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  1. @@firekorn Thank you. I'm beginning to understand this importance of tone creation/insertion. I really appreciate your concise explanations. And, your willingness to be helpful. :)
  2. @@ffio1 I feel that people have a dedicated distortion tone set to tone stick. I have no idea what you're talking about, with the headphones. But you've clarified, quite well, that tone creation/insertion is a very important part of a custom. Thank you, greatly appreciated. :)
  3. I'm under the impression that cf users would like tone creation and placement inserted into all customs. It certainly makes for a great twitch experience. Post was edited from its long, boring, in-depth explanation about how sound waves/vibrations travel through the various elements contained within an electric (strung) instrument. And, the redundant details of everything affecting tone after the input jack. All tailored toward rs to gather information about the importance of tone creation/insertion. To the staff, admins and developers, thank you for all of the help, even the opinions ;)
  4. I didn't know any of that information. Yeah, I'm notorious for over thinking, as you can see, lol. Thanks a lot and have a nice day! :)
  5. Yes, I agree. I believe that you're referring to cf's rules. I'll try to present the inquiry in a different way. Wwise eula states that any project created with their software must be shared across all available outlets, which, in the case of custom rs charts, is cf. The song creator toolkit seems to only accept Wwise. I see no point in sharing official ubi dlc. I also see no point in playing the incorrect notation they placed within the dlc's I purchased. I've spoken with ubi on several occasions about this selling of incorrect tablature. Their advice was to not play the dlc I purchased, and no refunds would be granted for any rs dlc. I just want these charts to be created with the correct notation. This seems like an improbable task... Is there any other means of using the song creator toolkit, without the use of Wwise software? To avoid breaching the Wwise eula. Thanks.
  6. Update: Problem solved After reading pages of frustrated dropbox owners about file deletions in accounts, I found an in-depth article describing the multitude of ways in which files vanish. The simple steps not taken (by myself, due to lack of knowledge) led to the missing files. I've come across plenty of dead links for cdlc's and have always wondered why. This https://www.dropboxforum.com/t5/Dropbox-files-folders/Dropbox-deleted-all-my-files/td-p/263257 gives reasoning and examples to why this vanishing of files occurs. And I think these reasons would apply to the other similar services.
  7. Can a user release a custom of an official ubi dlc?
  8. Thank you for helping, I meant to abbreviate the song creator toolkit with the 'sctk'. I applied the latest hotfix to eof, it's now saving as it should, and the interface is back to the large circles also. My song creator toolkit was outdated as well. I think they're going to work better than they ever have. Thanks again for all of the invaluable help, and for your involvement in the development of such a great program! P.S. I apologize for not posting in the correct category. I'll pay closer attention and post in the appropriate sections from now on.
  9. Both of my eof.cfg files are dated after the incident. I found the config 1k doc in the save folder. I don't know much about pc's and docs. https://www.dropbox.com/s/cp1hn1q4lq4633d/Screenshot%202020-04-12%2014.10.44.png?dl=0 I just had a hell of a time trying to figure out how to give you that screenshot, lol. I don't know if that config file I found is the one you'd need tho.
  10. Wow, thank you very much! I'll go and try to retrieve the cfg.
  11. Eof, gave a message stating that a gp file is a guitar hero file. Ever since that message, eof will not save anything. After that message, the file needed for sctk never appeared again. I reverted all settings back to default, but still no importable saves in folder. I installed another instance of the same eof and it's appearance is entirely different. It's now tiny rectangles (for notes) instead of large circles. It does save as it should, but I can no longer manually input any notations. I can only left click a note and hit del to remove the note. I can not move the notes, and right click doesn't do anything. Has anyone encountered anything similar or have any suggestions to resolve this issue? Thanks.
  12. @@mczero Thank you and nice to meet you. I was mostly concerned about learning how to put tones into the custom but this file hosting has been the biggest pain. It has me thinking that I have to pay for a secure account. I only use one browser on one device. I still can't find two-step verification. Which service do you guys prefer? And, could this problem be happening from accessing dropbox on win 7? Thanks.
  13. Thanks so much. I'll change pw and just re-upload my files. Have a nice day! :)
  14. I recieved a pm from a member stating that a cdlc of mine was not available. I went to my dropbox account and got a message saying that the account was logged in from another browser, which I've never done. Dozens of my files (cdlc's) are gone. Any ideas as to what may have happened?
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