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November End Of Month Goal

Because of the emergency upgrade we ended up having to spend most of our main donation goal on upgrades. 

This goal covers the rest of the month's donation goal including additional server costs and development costs.
Added $75 to goal to repurchase various IPBoard addons

  • 11/10/20
  • 52 Donations

741.34 USD of 730.00 USD


  1. 48.25 USD
  2. 19.12 USD
  3. 19.12 USD
  4. Guest
    18.82 USD
  5. 20.21 USD
  6. Guest
    4.48 USD
  7. 18.82 USD
  8. 4.48 USD

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    950.00 USD
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    201.06 USD of 950.00 USD
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  • Donation Goals

    December Donation Goal

    Your donation covers the cost of our servers and more including but not limited to: Our development servers, backups, support services, and github. Thank you for keeping CustomsForge running.

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