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  1. Longshot, but do you have any special soundcards or USB direct input sound interfaces on your PC? Depending on how they are setup in your system, they can cause weird issues with some programs If ya didn't already figure something out since its been almost 2 months..
  2. It is a pain but its actually not too hard to do, since all the major work in creating the song is already done. You just have to add some additional phrases in EOF and save a new version. Who knows, maybe you'll be inspired to start creating some of your own DLC after getting all the tools setup
  3. Thanks! I just realized replaying it today that the main distortion tone is quite a bit louder than the song volume. Should probably go back and dial it down a bit.
  4. Ava Adore is now up: https://ignition4.customsforge.com/cdlc/58875 Beat map is completed for Perfect but I will need to arrange the guitar parts. Tab looks good but there are 4-5 guitar parts, each one by itself wouldn't be super fun to play for the entire song, so I gotta combine them into 2 more playable arrangements
  5. Should have Ava Adore posted tomorrow Was a pretty quick one to make and its sounding good. Thought I had it done tonight but there's a section of the bass tab that is all wrong and I will have to figure that part out myself first
  6. Had a look at the old Siva chart and its playable but has some issues. I will go ahead and redo that one with a better tab, but may go ahead and upload the old one as a placeholder for now cus it looks like its good enough to play along with. Same thing with Ava Adore.. have an old CDLC that isn't here any more and it looks playable but has some things that need corrected
  7. Geek USA is up open to any suggestions for improvements https://ignition4.customsforge.com/cdlc/58823
  8. Finished up the chart for Geek USA today. I just need to work on the tones a bit now and some final touches. If anyone happens to have good tones for this song feel free to share them, probably going to give my ears a rest a bit for now
  9. arrov

    Post Rock

    The genre is kinda underrepresented here. Could def use some more in general Off the top of my head, there are a few Mogwai songs, some Mono, Explosions in the Sky, Deafheaven
  10. Thanks @dt7667! Yeah, I agree.. that's why I had to redo Mayonaise, being one of their best ever songs. I will have a look at Soma and see what I think. If you have any other particular songs, let me know. If anyone else wants to take over working on a song, post it up and feel free since I won't necessarily being doing any of these super fast. I checked & I have the old Siva. I can reupload but I don't remember what the quality is like. I only have it stored on my backup drive, not in my game folder so it may not be too great. Will maybe check it out again before uploading
  11. Don't think anyone reads these topics but should have Geek USA finished soon hopefully Became short on spare time recently but will try to sort this one out this week
  12. Would love to see an update to this as there have been quite a lot of newer DLC that I'd like to have the tones for
  13. So, it turns out my pickup height was too low on my guitar After I raised the pickups, the sustain & overall sound is way better. Prob going to have to go back and redo a bunch of tones now as I was compensating in tone designer - explains why I was having a lot of trouble getting the sounds I was after So, if you're having similar troubles, check your pickup height Also the pole height for each string, if you have humbuckers. Do it by ear and go string by string, set each string to be as equal in volume as you can get by pickup selection
  14. As long as the CDLC is in your collection (it shows a checkmark in ignition) you will receive a notification whenever it is updated. CDLC I downloaded a long time ago weren't added to my collection, I think because I previously downloaded them from the post listing instead of the Ignition search page previously & back then Ignition didn't add them to your collection this way. But it looks like Ignition has been updated to always add to your collection no matter which download link you click now I have been going through and adding all the good CDLC I have to my collection if it i
  15. Same here... I wasn't planning on making more CDLC right now but I started spending a lot of time doing my own the last couple weeks cus I can't find good enough ones available. I'm actually really glad it worked out that way because its a really good way to learn a song. By the time you finish a CDLC, you really have a song much more internalized than just downloading one already made
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