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  1. Locking topic due to there being several other threads about this same issue and we've given multiple answers
  2. Yeah it happened to Unleashed with a totally different antivirus (I wanna say it was actually Avast? I'm probably wrong). Started deleting system files. So it's honestly just a freak incident that could happen with anything, and alot of people happy with Malwarebytes so no need for the scare tactics. Also side note I just asked Unleashed it was definitely Avast
  3. I don't think recommendations should be done. Malwarebytes is the worst software I've ever tried, in the way it made changes to my system without asking. In fact it removed a perfectly clean windows file which prevented then Windows to restart, running in into blue screen. I'm sorry to hear that. I've had nothing but good experiences with it (and it's kept me out of wannacry twice thank god). It also may depend on the OS, since I'm still on Windows 7 and not 10. Anyways yeah my bad. Just don't want people saying things like ITS PACKED WITH A TROJAN CF IS RELEASING VIRUSES when in reality that isn't the case. It puts out a bad message making people think we're trying to infect users which really sucks.
  4. Like Raynebc said, it's a false positive. Trying to work on getting a software license at the moment which will prevent this topic from coming up again and again. And pleasepleaseplease do the above and send the false positive report to your anti-virus software (and in the meantime look into something like Malwarebytes that doesn't produce so many f/ps!).
  5. Hi everyone! I know it's cutting a bit close to Christmas but I wanted to get these out. We have a new CF design in the store and it's an ugly Christmas sweater! I love these so much and have been planning to do this one since all the way back in October. So if you'd like, pick one up and support the site in the process! >>BUY HERE!!
  6. Hi all! I've been toying with the idea of themed shirts and I'm happy to announce there is a new shirt for sale on the shop! I'm putting this up in preparation for Halloween but don't worry - if you don't get a chance to pick it up before the 31st I'll be keeping the design up! Pick up a shirt and show your support! We also have coffee mugs, stickers, art prints, tote bags, pillows, and a TON more items available - doesn't have to be a shirt! Thanks to the community as well for your support - I got SO many more shirt orders than I ever expected last month. If you'd like, take a pic of yourself sporting your CF merch and tweet it to us @ Customsforge! Check out the shirt >>HERE! -Voyevoda
  7. First off, thank you for the get well soon wishes that's extremely kind of you. However it is a chronic condition I will be living with the rest of my life sadly. Man if only getting well was an option haha! Now, I'm kind of with firekorn about that it's two very different issues. But I'm not going to pretend like I know every aspect of copyright laws, I don't wanna lie and act knowledgeable, and all I know is now I feel like I've sparked a debate just by selling a few t-shirts with a couple letters on them and to be honest, it makes me a bit uncomfortable. All I wanted to do was say "hey, if you like the site, buy a shirt" and I get where you guys are coming from but now I have two sides torn on how to handle the income and that's the absolute last thing I wanted. I don't know how to come to a conclusion that makes everyone happy and this is causing quite a bit of stress on my end (I don't like making anyone unhappy, conflict for me is one of those things I avoid at absolutely all costs). I'm really not sure where to go from here. I considered several times today just taking the merch site down and getting a bit sick over it. I don't want a ton of people bothered and upset with me for the choices we've made (we being myself and Unleashed). Really guys I just wanted to put out a few shirts but I guess in the process I kinda fucked up. If it pleases everyone I'll just use the CC paypal email for my Redbubble account and let everything go there, because as of right now, that's the only way I see everyone being happy without me removing the entire store. I feel like shit that it came to this but what else can I do?
  8. Yeah, what Unleashed said pretty much, I hope that won't be a problem with anyone. Seriously I don't get a huge cut off these shirts, for a $24 shirt I make about $3 back. http://i.imgur.com/cCZ3Szp.png Like Mark said I'm unemployed (disabled) so this is only a few bucks a month to help towards cost of my meds and other needs (shit gets expensive), BUT if you're 1000% not happy with that you can leave me a note or something along with your purchase to send the $3 from your sale into the CF PayPal account. And to answer the legality question, Customsforge is Unleashed's creation, with no affiliation with Rocksmith, so he has sole ownership of the brand and if given permission someone can just use the site's name on a shirt or something. But if I were to make a Metallica shirt for instance, they could have me take it down because I haven't gotten permission from them to use it. I hope I'm making sense? But yeah there's no monetization of licensed content or brands so there's no issue. I hope that clears everything up and everyone doesn't hate me for this haha. We've made a couple sales in the last week or so and I'm really happy to see people like the designs! Also - I do make custom shirt designs if anyone wants to PM me I'll do what I can.
  9. Hi everyone, Alyx here! I'm happy to announce that we've opened up an official merch shop for the site! The shop shells t-shirts, tank tops, coffee mugs, stickers, drawstring bags, so you aren't limited to just clothing. All the designs were created by myself (with some 4am input from Unleashed), and it's a hobby of mine so you'll see other gaming shirts I've done if you end up click around. I've bought several times from Redbubble (upwards of around 20 items) and I've always had the best quality from them. My creations have been on the site for some time now so don't worry, you're not dealing with some sketchy or shady site. Shipping usually takes 7-10 days, but that includes processing time - each shirt has to be individually manufactured for you! Due to licensing issues with the Rocksmith clothing line and Ubisoft, we will not be including the word "Rocksmith" in our shirt design - this is 100% pure CustomsForge merch! If you have any questions about purchasing something or if you're having trouble, please shoot one of the admins (preferably myself or U2K) a message. Thank you all so much for being a rad community and supporting us over the past two years, and we hope you'll pick something up from our store and wear/use it proudly! >>LINK TO SHOP HERE!
  10. Hi everyone! Thank you so much to everyone who came by to support Rocksmith/CustomsForge yesterday. @@Unleashed2k and I were blown away by the support and number of people who dropped by to play songs, thank CustsomsForge for just existing, and of course the massive groups of people who would walk by and do sing alongs (we haven't forgotten you, drunk Mario). We will be there again today, same place as yesterday, set up on the bottom floor between halls B and C (where the vendor rooms and indie gaming rooms are, in the outside hall). Today, @@zerkz will be joining the booth as well! I'll also be with a Metal Gear Solid cosplayer group today (as The Boss, with a Venom Snake and an Ocelot) so if you see me walking around you're more than welcome to say hey! We'd also like to thank everyone who donated to help us get here. We were so close to being screwed out of transportation but you guys were the only reason we're able to get to and from the con this weekend. Thank you SO MUCH, and for your continued support to CustomsForge. This site wouldn't be here without you guys. Hope to see you guys today! -Alyx
  11. http://i.imgur.com/tvb8021.pnghttp://i.imgur.com/RqgsHJ7.pnghttp://i.imgur.com/cQYHYQm.png
  12. No idea about the auto paypal thing mate, but sorry to hear about the cancer. Hope the mods don't mind me saying this, but don't worry about the donations here, just concentrate on fighting through it and I hope everything turns out good. All the best tris She will be fine mate she is a fighter,I would like to do my bit when i can so would still like to know about the rolling donation payment thing though, I set it up for $15 a month when i joined but that was months ago and now cant find it on paypal anywhere , could be because they changed the layout again lol. My father is currently living with cancer (incurable form of lymphoma); please don't worry about donating here, focus on making sure your wife gets better - NO ONE should have to deal with cancer. Send her my best wishes please, and PM Unleashed2k if you're having issues cancelling the recurring payment.
  13. We're not doing a torrent. We said that when we started the site and we're sticking to it.
  14. Voted no, then again I have a MF business account so I never even see the download page.
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