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  1. I have trouble with getting my Editor on Fire to work on my laptop... I tried to uninstall it and reinstall a couple times, but it still freezes and I'm not able tot do anything. It may be related to updates or something like that, so it would be great if someone here could point me into the right direction what to do/try. Thx a lot.
  2. Think I tracked down the error, being dead notes that causes Rocksmith to crash. After eliminating those notes everything works fine.
  3. Hello all, while digging deeper into the EOF settings while tracking down an error (Rocksmith crashing) I found this settings under preferences and I don't know, if they are correct. There is this section "Input method". And it has the entries: - Classic - Piano Roll -.... In my EOF "Piano Roll" is selected. Is that correct? I am working on a guitar project. Or what does this setting mean? Best, Adrian
  4. My BIG-COUNTRY-to-Rocksmith-project

  5. Hi, I could need some help with a custom song that keeps crashing Rocksmith. I don't know if the EOF file already has the error in it or it is from later in the process. Here is a video of the crash (at the end where the video suddenly hangs): But even during the song there are errors lighting up where at that moment no notes should be played (because of song level). I could really need some help. Here is a link to the working folder of the song:+ https://tinyurl.com/ttsxv63 Any tipp what causes the problem and hwo to fix it is welcome. Cheers, Adrian
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