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#340455 Missing DLL Files

Posted by raynebc on 16 June 2020 - 07:30 PM

You have to unzip the full build of EOF (1.8RC12) to a folder, then unzip the hotfix on top of it, replacing older files with the newer ones from the hotfix.  You can't just download the hotfix and use it, it's not a complete EOF release.

#335874 Latest EOF releases (4-27-2020)

Posted by raynebc on 27 April 2020 - 08:15 PM

Hi, folks.  The latest hotfix (4-27-2020) is in the first post.  Changes are as follows:
*Updated Queen Bee imports to warn that GH instrument notes can't be imported when a pro guitar or vocal track is active.
*Improved the vocal track rendering so that the piano keyboard on the left edge of the piano roll will better scale up in height when a custom EOF program window size is defined.
*Fixed some bugs in the spectrogram and waveform generation logic that could cause a crash/hang.
*Added logic to enforce a gap of at least 2ms between each lyric line, since timing conversions can cause enough precision loss to cause them to bleed into each other during MIDI export.
*Fixed a memory leak that could occur in leading silence (re-encode option) when the chart audio is too long for EOF to be able to allocate enough memory to store the decoded audio.
*Moved "Song>Create preview audio" to "File>Export>Preview audio".
*Moved "Song>Lock tempo map" to "Beat>Lock tempo map".
*Removed the GHWT sustain threshold prompt during GH import, since it was determined that was not really in effect for official charts.
*Fixed a bug with the recent undo/redo state error detection where the handling of key signature changes during MIDI import could cause a false error that an undo state wasn't made.
*Added a "RS import loads all handshapes" import preference that will force all handshape phrases to import instead of only those in a few specific customs-related circumstances.
*Changed GH imports so that sustained drum notes only have to exceed the same sustain threshold optionally used for guitar/bass in order to be marked as a drum roll.
*Fixed a bug with the chord snapping logic ran at the end of MIDI import where only notes in PART GUITAR would get resnapped/highlighted appropriately.
*Updated GH imports to display a notice if sustained bass drum notes are imported and to highlight said notes, as these may require some alteration in order to behave well in Clone Hero or Strikeline.
*Changed GH imports to allow drum rolls to import from any difficulty.
*Updated the Clone Hero notes panel to reflect the game's new drum support and undefined track difficulty levels.
*Changed MIDI import of GH charts so that the "TRIGGERS" drum animation track imports into the normal drum track and the "BAND DRUMS" drum animation track imports into the PS drum track, instead of both importing into the same track and potentially resulting in unexpected conditions.
*Added a prompt during the import of a Power Gig MIDI to offer to mark all non forced HOPO notes as forced strums.
*Added "Note>Drum>Accent>Clear>All" and "Note>Drum>Ghost>Clear>All" functions.
*Improved the reliability of using CTRL+click to deselect notes/lyrics.
*Fixed a bug where "Beat>Add" could still be invoked with CTRL+Ins even when there are no anchors after the selected beat, and would cause a crash.
*Fixed a bug where clicking and dragging the first beat while moving the mouse in and out of the piano roll area would corrupt the tempo map.
*Fixed a bug with the CTRL+click and drag beat logic where the first beat would be allowed to be moved past the second beat and corrupt the tempo map.
*Changed editor logic so that CTRL+Z only performs undo once the Z key is released, ensuring multiple undos can only be performed by intentionally pressing the Z key multiple times.
*Added a "Don't redraw on exit prompt" preference to prevent the program window from being removed and recreated when EOF prompts to exit.
*Improved "Edit>Paste from>Catalog" to start the paste from the seek position instead of applying the original position within its beat that each note in the catalog entry had.
*Changed GP import to process transition effects for on the beat grace notes instead of just ignoring them.
*Added a tuning definition for Open D.
*Improved the vocal editor to allow CTRL+SHIFT+scroll or CTRL+SHIFT+[] to adjust selected lyrics' lengths by 1ms if grid snap is disabled.
*Added a "Track>Chord snap" function to allow a threshold to be provided to manually resnap gems that are separated by up to a specified number of delta ticks (only immediately after an import) or milliseconds into chords.

#334863 Latest EOF releases (4-27-2020)

Posted by raynebc on 18 April 2020 - 03:56 PM

Nobody has yet.

#332343 Adjust length of each note in a chord individually, or alternatively not have...

Posted by raynebc on 23 March 2020 - 10:29 AM

Authoring certain things requires some more complex mechanisms like "tech notes", which are basically a second set of notes where you apply various statuses/techniques to individual notes in a chord.  There's a pretty thorough tutorial about their use here:



Keep trying with the custom though, sometimes it takes some troubleshooting to figure out why a chart doesn't work in-game.

