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  1. Happy Birthday Molice!

  2. Happy Birthday Molice!

  3. Happy Birthday Molice!

  4. Hi! Great a songs this week! It is interesting to learn.
  5. Please, reupload Roadie to normal hosting. I can`t to download from zippy. There only buttons of Adblocks: "Add MusicBox Search" and "ADD GAMINGAPP SEARCH" and other shit. Thanks.
  6. If you settled size buffer =0 (or empty) thereat RS selects some default size buffer, he is not equal to zero. In some cases this may be optimal, but not always. (also for the number of buffers)
  7. This cdlc sometime have fluctuations in beatmap regarding of sounds, +-25 ms ( i look in EOF), so you getting notes on screen late (or early) on ~25 ms + a RScable have a latency ~15 (in good case), +output audio buffer ~15 + some your early(late) sound picking -10 ms(if you tried to get "perfect"), ->summary ~50 ms will not give a perfection. Check setting in RS about Display delay, adjust flashes for accuracy hit in beat And look ini file RS and try to setting a minimum count buffer and a size of buffers (depends of the audiocard or chip). My ini an example: LatencyBuffer=1 MaxOutputBufferSize=144
  8. Can`t stop to play these divine riffs Update:
  9. Very fun to play and good that learnable whole track for me (rhythm of course) And this awful outro solo kill me.
  10. @@MaZtoR In middle (and intro) the song bad finger positions. More easy change 2fr-2str to 4fr 3str - normal scale. And i doubt that there all right with notes and pm, and missed HoPo. And yet offsynced beatmap. ps. I look in eof, there need a lot changes, cdlc need rebuild with start, i`m pass. :)
  11. Rest in Peace Malcolm Young! My tribute. And try this too:
  12. You really are unlucky. I chose MC between Meg and Met. :D P.s. and i also prefer Meg
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