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  1. I also have this issue. I have 3 new reports, but list of reports is blank.
  2. What a great song! Sadly I had no time to practice that due to shredfest but :niceRiff:
  3. Low score but I'm not a fan of this song (and whole album tbh )
  4. Apparently all I needed to get to 90% was a good night sleep (got 90% and 219 streak) but.. EDIT: Now's more like it
  5. I think I can get to 90% but it will take a while
  6. I hope that I'm not too late with this entry
  7. Just to get something on the leaderboard. I'll try to improve that later today but we will see
  8. Damn you Snake I know 99+ is possible but note detection says no Edit: After posting that I've gave it one more go and got.. 98.94% again aaargh
  9. I like the first solo. And that's it about this song so only 92%
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