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In Topic: Did Rocksmith change latency settings in an update?

12 November 2017 - 08:19 AM

I am wondering if your audio has reset itself to 41mHz? It should be at 48mHz.


It's at the DVD quality setting! :) 48


@Strikepv ensure your cable is intact maybe could be a grounding issue or driver (like win 10 fall update) which fucked up a lot of things for ppl out there. only way to delay it is  to disable update feature of the windows which is terrible solution.


re-setup accoring to rocksmith latency guide, don't forget to recalibrate too.

keep us updated :)


Cable seemingly works as fine as day one.  I can go in and 'Listen to this device' and hear my playing just fine.  It doesn't sound any more or less distorted from any other day as far as I can tell.


I also run windows 7 so any windows 10 update won't mess me up lol.


I tried resetting things to default and calibrating, restarting my machine and re-launching rocksmith and I still get the constant crackle/pop noise.  I can make a video of the two different sound issues I'm having if it'll help.