#332077 EOF stops reponding

Posted by raynebc on 20 March 2020 - 03:57 PM

Make sure you have the latest hotfix of EOF installed.  Sometimes, antivirus software can interfere with programs, so whitelisting EOF may be necessary.

#330463 Can't seem to get the BPM right

Posted by raynebc on 29 February 2020 - 03:34 PM

I'm not sure why it's that way, I could look into it again, but the last time I did, it wasn't obvious why it didn't work consistently.


Edit:  It's better now.

#327158 Latest EOF releases (4-27-2020)

Posted by raynebc on 14 January 2020 - 02:49 AM

Hi, folks.  The latest hotfix (1-14-2020) is in the first post.  Changes are as follows:
*Added "Edit timing" functions to the "Note>Lyric>Lyric lines>", "Note>Solos>", "Note>Star Power", "Note>Trill>", "Note>Tremolo>", "Note>Slider>", "Note>Pro guitar>Arpeggio>" and "Note>Rocksmith>Handshape>" menus that allow the timing of the phrase (determined by the last clicked note/lyric) to be manually changed without having to manipulate note/lyric lengths and re-marking the phrase.
*Fixed a bug with the previous hotfix where tom markers were allowed to write for the BRE difficulty, which could cause the normal drum notes to incorrectly export as toms.
*Added error detection to the creation of undo/redo files.
*Changed Feedback import so that notes are always padded to a minimum of 1ms length during the import instead of afterward, to better ensure slider phrases export to MIDI in a way that is supported by differing rhythm games.
*Added macros to display the start and end timestamps of whichever lyric line, slider phrase, star power, solo, trill, trmolo, special drum roll, drum roll, arpeggio or handshape phrase phrase the seek position is in, if any.  The Clone Hero panel was updated with these.
*Fixed a bug with Feedback import where if the chart file specified an MP3 file for the audio, and it was converted to OGG, EOF wouldn't try to open the converted file and the import would fail.
*Fixed an issue with Queen Bee import of beat timings where the tempos weren't displayed above the beat markers immediately after the import, requiring some action such as changing the active track.
*Updated Queen Bee imports to support section names (one or more sections each defined as the timestamp on one line and the name defined on the next line).
*Updated INI export to warn if a GHL track's difficulty is being overridden by a manually defined INI tag in "Song>INI Settings".
*Fixed an RS export bug introduced from the 12-6-2019 hotfix that prevented sections from exporting.
*Improved the warning during RS export when a populated track difficulty has no fret hand positions by having it cite the name of one of the tracks missing definitions.

#325354 Latest EOF releases (4-27-2020)

Posted by raynebc on 16 December 2019 - 04:21 PM

That is intentional behavior. EOF does not track which octave each string is in, just its note. The demand for this kind of thing would have to immensely increase for me to change the tuning system so drastically.

#323895 Notes/chords not showing up properly in Rocksmith

Posted by raynebc on 20 November 2019 - 07:38 PM

The fret values in parentheses () are ghost notes. By design, they are not playable notes and are only used to control certain authoring mechanisms like for arpeggios. If you remove the ghost status by selecting the notes and use "Note>Pro guitar>Remove ghost", it might resolve the problem.

#322705 Latest EOF releases (4-27-2020)

Posted by raynebc on 30 October 2019 - 02:33 PM

Hi, folks. The latest hotfix (10-30-2019) is in the first post. Changes are as follows:
*Fixed a MIDI export bug that could cause an invalid delta time to be written.
*Fixed a MIDI export bug that could cause corrupt timing when changing from a non #/4 time signature to a #/4 time signature.
*Added a warning during save and after MIDI/Feedback/GH import if the project has at least one section marker and there are any notes that are before it.
*Improved the fret catalog to be able to render beyond its one panel space automatically if the notes panel or 3D preview panel aren't there.
*Fixed bugs in INI import where metadata fields that were manually edited outside of EOF to be longer than EOF allows them to be would import fully instead of truncated and cause a buffer overflow and lead to unexpected program behavior. EOF will warn if an INI tag had to be truncated this way.
*Improved the chord resnapping logic that is offered during MIDI import to correctly handle re-aligning multiple gems that follow less than 11 delta ticks away from another gem.
*Added a warning during Feedback, MIDI and Guitar Hero imports if any sections were defined between beat markers and had to be moved to a beat marker position. The logging will note which events were moved and will display the original and re-assigned positions for each section.
*Improved MIDI import to check for nonstandard open strum markers that span several notes instead of marking just a single note, and asks whether all notes in the marker should be marked as opens. This prompt is necessary because if all notes in the marker are converted into open notes, it removes the ability to have an open note sustain over non open notes.
*Fixed a rendering bug where if a background image is being used, but it is smaller than the program window, the space surrounding the background image isn't erased before each frame is drawn.
*Changed the "Edit pro guitar note" dialog so that if any strings are marked as unmuted, that the string mute status is removed, reflecting the logic enforced elsewhere in the program (such as the "Edit note frets/fingering" dialog).
*Added a "FoFLC export w/o pitch shifts" checkbox in Song>Properties that will influence the lyric export by suppressing the pitch shifts (absorbed into the preceding lyric).
*Changed the MIDI export of SP, solo, trill, tremolo and slider phrases so that their end positions are not quantized, which could lead to a result where the phrase ends at the same position at which the last note in the phrase begins. This was reportedly not handled gracefully in Clone Hero.
*Added a %SEEK_SP_STATUS% expansion macro that displays the start and end timestamps of whichever star power phrase the seek position is in, if any.

