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  1. Briefer - are you answering my question above on CDLC's not showing properly? If so - I do start RS through Steam. Anything else you can share with me? I am pretty sure I'm just missing a step or something obvious - unfortunately, I can't see it!! Thanks again.
  2. Hello all - thanks for the awesome site and content. I'm pretty new to Rocksmith and want to load up some of the CDLC songs available here - I also look on the Anvil site (also awesome). Here is my issue. I've placed the DLL in the proper folder, fired up the RS Toolkit - changed the song from Cherub Rock to the song I purchased - and chose the CDLC song I downloaded. I have about 6 or so that I would like to use and learn. The CDLC song shows up in RS2014 as expected in the song menu (but only one at a time - not all of my CDLC files - is this typical?). When I choose to learn the custo
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