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  1. I still haven't downloaded this to try out yet but just been thinking about it... if it works really well, I guess it pretty much eliminates the need to do the extra step of creating a chart from a tab... cus it appears you can just load a tab directly into this prog and start playing. I suppose if you like the RS environment then it doesn't have that, but otherwise...
  2. Another update on something I've just given proper attention to since Rocksmith doesn't allow you to display fingerings for individual notes: Fret Hand Positions (FHPs) Once your tab is fully complete and loaded onto your EOF chart, you'll want to apply Fret Hand Positions. To automatically generate FHPs: Goto Track-> Rocksmith -> Fret Hand Positions -> List and click Generate (CTRL SHIFT F). It will automatically generate all the FHPs for you. Do this on each track (lead/rhythm/bass). You'll want to do this after you define all your hand positions and fingerings. If you define the FHPs and then make changes to the fingerings, it can cause conflicts with the FHP if they do not match up. You can also define the FHPs and then delete them all and re-generate after making any changes. Note that the automatically generated FHPs are not necessarily the best or correct positions for your chart. You may want to consider editing the FHPs where needed or generating all FHPs manually. To set a FHP or edit an existing one, go to the bar / note position and hit SHIFT+F and enter the fret number where finger 1 would be placed. Do this every time the position of finger one changes through the song. Now when the song is playing in Rocksmith, it will highlight the starting fret position and the correlating fret numbers at the bottom under the current notes.
  3. Didn't know about this, thanks for sharing I haven't tried it yet, but it looks like maybe you can just load up any song and play along even without a tab. If so, this would be really useful with the slow down and loop features when writing your own tab / figuring the song parts out. And good to know of alternative software due to never knowing what will happen with Ubisoft Effects / amp sims could potentially be better as well, since this is software developed more towards the guitar community than gamers
  4. You can also click on the song name to go to the song post and download it from there
  5. I hadn't heard of Nail the Mix before but that looks interesting for sure. There are definitely a lot of good resources online now for learning this stuff, including some career professionals with youtube channels explaining a lot of stuff. Back when I started, it was virtually impossible to find this info and I had no idea what the hell I was doing... pretty amazing how much access there is now, really.... still, mixing is a very nuanced and difficult subject. Its so easy to spend entire days trying to do a good mix and you come back to it the next day and it sounds terrible... But yeah, I'm never satisfied with the RS tones because after hours of tweaking CDLCs and playing, my ears take a beating from the harshness. Its definitely a problem with RS because some of the official DLC has some of the worst tones I've played... I actually just got a super good deal on a used LIne6 Pod GO which is basically a smaller version of the Helix multi-fx/amp sim unit, and it sounds incredible. It can also be used as a full audio interface on the computer via USB. Once I get it all dialed in and setup properly, I think I am going to start using just it to play Rocksmith and turn the game sound off.
  6. Thanks - I've been doing music production since I was a teenager, although I didn't really understand audio processing very well until I was a bit older. I do have a lot of background with audio processing from writing music and producing with hardware/computer. It definitely comes in handy when trying to figure stuff out - one of the tricks I use is to load the original song audio into my audio program and slap a graphic EQ on it, then I play with different frequencies to see where the sweet spots are on the guitar sounds to get a better idea of exactly what's going on. The main problem I'm always running into is just how the RS emulation sounds though - having a lot of distortion and mid-high range frequencies tends to always sound harsh and digital no matter what you try to do with it. In more recent CDLCs, I've tended to start totally reducing all the high range freqs even if it doesn't totally match the original song because it just sounds better a lot of times. A lot of the FX I've found to be almost unusable for hi gain tones because although they help get the sound, they always make it way more harsh - like the phaser and flangers. Which sucks because these FX are heavily used on Pumpkins lead solos Then other times, I've matched the guitar tone to the song pretty well but you can't really hear it when you're playing because it mixes into the song too much... so you have to kinda make it a bit different
  7. Update to the OP with something I just finally learned today because it was bugging me. Guess I need to go back and update all my CDLC lyrics now Inserting line breaks in the lyrics: Select the lyric and in EOF go to Note -> Lyrics -> Lyric Lines -> Mark (or just push CTRL X) - you will see the lyric section turn blue. This lyric will now show up on its own line and the next lyric will be on a new line. If you don't do this, the lyrics will be all grouped together on the same line across the screen.
  8. V1 of Cherry is up - right now its bass only, but the main song is played on bass and guitar parts are just background really: https://ignition4.customsforge.com/cdlc/68419
  9. Its frustrating but it makes sense if you think about it. The song was delisted from Rocksmith because the publisher wanted it removed, which means the rights-holder took the song down. It would be asking for trouble to put it up here, since they obviously wanted it removed from the game.
  10. oh, cool! I usually don't like outside venues much because they're usually too big and the sound is bad but I've heard this one is smaller and pretty nice with good sound. I've never been myself before though. I'm in Springfield, so a bit farther from STL but still only a couple hours drive to Camdenton
  11. Same here really. I actually can't name a single Jane's Addiction song I've ever really liked... I suppose it would be kinda cool to see them just to have seen them, but I don't really care that much. Tickets are looking pretty expensive as well, so I may skip this one. As much as I'd like to see the Pumpkins again, if they are going to split the time with another band I don't care about, that's a lot of money for probably crappy seats.... When they play as the only headliner, the shows are generally quite long and well worth it. If its anything like the last tour, that one had quite an impressive themed stage show as well. I agree about the different venues. I'm seeing them in the Ozarks and its an amphitheater that I guess is kinda out in the woods. May be stormy weather, so we'll see how that goes... Hope you get to go! Also: Beatmapped Cherry and Rocket - should have Cherry done soon and maybe Rocket also I keep starting new charts before finishing what I'm already working on...
  12. Yeah they also played Snail on the Mexico City date the other day, so that would be pretty great if they play it again.. They also just announced a fall tour with Jane's Addiction
  13. Current tour setlist, if anyone still has a chance to go... got my tix for next week Also, I'm now re-tabbing Eye based on the live w/ Marilyn Manson performance and have beatmapped the song already.. so that one will either be uploaded first or they will both be upped at the same time
  14. I'd also advise to possibly backup your DLC folder or CDLC files because if you happen to make a mistake in how you're working with CFSM it can potentially make some of your CDLC hard to locate or deleted. The RSToolkit method above doesn't have this potential issue
  15. arrov

    "access denied"

    Ah I see what you mean. I guess the uploader made his files private access... probably did it to his entire google drive stuff without considering these files Best you can hope for is someone to re-upload. You should prob make a post in the Requests thread asking for anyone to re-up who has them (especially because this topic title doesn't say anything about Arctic Monekys and the people with the CDLC are unlikely to open this thread) You could also check the pirate bay torrents for rocksmith customs to see if these are contained in those collections....
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