual the limit of 4 tones is a hinderance.

  15. Is it not possible to display the fingers on single notes, only chords? Cus I just did the fingering on every note including solo for a song only to see its not displayed in RS 🥺 

    Would really love to get these fingers to display if possible...

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