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  1. Happy Birthday PHANTOMxALPHA!

  2. Happy Birthday PHANTOMxALPHA!

  3. Happy Birthday BlackHeat74!

  4. I've been gone for too long. Between writing my own songs and school, everything's taken up my time.

  5. Happy Birthday BlackHeat74!

  6. I'll be home soon and can finally get back to what I loved.

  7. Been gone for too long. I'm working on tons of projects both personal and here all at once with more school projects.


  9. If anyone wants to test a CDLC contact me

  10. Happy Birthday BlackHeat74!

  11. Been gone and I guess I can say it, I'm developing a new game for Steam and hopefully can raise enough funds to get it working out out for free. Unfortunately EOF doesn't like me so much so over half my CDLCs are unable to be modified to an extent. If you want to check out my game see the campaign on Indiegogo. It's called Phantom's: The Way The World Ends

  12. Know what grinds my gears. Complaints that nobody else has made before. It's stupid.

  13. The absolute struggle of changing strings. I cut the B string too short and put it in weird, so it wouldn't tune. Then replaced it with another spare, and that broke. Found a thrid and that one tunes but it cut my finger open so half way through Pomp and Circumstance, I'm bleeding.

  14. I think I need some more songs updated

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