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  1. Bro you are a legend!

  2. Yep, everything seems to be in order, the names are correct, the times and the quantity are also allright. But, I tried to clear all events and create the phrases and sections again, but just got worst, it wen't from jumping only 1, to 3 or 4 at the same time. Maybe i'ts the way I'm creating it? I'm clicking on the beat, pressing Shift+S, and choosing the name, also, the "Also add as RS phrase" box is marked. Oh well...
  3. There's two that aren't in main beats, but they aren't the problematic ones. I'll put them in main beats to see if it changes.
  4. Soo... could you have a look for me? I can send you the eof project and the .psarc. I'ts a small one, only one track.
  5. I created phrases and sections in EOF, when I test it in Rocksmith, some of the sections I created can't be selected. What I mean is: Let's say we have sections [1] [2] and [3], when I'm in riff repeater, it won't go from [1] to [2], instead, it goes [1] to [3], ignoring [2]. Why [2] can't be selected? Thank you.
  6. When i save there's only Rocksmith 2012 files, no RS2, no "showlights" files aswell. Am i doing something wrong? Using r1298. Thank you.
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