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In Topic: Does anyone have a dual monitor fix?

06 October 2017 - 10:09 AM

1) Update the nvida driver!

2) if there is still a problem try to make the other monitor primary and check

3) if still persists try windowed mode.

4) if persists delete (after backup) the .ini file in your rocksmith root dir

And report back. I've been running rs on multiple systems with usually 2-3 monitors includind beamers and all is Great.

We make that work!

In Topic: some cdlc songs not visible on songs in RS2104

01 October 2017 - 11:53 AM

There are a few possibilities:

- Check if you have those songs in your lib more than once using song manager or windows search

- Maybe they have same arrangement ids as another song in your lib.
1) goto cf song manager and repair for mastery bug without clicking preserve stats - that step is most probably gonna fix your issue.
If they are already fixed and it doesnt work that way try option using .org files or if still does not work
2) unpack and repack with recent vetsion of the toolkit - when asked for new arrangemebt ids press yes!

- unlikely the files could be corrupt but then other users would have mentioned that probably on the songs page

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In Topic: Recommended CDLC & CDLC Packs?

12 May 2017 - 09:30 AM

You want a name of a charter with files of maximum quality and optimal tones -

Could we maybe get an additional user group other than Magna Charter, where the Rocksmith Championship community can place these gods, and identify them to the leachers rest of us?

Maybe even a filter in ignition to filter out all the would be's. ^_^
That is not needed.

There is song selection list with all the songs that have been played, categorised for lead already and you can check back in the leaderboard sheet for the exact difficulty for each path (lead, rhy, bass).
The quality of all played songs is at least good, most very good.

When you play with us for some time you will surely find out which charters can blindky be trusted.

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In Topic: Recommended CDLC & CDLC Packs?

12 May 2017 - 02:37 AM

Yes, at the championship we care a lot about quality. And subpar cdlcs are skipped or optimized togetherbwith the original charter!

Far more than 500 songs have been validated, played and categorised for difficulty. All nicely written down in google docs files.

But you wont need those ;) as you get a song of your playing level any other week to work on!

Join the CS!

You want a name of a charter with files of maximum quality and optimal tones - you wanna have a go for @fripponomic customs.


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In Topic: Did rocksmith teach anyone here how to play guitar?

09 May 2017 - 06:20 AM

@unclemiller - yes! I highly recommend playing over an external amp all the time. I personally use a passive ABY splitter box with a guitar cable on input, output A) guitar cable to my line6 spider15 amp (with floorboard) and output B ) Rocksmith Cable to PC.

In Game Guitar is muted. The Rec Output from the Spider goes into line-in from the PC´s Soundcard so i get absolutely 0-lag and real amp audio over the PC´s Audio Output that can also be used to record for RS videos etc., and the guitar tones and volume is controlled over the floorboard.

I only use 4 tones (A good acoustic one / ACDC (crunch) / a Metallica Rhythm / a Megadeth Lead) from the line6 library, but they sound tons better than most of the ingame ones and it feels much more like really covering a song. One very important thing is that you have to set your guitar volume high so you can hear what you are playing. When using ingame sound i set mixer "music" to max 75% and "guitar" to 100%.