#322704 Latest EOF releases (4-27-2020)

Posted by raynebc on 30 October 2019 - 02:28 PM

1. You have to mark a note as a cymbal before you can apply cymbal+tom status. Please let me know if that does not work.

2. You can make your own PCX file if you want. EOF hotfixes come with the grabber command line utility, use:
grabber eof.dat
And you can "grab" (extract) one of the note_*_cymbal.pcx files by right clicking, selecting grab and specifying a place to save it. The images in question are 8 bit 48x48 PCX files, but you may be able to use a higher color depth or resolution, with the understanding that it may not immediately work well in EOF without me adding more handling for user-supplied images.

#322128 Latest EOF releases (4-27-2020)

Posted by raynebc on 22 October 2019 - 02:59 PM

Hi, folks. The latest hotfix (10-22-2019) is in the first post. Changes are as follows:
*Fixed a bug where if the notes panel was open when the exit prompt is invoked, the panel would be closed.
*Added a check used at the end of MIDI and GH import that gives the number of mid-measure time signature changes that are found and seeks to the first of them.
*Improved GH import to correct for authoring errors by allowing a time signature change to be moved up to 3ms if it was defined before/after a beat position instead of properly at that position. EOF will display a message during import if this occurs.
*Fixed a bug with the import of NOTE format GH files where the tempo map could be corrupted if non #/4 time signatures were imported.
*Changed the pro guitar note increment/decrement functions (CTRL+ +/- and CTRL+Scroll wheel) to affect string muted notes if they already have defined fret values.
*Fixed a bug where marking a new handshape phrase that is earlier than existing arpeggio/handshape phrases in the track would cause it to get marked as an arpeggio phrase instead, and could convert the last arpeggio phrase in the track into a handshape phrase.
*Added more thorough logic to test the existence of folders, to try to reduce false negatives in some scenarios, such as saving a project within the user's Desktop in Windows 10.
*Added a "GH import sustain threshold prompt" import preference that will enable a prompt during GH import about whether to remove the sustain from all imported notes that are not longer than the sustain threshold (one half of the first beat's length, rounded down as per GH3 rules) and if that option is selected during import, will also prompt whether to enforce a sustain trim of notes (one half of the sustain threshold, as per GH3 rules) that pass the sustain threshold.
*Added a "Paste at mouse" function to the Edit menu and Rex Mundi input mode's context menu, and it can also be used by pressing SHIFT+Insert. This function will paste at the cursor that follows the mouse's current grid snapped position instead of at the seek position.
*Fixed a bug where lyrics could be deleted at the end of a MIDI imported over the command line, such as by using "Open with" to have Windows open a MIDI with EOF.
*Improved GH import's slider phrase handling so that if the phrase ends at the start position of another note, the phrase is shortened to end with the last note applicable to the phrase instead of just shortening the phrase by an amount small enough that it could be negated by number rounding/quantization in MIDI export.
*Fixed a crash that could occur during lyric export if any lyrics contained only characters that are filtered out (^=%#/).
*Updated FoFLC to be able to export QRC format, which is an extended LRC variant popular in China.
*Added a "Save LRC, ELRC, QRC lyric files" export preference that will save the project's lyrics in each of those formats during save.
*Changed the Song>Track logic so that if any of the track's notes are highlighted, ! is used instead of * to indicate the track is populated.
*Improved MIDI import to check the notes imported for instrument tracks and highlight and warn about any chord snapping issues present (chords where gems were defined up to 10 delta ticks away from each other instead of at the same time as is proper). If there are any unsnapped chords, EOF will offer to correct them.
*Added a "Center isolation" feature (ie. to isolate center-panned vocals) for chart playback that can be toggled by using ALT+I or via the checkbox in File>Settings. A %CENTER_ISOLATION% macro was added to allow this to be tracked.
*Added a "Force pro drum MIDI notation" export preference, enabled by default, that will force all drum tracks to write to MIDI in Rock Band 3 style (all yellow, blue and green drum notes that are not authored as cymbals have tom markers written) to avoid a compatibility problem in Phase Shift.
*Added some logic to try to prevent the Allegro bug where the ALT key can get stuck when using the ALT+Tab combination to bring EOF in and out of the foreground.
*Improved GH import's SP phrase handling so that if the phrase ends at the start position of another note, the phrase is shortened to end with the last note applicable to the phrase instead of just shortening the phrase by an amount small enough that it could be negated by number rounding/quantization in MIDI export.
*Corrected the behavior of the tempo map validation logic when the accurate TS handling option in Song Properties has been disabled.
*Improved MIDI import so that if any non pro guitar instrument track's note limit is reached, EOF offers to import its expert difficulty only instead of just truncating the import of the track.
*Fixed a bug where if a beat with mid beat tempo change status (rendered blue) is deleted, that status is transferred to the prior beat.
*Added a "Beat>Remove mid-beat status" function that removes the status (which renders beat arrows blue for beats that were inserted to store mid-beat tempo/TS changes if that is enabled in import preferences during import) from the selected beat. At this time, this is just a cosmetic effect of returning normal status (and coloring) of the beat's arrow, to better keep track of any corrections that were made to a messy tempo map after an import.
*Added CTRL+Insert as a keyboard shortcut for Beat>Add.
*Fixed some bugs with the rendering of the fret catalog.
*Fixed a bug where "Note>Name>Edit" function would cancel if the only changes were to the case of letters (such as changing a letter from lower case to upper case).
*Added a check if RS1 or RS2 export is enabled so that if a note is named to include "maj" (in lowercase), EOF warns that Rocksmith may rename the chord automatically to indicate that it is a minor chord instead of a major chord. This check is run during normal save and when changing a note's name via "Note>Name>Edit" or "Note>Pro guitar>Edit pro guitar note".

