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    Despite my Member title I am not a beginner guitarist anymore lmfao xD
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  1. So..... Ive scanned all my cdlc and repaired the ones that needed repairing. am I done now? just exit and load rocksmith?
  2. Yo rocksmithers! I’m always looking to follow guitarists on Instagram especially if you post a lot of guitar videos, if you don’t mind a random fellow guitarist following you feel free to drop me your insta accounts or pm them to me Cheers!
  3. If anyone has the time ive got a few band suggestions that Id love to play via rocksmith The Algorithm Alluvial (Keith merrows latest album) Or Pillars of creation Ive tried numerous times to make it but all ways fail Analepsy David Maxim Micic Divitius For Giants Gideon Karnivool (Sound awake album) Modern day Babylon Their Dogs were Astronnauts Thessa Widek More of Jinjers Drop A songs Thanks a bunch if you do even do one of these hahaha :P
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