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  1. In the folder where CFSM is installed (presumably C:\Program Files (x86)\CustomsForgeSongManager), there's a file called RocksmithToolkitLib.TuningDefinition.xml. You can modify it by adding a new tuning definition for the this tuning (or any other you may need) and if it matches, it won't show as Other any more. Just follow the existing format, <TuningDefinition Version="RS2014" Name="CACGCE" UIName="CACGCE" Custom="true"> <Tuning string0="-4" string1="0" string2="-2" string3="0" string4="1" string5="0"/> </TuningDefinition> and modify it as you see fit. (I'd assume since it's BE, string4 will be equal "-5" and string5 to "0")
  2. Have you tried removing CFSM folder in Documents? That should reset it to it's default settings. Reinstalling won't remove it as not to make you rescan the whole collection after updating.
  3. CFSM's song repair options (or more precisely adding Dynamic Difficulty) will indeed repair 100% mastery bug. It can be run on Mac using Wine, so I'd say it should be possible to get it to run on Ubuntu as well, but I can't really help you with this since I haven't ever tried to get it to run.
  4. IIRC, Kozaka uses/used CFSM to do something like that (like his mods download songs to a synced folder which then CFSM automatically repairs and moves to the dlc folder) You can use 'Process Downloads Folder' under Repairs tab to do that. There's a button called Change Monitored Folders to change folders which CFSM monitors for any fresh files and with 'Change Destination Folder' you can change where new songs will be moved after they've been repaired.
  5. Did you extract it before you opened RUN_PATCH ? Cos something is definitely wrong with it. (eg. it says './insert_dylib: No such file or directory' when insert_dylib is literally in the same folder with the RUN_PATCH file)
  6. Generally that should be enough (as long as it didn't report any issues with permissions) because running RUN_PATCH will inject the .dylib file into Rocksmith's main executable. But seeing how the screen freezes when you enter a CDLC, it didn't apply it correctly. So I suppose you could try to see what's inside the executable to see whether the .dylib file is actually inside it. (right click on "Rocksmith 2014" and press the thingy that will let you peek inside the file)
  7. For CDLC on Mac you don't use the .DLL, take a look here how to enable them:
  8. Can you upload the song pack in question, so that I can manually analyse the problem with it?
  9. Good news, looks like the most competent among us at this stuff has come to help ^_^ So @@firekorn, since I don't exactly trust my ears, can you please clear this up for us: does a pitch shift pedal with value of -2 shift down from E Std to effectively D Std?
  10. I'm sorry, I forgot to reply. It did add what should effect in a -2 half step shit, but it's not necessarily 100% confirmed the pedal works the way we expected it to work, so... YMMV. (i.e. pls test manually) You are right, unfortunately it's not, but you can achieve the same thing using the RS Toolkit and messing with the Tone Editor, just with a tad bit more work. :P
  11. First, I'd like to thank you for the precise and well formated report of the issue! As for the problem itself, it would appear that we've had this problem since we added the feature back in the day, cos I found a comment in the code, linking to the exact same thread that you linked. Huh... The way that the "pitch shifting" works is that it adds a pitch shift pedal in the first slot the pedal chain of each tone in a song, so for it to shift from D Std/Drop C to E Std/Drop D, respectively, is to add -2 as the shift value. Now, I've looked at the part of the code that determines how much to add as that value, and I noticed that the value of String0's tuning (the lowest string) is used, irregardless of whether a standard or a drop tuning is used. Which shouldn't be the case, because if a song is in Drop Db, or -3 in the numerical format - all strings will be shifted -3 half steps down ! Instead of just going down for half a step. So we should probably change it so that it determines the shift based on the highest, not the lowest string. But that doesn't explain why it also happens for Standard tunings. I checked a random D Std song and it added (as it's expected to do) a -2 half step shift. Could you please make a random shifted Standard tuning song, go into the game and toy with the values a bit for the pitch shift pedal, to determine whether -2 is actually -2 half steps ?
  12. @@KliqxTV , can you please check if this option is checked in Steam settings for RS: Ty!
  13. Yeah, it definitely shouldn't work like that. We are looking into the problem. Thanks for reporting! EDIT: I'm not able to reproduce the error, can you please upload songs.hsan from Documents/CFSM/SongPacks folder?
  14. You've probably figured it out by now, but regardless... it's available in CFSM under Song Packs tab. (select-check all songs that you want to disable, press 'Disable' and then 'Save' and you are good to go)
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