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  1. Hmm I don't quite get that though.. the last time it was lowered to only 17 in the windows settings, while the RS calibration set the makeup gain to +10DB (max) Why would RS lower the windows input to 17/100 while maxing the makeup gain?
  2. Make sure to leave a comment advising other users if you come across a CDLC with issues Its really helpful Its also helpful in getting a better one uploaded
  3. I'm not sure if it would be doable, given the randomly updated status of CDLC, but it would be interesting if some kind of torrent setup could be created. The bandwidth would be provided by the users seeding the torrent(s) Maybe like a torrent for each artist could be maintained by users at some point, if allowed
  4. Yeah I've been having to remind myself to check the settings every now and then because windows keeps lowering the input level I tried doing some searching as to why but all I can find are people saying to disable the checkbox for exclusive access, which you actually need to have enabled for Rocksmith (depending on your system setup anyway) and besides, it seems like this is only really related to microphone usage in programs like Skype where it auto-adjusts your mic volume... shouldn't really be any reason for Rocksmith to lower the input. I haven;t been able to figure out an
  5. Started doing a new CDLC for Geek USA from scratch. The current one starts out alright but gets way off from what is played after the first 1.5 minute marker. Its also missing the bass arrangement which I will add, along with better tones. Porcelina is getting close to finished (for version 1 anyway) but it turned out to be a major effort, so I'm taking my time before first upload
  6. Thanks, that's exactly what I needed I also used the "Move offset up" function after correcting to move the first beat back to the original place
  7. I just completed & uploaded Enjoy The Silence https://ignition4.customsforge.com/cdlc/56493
  8. Ah ok, thanks.. that's it. Its set to cut all mids and the bass is maxed. Wish you could specify those colors its pretty cool
  9. Is there some way to change the color that emits out of the cab while playing? I've noticed that some CDLC have different colors than the default, like a red light instead of the normal orange/white color, and it looks a lot cooler while playing. I'd like to be able to set that in my custom tones for my CDLC if possible... its a small thing but it enhances the enjoyment a bit I've loaded tones from a CDLC that does this and it stays red until I remove or add a pedal, then it changes back to the default color Or does the color emitting out signify something I'm missing?
  10. Well, I checked my computers level input on the Realtone USB and for some reason it had been lowered, so I raised it back up to 100 and then did re-calibration inside Rocksmith which raised my general volume considerably. I guess somewhere along the lines my system's setup changed from when I installed RS. It sounds considerably better now So if anyone has any troubles with sustain, try checking all these settings. I'm still interested to hear any tips for attaining this kind of tone in RS.
  11. Wondering if anyone has any tips for getting super huge sustain for very overdriven lead tones used to solo and hold notes for extended periods. I've tried using compressor pedal and the rack compressor and it helps a bit but it just cant get there. Not sure if its because I'm still using the realtone cable instead of a better setup maybe. Or maybe its just a limitation of what you can do with Rocksmith tones Here's what I'm after- this whole outro has the tone I'm trying to create and starting around 52 seconds is a good example of long sustain. I know it also has a lot to d
  12. Starting a topic just to share the SP songs I'm working on, as I plan on doing several & maybe this will help avoid any cross-work. I am currently getting close to finished with Porcelina of the Vast Oceans - it will include a lead based on variations of how Billy plays it live. Stuff I will get to next: Zwan (Billy Corgan's former project)- Jesus I Mary Star of the Sea Plume Hello Kitty Kat Starla Drown - planning to update what is here already unless previous author wants to do it Songs I plan on doing eventually if no one else does: Fuck You (An Ode to No One)
  13. I've got The Nurse Who Loved Me & Failure's cover of Depeche Mode's Enjoy The Silence in my queue for CDLC that I plan on making soon.
  14. Is it possible to make adjustments to the beatsync for the first measure without it affecting all the measures that follow? Would I have to anchor every beat manually? I messed up and sync'd the whole song but the first couple measures are off and need to be corrected.. I'd like to avoid having to go back and re-adjust everything afterward if possible Its a song with a fade in intro, bpm and time changes, and originally I just didn't worry about syncing the first measures properly bc there wasn't going to be any notes to play there yet while it fades in... but I changed my mind
  15. Thanks, that's what I figured but thought there may be an exception when its such a different, almost opposite version of the song No problem
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