#319451 Latest EOF releases (4-27-2020)

Posted by raynebc on 01 September 2019 - 02:37 PM

I think I fixed the arpeggio marking issue, it looks like it would happen if you add a handshape that is earlier than existing handshape/arpeggio phrases in a track.

@theSG Would it only be appropriate to automatically increment/decrement a FHP if it was the same timestamp as and was the same fret value as one of the gems in a note being affected? Should this functionality be lumped in with the preference to increment/decrement slide endings?

#319367 Latest EOF releases (4-27-2020)

Posted by raynebc on 31 August 2019 - 04:16 PM

Are you sure you're not hitting CTRL+SHIFT+G sometimes? That is the keyboard shortcut to mark an arpeggio, and the letter is right next to H so that's a possibility. The next time this has just happened, please check the Information Panel to see if the value listed for the last ASCII character input read was "103 ('g')" or if it is stated to be 'h' instead.

As you suggest CTRL+X defines a Rock Band 3 style string mute (no defined fret number). For this reason, these notes are prevented from having their fret value incremented/decremented with those controls. I've gone ahead and changed it so that muted notes with a fret value (ie. defined with SHIFT+X) can have their fret values incremented/decremented with these controls.

For the tech note selection issue, try "precise select like" (SHIFT+L), which will only select notes with a matching lane number AND statuses.

For incrementing/decrementing slide endings automatically, I can't assume that's a behavior everybody would like. If you like, could make a user preference for this (you'd have to enable it once and it would stay enabled permanently until you make a new EOF installation, reset your settings to default, etc). Let me know if that would work for you.

Edit: This preference would probably be limited to only affected slide endings directly applied to selected notes (ie. if you select a normal note and increment its fret value, a slide ending applied by tech note won't be altered, since the normal and tech notes are kept separate intentionally). It would probably allow you to select a tech note and use the increment/decrement function on it directly to affect the slide though, so it could still be convenient in that way.

#318983 How to make CLDC with four guitars in EOF

Posted by raynebc on 25 August 2019 - 02:11 PM

You can also manually set the bass track's characteristics to reflect guitar:
1. Use "Track>Pro guitar>Set number of frets/strings" to set the number of strings to 6.
2. Use "Track>Rockskmith>Arrangement type" and set one of the non bass guitar types. The tuning will automatically be changed to EADGBe to reflect guitar.
3. Optionally use Track>Rename to change the name to something other than "PART REAL_BASS".