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  1. I'm not sure about the ODLC but for fixing crap CDLCs, just start over from scratch using a good tab or make your own tab. If its a bad CDLC, pretty much guaranteed they used a tab from UG so if you want the tab just head over to UG and download it from there. Bad CDLC is so jacked up its not worth bothering with trying to fix it. Its more efficient and easier to just start over from scratch. Plus if you're wanting to use better quality audio then you'll have to start over anyway because you will be using an entirely different audio track. RSToolKit can be used to unpack CDLC files as well. Might try that one to see if it will work on your problem files.
  2. What do you mean exactly, you were banned from Steam or Ubisoft or what? It was explicitly stated for this game?
  3. Lil update on ongoing CDLC: Eye - I ended up restarting this one using the live acoustic performance with Marilyn Manson and have it mostly worked out except a few spots that I still need to transcribe. I'll prob also upload a version of the studio song but will have to finish arranging it. Fuck You An Ode to No One - have started but still in first stages. This one is actually more tricky on the beat than you'd think Snail - I have mostly transcribed the song but still have some sections to finish like the solo and misc riffs And I'm working on bass updates and general chart refining for everything I've already done previously I don't have any AC and getting hit with a b*tch of a heatwave currently, making it hard to stay motivated to get my IRL stuff done and keep on top of guitar stuff.. so a bit slowed down ATM
  4. I don't really understand what you're asking but official DLC songs cannot be downloaded here. You have to buy them on Steam
  5. Just wondering if anyone would like to share tips for how they approach tone design for a broad audience. There are so many different factors to consider that shape how a tone sounds between different guitars and players - pickups, selector position, tone knobs, where the player is playing in relation to the pickups, etc... Do you have a method for designing tones which aims to provide a good tone across all variations?
  6. The thread you are looking for is the most active on the forum:
  7. Since I've been focusing on a lot of bass work lately, I've realized how much some of my older bass tones sucked and even still, I am not yet very great at designing bass tones. My experience with bass playing in general is extremely limited. If anyone has better bass tones for any of my CDLCs, please send them over and I will include them... I am working on updating CDLCs that need better bass tones like Quiet, Perfect and others
  8. Click on the song name in Ignition to go to the song's page. There is a report button at the top left, under the album image
  9. Its in progress right now. There was a super sparse guitar part in the UG tab but it doesn't have the guitar solo or the other guitar riffs they play live. I think the riffs are played on synth in the album version but there is still a guitar solo so I don't know why they didn't include at least that in their "high quality" paid tab. They also botched up the bass part... at this point I'm not trusting UG official stuff at all But yeah, I've got a slew of videos from recent performances downloaded and I'm going to work out the guitar parts for the next update. I'm also charting & re-tabbing Luna
  10. Slides, Bends and Link to Next Any slides that do not end at a specific fret such as a general slide down need to be converted to unpitched slides or it will give you an error in EOF & RS will display it as a one fret slide instead of a general slide- select the note/chord where the slide starts and convert to unpitched slide via the Note-> Pro Guitar->Slide menu. All slides that end at a specific fret need to have the end fret defined. Select the first note where the slide begins, press "N" to view note properties and select the box "Linknext", then go the Note menu->Pro Guitar->Slide->Set end fret and set the end fret to fret the slide ends on. You will see the end fret now displays underneath the slide. Note that if the slide contains multiple notes then you need to select each note in the slide, press "N" and select "Linknext" for each note in the slide, except for the very last one where the slide ends. This will link all the notes/frets together and display in RS as one long slide. If you do not check the "Linknext" value for each note in the slide, then it will display each note as a picked note in RS in the slide, instead of being displayed as a fluid slide without picks. This also applies to bends where you have multiple repeated notes in the tab for an extended bend, or really any time you have an extended note that isn't picked again but has more than one note value carried over. You need to check "Linknext" for all of these notes or it will display each as a picked note instead of as one long, extended note/bend. Slide in from above or below EOF does not support these slides and when tabs have notes including a slide in from above/below you have to create a special notation in EOF. Say its just a quick 8th note, 1 fret slide in - you would add a note 1/8th before on the previous fret, set it to slide up to the next note and check "Linknext" You could also arrange the tab before hand to so it reflects this notation instead of using the slide in from above/below notation so you don't have to change it inside EOF. I usually do it in EOF once, and then copy/paste through the song where needed. Note that EOF will also display anything imported from a tab with slide in notation incorrectly - it will display the note as a different note with a slide lasting the whole duration. You will need to at least correct it to the correct note and remove the slide if nothing else.
  11. Going to start adding some more useful little bits about working in EOF that took me a while to figure out Setting FHP: Select a note/chord where you want to specify the FHP (the fret where the index finger would be located. In Rocksmith, the FHP determines where the fretboard is highlighted at the bottom and it always highlights 4 frets based on where each of the 4 fingers should be). Press SHIFT+F and input the fret number into the box. You can see in this screenshot that it is set to fret 2, and a red 2 is displayed at the top along with a red line. At measure 6, the FHP changes to fret #6. Setting a correct FHP helps a lot to make a chart more readable while playing, and it also tells the player where each finger should be when set accurately. This means during more complex riffs & solos, you'd need to change the FHP every note where the index finger is moving to a new location. If you're working a riff or solo with a lot of changes, or need to make a change to a note that isn't located on one of the beats, use the shortcut SHIFT+PAGEUP/PAGEDOWN to move to the next/previous note and set the FHP. Here's a screen shot where SHIFT+PAGEUP was used to move to the 0 note, where you can see the green bar sits on top of the 0 now. SHIFT+F11 will cycle between what is displayed at the top, phrases, FHPs, chord names, just hit SHIFT+F11 until you see what you need to see:
  12. Just found a motherload of what appear to be very accurate bass covers for tons of Pumpkins songs... going to be comparing these against my CDLC and updating as needed, and doing some new ones as well. The UG Official tabs have been consistently wrong on the bass parts https://www.youtube.com/c/katdbass/search?query=smashing pumpkins
  13. There are a lot of opinions on what is acceptable when it comes to picking In the end, its whatever is most efficient for you, in a specific situation, while you are playing What you are mentioning doesn't seem very practical because it implies you are starting in a position between the 2 strings and never leaving that position. Unless you are playing a song where you are only picking 2 strings, I can't see this ever being applied... and even then, you aren't really picking the string if you never move past the inner edge of the string. I mean, if you're playing hi gain it doesn't take much to get the string to ring out, but actually proper but precise picking makes a huge difference the sound of the note you are playing. I don't think this method you are mentioning would produce a proper tone, unless you're going for whatever specific sound it produces
  14. Playing through Rhinoceros again tonight and along with my new Sword CDLC, and the distortion tones are pretty bright and harsh... seem to have lost that smoothness somewhere along the lines.. guess I need to rework these tones It gets hard to make a lower end distortion that is loud and you can hear over the song when the songs have super maxed out volume/distortion already. I guess I might just have to start boosting the guitar tone volume up louder than the song to make up for it cus these bright ass tones are killing my ears in headphones
  15. Yea almost all the tabs are in that linked collection But there is also an extension for Firefox that allows you to download the GP files from UG
  16. I'm not sure what you mean exactly? What format are your UG tabs in? The UG Official tabs I have downloaded are GPX and they will load into this program fine. One thing I have noticed though is it seems to import some things incorrectly in newer GP formats and I have to convert them to older formats like GP5 to load correctly One more thing worth mentioning is this program works very well to quickly convert CDLC files to GP5 tabs. The RS to tab program doesn't work very well for me - for some reason GP will not open any of those tabs no matter what I try. But GP will open the exported tabs from ToneLib Jam
  17. arrov

