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  1. I have a version 2.0 in my collection, with Lead, Rhythm, and Bass track. Simply rip the tracks from that, and improve the tab, and put it out here again. If that is what you ment with it. And ofc there will be always people who will hit a wall, and might give up playing, and charting. For those people, NEVER GIVE UP, keep strumming.
  2. Yes, indeed you got some years on me. I only have like 3.5 years now with RS, never did anything with music at all, I only had like 3 private lessons on piano when I was like 8 years old, and did not like it, and never looked back. Atm i'm not a spring chicken anymore, and got into guitar due to my last ex-GF, else I probaly would never had figured out that I would like guitar that much. And sure alot of people might get into RS now, due to being home more. Don't get me wrong, RS is imo the best tool to learn playing, and I will never completly give it up, but my goal is that I don't n
  3. For me personally, I have slowed down also atm, but that's more RL related, the whole situation we are in atm, world wide, has taken my focus on tabbing away some. And tbh another thing, I probably will also not stick around for years, as there will come a time, were you have to ditch the training wheels. I have set a time, till the end of this year, to be able to lose the training wheels. Time will tell, if I make that, as playing has slowed down also, due to the situation we are in.
  4. Sorry but I thought it was about RS. But it seems to be about Unjammit, I have never heard about it. I made none for Unjammit, only for RS.
  5. I Make those, check mine, I like it also whitout the lead track. Still not happy, might be time to start make them.
  6. Agree with James. I started with RS, because I wanted to learn guitar. It took me like 1 year orso, to get to a point that I wasn't satisfied with some CDLC's, out of sync, not being how I wanted to play some, not being around, you can come up with a numerous reasons. That's what got me in it, not because I wanted it desperately. But when you do, alot will open up for you. I still have like 200 or maybe even 300 tabs hanging around to work on, but I never realy look at request, as I still have enough I want to do. Those that now are not charting, will probably end up getting curiou
  7. If I remember correctly, the Enumerating thing is critical to get everything running smoothly. No idea what it does exactly, I always tell it's reading in the data from all songs, as your HDD will go crazy for some time, to finnish it.
  8. I checked the Dire Straits ones, as I have them, and they are working. Tunnel of Love has a visually glitch, that should be also creator side, but has no further effects on playing it. I quickly redownloaded them to see what was with those, when freshly downloaded. Only thing I found was that there is no Version number in them. (Correct that) Everything else was ok, except the volumes, as they are all over the place for most CDLC Another thing that I figured out like 2 years ago, is when you start the game, make sure to let the Enumerating thing finnish before even trying to start pl
  9. Well these 2 things are the only ones needed to get it to work. But there is also the possibility that you have a corrupted CDLC in your list somewhere. Maybe the one your trying. I always download a CDLC, then I import them into the toolkit, check if I see strange things, and adjust those. And in the worst case, I rebuild the extracted files, like if it was a new CDLC. If this still does not help, then i'm out of options for now. And ofc I assume you have the bought version, not the cracked version of RS.
  10. Did you buy The Smashing Pumpkins - Cherub Rock You need both the song and the dll
  11. I use https://www.orban.com/meter It analysis the audio and gives the LKFS value, then just do the math, to match around -14 and add that value in the toolkit to the song and preview volume. For instance LKFS value is -7.2 then -6.8 is the value to enter in song and preview value. That way the original file isn't compromised (compressing) I do this with all CDLC that I download, and ofc the ones I make, to get always the same volumes in game, then also you would have less trouble with effects that you add, when those ofc are set correctly also.
  12. If it's just some muscle pain, then it just need to get used to it. Same as sports exercising, first you are in pain, and before you know it, it's gone.
  13. I noticed that the date isn't updated to the date the custom was edited. Tried again, a few seconds ago. Not sure if it was mentioned, download counter also not working. Filters ain't saved, for lead and rhythm for instance. Take your time. Nice work.
  14. Is the path set correctly, to the Wwise directory, in the Toolkit?
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