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  1. http://customsforge.com/topic/901-how-to-use-custom-dlcs-in-rs2014/
  2. Hello, I will explain the method I use. Everything done in the first "CDLC Creator" menu then it is in the sub-menu "Packages" that everything that In this menu, it will delete the setting you want to change (exemple lead guitar) by clicking on "Remove" and click "Add" and select the setting you changed with EOF by clicking on "Browse" to menu "Song XML File" (note the newly created name often called "combo" but this can be changed in the recording of EOF but here did not really matter. Then, in the "name" menu, choose the name of the Arrangement and the speed of scrollbars notes and more if you want ... then do "Ok" Remains only to choose the game plateform in the up right and finish by "Generate" Well, I hope I have not forgotten.
  3. Hello everyone, what happens with Audiosmith, After installation, I have the following message and after impossible to import anything. Thank you https://i.imgur.com/7Kafjya.jpg
  4. Fedro

    How to do

    Thanks for your feedback. I don't really understand (if IIRC) Yes the version was that of "Liquid" for the test but I now use the version of "Slaughter". Don't bother with the audio previews, I will convert each CDLC to PS3 by importing a project for the audio preview to work. Maybe the convertion view in the toolbox can check if an audio preview exists before converting and then create it if there isn't one. Thanks again.
  5. Fedro

    How to do

    Ok for the info. In the meantime I have a few comments to make to you regarding CFSM and RST. I did a few tests and here is my workflow. CDLC chosen for the test: Sex Pistols - God Save The Queen 1st test: 1) Repair with CFSM of the original version. 2) import and re-compile this version in RST; Changing the scrolling speed. 3) convert with RST to PS3 test in PS3: no audio preview. 2nd test: 1) import and re-compile the original version in RST Changing the scrolling speed. 3) convert with RST to PS3 test in PS3: audio overview ok. Thanks you.
  6. Fedro

    How to do

    So if CFSM does not allow you to automate the creation or rewriting of the audio preview, is there any hope that this option will come in a future version. Thank you Cozy1 for everything you've done so far.
  7. Fedro

    How to do

    Thank you for your return cozy1 It is not exactly what I am trying to do. I will try to be more explicit. I have a cdlc which does not have an audio preview (it was not me who created it) so I wanted to add it, I imagined finding that in the repair function of CFSM But no. I know that we can do it with the toolbox but it's quite tedious especially since I intend to do it to all my cdlc who do not have audio preview and I have a lot. PS: I'm on PS3 but it doesn't change anything because I convert in the end with your RST Thank you
  8. Fedro

    How to do

    Hello, Juste one question, how to do to add an audio preview in a CDLC with CFSM because i don't do not find. Thank you.
  9. Maybe the problem is that you have placed multiple versions of one cdlc.
  10. Hello everyone. It's been a while since I wanted to post this problem since I've found two alternative solutions but they're still not great. So the problem is that when I run a title to play, a background noise that resembles the emulation of the crowd, is manifesting louder and louder making the title to play unbearable. 2 alternative solution that I found: - Leave the song and restart it. - In mixer, set the sound effects volume to 0 Has anyone ever had the same annoyance or a better solution? I also specify that I play on ps3. Thank you.
  11. No problem. E.O.F remains a great program. Thank you.
  12. Hello everyone. Why not make it possible to enlarge the screen automatically with a button to click like any software for Windows? I guess this is due to the programming complexity.
  13. @@Jan Universe Restart your computer and retry the update immediately after rebooting.
  14. @cosy1 You are right. I installed the before last version of the toolkit and restarted the computer. Then i launched updater without anything disabled on my antivirus and everything worked perfectly. Thanks again.
  15. Ok except that the update did not work. After the correction you made relate to the latest version. So for a future update. It may be normal that it does not work yet.
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