    CDLC Requests

    Version 1 is up: https://ignition4.customsforge.com/cdlc/69073 I haven't had a chance to do a comparison with how they play it live. Comment with suggestions if anyone has any
  18. arrov

    CDLC Requests

    I can probably do this one if nobody else does first. Not sure how soon I will get to it though. If anyone seeing this wants to do it or starts it, pls let me know so I don't also start it. There's only a handful of QOTSA stuff I really like, and this song is great
  19. Updated some stuff on Quiet - proper FHPs, corrected some wrong solo notes, new lead and bass tones https://ignition4.customsforge.com/cdlc/67659 I also need to study some more live videos bc I see that after the solo, the other guitars seem to be playing single note riffs instead of that octave riff on the D/B strings which is in the tab/main lead part 2:22 in this vid:
  20. Just had a look and Tristessa, I Am One and Bury Me from Gish all need to be redone...
  21. Its illegal to host the original game DLC here, delisted or not. Hosting a CDLC of the song has increased chance of attracting unwanted attention from the publisher. You don't really want the site to risk the beginning of copyright problems for the sake of a few songs do you? You can find the delisted DLC elsewhere if you look
  22. I've been using this some more to work on transcription of a song I'm charting, and I'm loving the ability to display the tab part over the audio while transcribing But one thing is driving me crazy - having to start playback at the start of measures/bars instead of being able to play from inside the bar... is there some way to do this that I am missing? It seems unbelievable that this simple ability would not be possible Also, what I've been doing is keeping GuitarPro open alongside and making the tab edits in GP since it has better editing functionality
  23. Finally finished with V2 of Rhinoceros (hopefully) https://ignition4.customsforge.com/cdlc/68652
  24. Is this still the only way to do custom light shows or is there a newer option now?
  25. arrov

    Slide to zero?

    I did think about trying the pull off but thought its not quite a pulloff as much as just a release... still good to know as an option. The unpitched slide seems good enough to understand when playin
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