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  1. Happy Birthday TheSquishyOne!

  2. I mean I pretty much copy and paste it in to an online note pad, so if I am able to just copy and paste it, I'm ok with that.
  3. Love the idea of this @@firekorn But I'm on Mixer not Twitch. I'm partnered with them.
  4. When I do export it, its to share my list with my stream so they can request. Example Below Artist, Title2Pac, Changes2Pac, California Love2Pac, Hit 'Em Up2Pac, How Do U Want It3 Doors Down, It's Not My Time3 Doors Down, Away from the Sun3 Doors Down, Kryptonite3 Doors Down, Loser3 Doors Down, When I'm Gone3 Doors Down, Let Me Go3 Doors Down, Here Without You3 Doors Down, Be Like That3 Inches of Blood, Battles And Brotherhood311, Down311, Beautiful Disaster311, Amber311, All Mixed Up38 Special, Hold On Loosely38 Special, Caught Up in You That is how it exports with BB Code. Now I don't mind the as I can copy and paste in to notepad and replace them with nothing to completely get rid of them. Example 2 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Ohio With the Apostrophe between Young and Ohio I can't just put in Apostrophe and replace it with a hyphen as it will delete the apostrophes between Crosby, Stills and Nash. I want the Apostrophe that separates the songs artist from the song title to be a hyphen. So I will look like this Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Ohio That looks more presentable and I have 2.7k songs that I would have to go through and manually make sure that there are no missing punctuations. Thank you
  5. There is no issue here, but can you add the option to change the song and artist name separator. I don't like when I export it and it looks like Artist, Song Specially when I export people like Crosby, Still, Nash and Young, Song I do prefer using a hyphen ( - ) as it looks more presentable. And when I try to use note pad and completely replace them it replaces the ones in the artists names as well. Please please give us the option to change that before exporting. Thank you sooo much. <3
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