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  1. I use https://www.orban.com/meter It analysis the audio and gives the LKFS value, then just do the math, to match around -14 and add that value in the toolkit to the song and preview volume. For instance LKFS value is -7.2 then -6.8 is the value to enter in song and preview value. That way the original file isn't compromised (compressing) I do this with all CDLC that I download, and ofc the ones I make, to get always the same volumes in game, then also you would have less trouble with effects that you add, when those ofc are set correctly also.
  2. If it's just some muscle pain, then it just need to get used to it. Same as sports exercising, first you are in pain, and before you know it, it's gone.
  3. I noticed that the date isn't updated to the date the custom was edited. Tried again, a few seconds ago. Not sure if it was mentioned, download counter also not working. Filters ain't saved, for lead and rhythm for instance. Take your time. Nice work.
  4. Is the path set correctly, to the Wwise directory, in the Toolkit?
  5. Any news on the updates about forum and ignition? They are still awful slow, most of the time I start browsing my other things that I want to check, meanwhile hoping the forum or ignition will finally have loaded. Also posting a comment or so, sometimes does not work first time, and needs to be redone, hence why I copy my typed messages before trying to post them, else I have to rewrite them. This ofc also causes why some comments or submitted CDLC are double.
  6. I remember something about settings in device properties, not the ingame setting. There you can do that exlusivity setting. But I had a recent fresh Win10 Install, and did not need to change anything this time, all worked. But in the past I had to set it up in device properties also.
  7. The 69 Eyes - Hell has No mercy
  8. If your using ingame amps, it's probably the exclusivity option. I can record both, ingame, and my usb connected Blackstar amp, with shadowplay. But now only using the Blackstar here. Else google search will help you find this pretty quickly, I had same problems when I started.
  9. I have done my whole collection painstakingly 1 by 1 with Orban, several months ago. Now ofc I download, and go thru it immediately, to avoid another session of adjusting. But it was worth the effort. :)
  10. Maybe powersaving on USB? It should not power down ofc as long as you play, but ofc you never know with Bill Gates.
  11. First, Happy New Year everyone :) Nah nothing in particular. I'm more working on the total package, as I have no deadlines to get to know a certain song orso. Atm, I know I lack in quick palm mutes, I'm realy terrible, but time will make that happen eventually. Playing 2 years now, and I made some progress, it might no be so visible for an outsider, but I still learn on a daily basis. Anyway, good luck all, and keep playing. Every strum you do, is a lesson, keep strumming. Jan...
  12. Looks like an account problem then. (Well not necessarily account, I think you get my point) I assume you have contacted an admin, to have a look? I did now. Didn't know that it's only me and not ignition. Well I assumed that you would know ofc. Maybe a firewall thing? Did you try on a different connection? Else, i'm out of options I think for now. :) GL anyway.
  13. Looks like an account problem then. (Well not necessarily account, I think you get my point) I assume you have contacted an admin, to have a look?
  14. @@fripponomic On Chrome here, no problems so far.
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