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  1. Let me head over here and SHIT on you. You left a disrespectful & tact-less comment on something I spent time trying to create & share with everyone with this community. This shows your complete lack of respect.  Looks like you have never created or uploaded a CDLC to share with the group either. Next time try sending the charter a personal message using a better choice of words detailing your concerns. Maybe then the charter will work with you to address your concerns to upload a better version.




    1. GetTheLedOut


      Just wanted to add my support to this comment, and say the following:


      Constructive comments are awesome. Constructive comments help everyone. In fact I wish there were more of them, since quite literally 99.9% of people never leave a comment at all.

      Leaving a comment like "almost impossible to see chord changes. dont waste your time on this one" doesn't help anyone. You are just one man on the internet, not the Simon Cowell of CDLCs. Using the comment to bring the issue to my attention, and asking if I have plans to fix it would have been much more appropriate. It's easy to tell if a user is still active on the forum.

      I made that Zeppelin custom almost 10 years ago, back when this site didn't even exist, and it's been downloaded just under 3000 times here. Your comment was the first one related to any substantive issue. It's certainly not my job to curate every CDLC I've ever made, but I strive to do so upon request, because if someone is willing to ask, then it's very likely that they're going to enjoy learning how to play the song - and my time, as you say, isn't wasted.

      Not every CDLC is going to be perfect right out of the box, especially the first few you make - and that shouldn't be the expectation that you have for any charter. We don't work for you, or anyone else. I would argue that your only expectation for us should be a healthy commitment to improvement. Try making a CDLC of your own and you'll understand what I mean.

      Say nice things, ask for help, talk to others, share interests, learn new things. Don't let "man who shouts into the internet" be your legacy.

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