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  1. Happy Birthday Aurohira!

  2. Happy Birthday Aurohira!

  3. Happy Birthday Aurohira!

  4. the GazettE [uGLY] coming soon:)

  5. Happy Birthday ILoveGazettE!

  6. Click on the little arrow above the point you want to highlight it and then change the bpm normaly.it will change the bpm to the new one from that point til the end
  7. Happy Birthday ILoveGazettE!

  8. I wanna make Clever Monkey next really cool song.btw check the songs i just made on You Tube!

  9. i wanna make Cleaver Monkey next really cool song.btw check the songs i just made on You Tube!

  10. GazettE new album DOGMA IS AWSOME!!!!!

  11. Gonna make [iN THE MIDDLE OF CHAOS] and [bURIAL APPLICANT]!!!!!

  12. gonna make 'IN THE MIDDLE OF CHAOS' and BURIAL APPLICANT'!!!!!


  14. working on Venomous Spider Web and some other songs:)

  15. new stuff soon!

    1. KazeKageRyu


      Looking forward to it ! :)

    2. KazeKageRyu


      Keep up the good work man !

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