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  1. FIXED! Great Work as usual by this fantastic group of people. Thanks for the help. Stay safe!
  2. [2020/01/19 14:31:09]: ==== This is the start of a new CFSM run log ===== [2020/01/19 14:31:10]: Validated RS2014 Installation Directory: D:\Programs\steamapps\common\Rocksmith2014 [2020/01/19 14:31:10]: Validated existing 'D3DX9_42.dll' file installation ... [2020/01/19 14:31:10]: GetVersionInfo made a good connection with the server ... [2020/01/19 14:31:10]: CustomsForgeSongManager.exe [] does not need updating ... [2020/01/19 14:31:10]: + CustomsForge Song Manager (v1.5.7.1 - PC BUILD) [2020/01/19 14:31:10]: + OS Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0 (64 bit) [2020/01/19 14:31:10]:
  3. When I start up the software I get this Error Then it shuts down the software. How do I fix the this? Thanks in advance
  4. Happy Birthday Cookie_Munster!

  5. Some possible Charts for someone to consider The Kings The Beat goes On/ Switching to Glide Van Morrison Domino Leon Russell Tight Rope Paul Westerberg Dyslexic Heart
  6. Happy Birthday Cookie_Munster!

  7. I wish I could learn the craft. Ive tried just not good at it. I dont know where to get the resources the tabs etc... I would love to contribute
  8. I think he is fishing for a link to illegal downloads. Just my Opinion
  9. What What What??? why did she leave again
  10. Without this community I would not love life so much

    1. manchot66


      Without cookies, life wouldn't be worth living.

    2. NoonyDeloony


      I concur with all the above :)

    3. Cookie_Munster
  11. I actually have quite a few Flawless performances as the program says when you hit the perfect notes.
  12. Makes Sense, They were true musicians back then
  13. Its been a long while since we have been blessed with charting of classic rock songs. What happened to all my classic rock enthusiast. We miss you!
  14. I now know what it feels like to have withdrawls
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