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#227288 [TRR] Rocksmith Remastered Screenshots – Player Stats

Posted by zerkz on 31 August 2016 - 11:36 AM

They have to support their current DLC and original songs,, so i'm pretty sure the current file format (.psarc) will be compatible too.

#132057 A thank you to our top charters!

Posted by zerkz on 20 February 2015 - 07:56 AM




 First off I also would like to thank all the custom contributors. I know how much work it takes to get the tunes put together and posted on CF.


   Took a look at the two top charters on your list, UNFAIR ! Not all Paths charted and not all platforms supported. I for one try to include all in on the fun.


Later, avdocatwork


P. S. I have only 39 Customs charted, and have to admit some parts are crappy, but I do keep a log and work to correct them. Plan on adding 5 more customs tomorrow. All Paths and all formats. Guess it makes 4 paths x 44 = 176 x 4 formats = 704 and just recently have been adding the option of with or without DD so x 2 = 1408 people happy with 1 download apiece, that are wanting an exact part of a tune available. Anyway I had always thought of this website being a sharing website, but now it seems like a competition, charting customs. I say leave the competition to the guys in the Rocksmith Championship section.


Later, again



This was clearly just a statistical/quantitative  thing.So don't feel bad about it. I LOVE ALL CHARTS, EVEN IF DEY BROKE'D.


#126637 Current Help Wanted (Volunteer)

Posted by zerkz on 31 January 2015 - 03:03 PM


You don't have to convince me on Java - I've been a Java dev for 15+ years  :)  I love doing side projects, but I am trying to figure out if I have time to devote to it right now.


What do you think about me coding the app in C# (already started) and then you porting it to Java + making a cool GUI. I mean, it wouldn't take you as much time as making an app from scratch, but you'd still be doing a nice side project.   :)


(I already started making it and I'm going to talk with Unleashed.)


Why not use Mono? http://www.mono-project.com/

#122829 Customsforge is going to MAGfest!

Posted by zerkz on 18 January 2015 - 11:44 AM

More posts getting deleted? :o


You're solving discussions you don't like by deleting posts - and this is not the first time you did.

You might give me the next non-expiring warning point, but maybe some people should stop to promote customs too offensive in public.


The customs contain copyrighted material - agree?

If you put it into a zip file or a psarc file where you have the tools to extract them is the same. Enjoy playing the customs, try to learn them, be a community, but don't shout it out everywhere that they exist. You'll be ignored if staying calm, but not if you act like a business owning any rights on the things you've to offer.

And if you like it or not, the whole things with customs is reverse engineering of a game. You break the license agreement - I like to play more content in Rocksmith and there would be missing something. Don't throw the fact that you can play customs to Ubisoft or to record labels into their faces to many times.


I've not read the replies before it has been deleted and can't answer to them, sorry.

I'm not going to delete your post, but please, make a new topic about it instead of posting in this one. I specifically asked users to post high quality CDLC and its being overshadowed by this topic (ie. off topic).

I am going to lock this thread. If you want to recommend high quality DLC, please message me.

#122564 Customsforge is going to MAGfest!

Posted by zerkz on 17 January 2015 - 01:35 PM

Will the people whose cdlc's were nominated be notified?

I'll try to have a full tracklist of what I'll be bringing to MAGfest as soon as I gather them up.

#120749 Customsforge is going to MAGfest!

Posted by zerkz on 11 January 2015 - 11:34 PM

I'd say you should go with the ones that every guy that picks up a guitar wishes to play, you know, stuff like Enter sandman, Stairway to Heaven, Sweet Child o' Mine, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Comfortably Numb, Californication, Hotel California, Iron Man, I could really go on and on, but you get the idea. These are all songs that have DD, everybody wants to learn to play, have great tones and will surely attract some attention since they have not been (And in cases like GNR will most likely never be) released by Ubisoft.

While I could see some of those going over pretty well, keep in mind that this is a gaming/music festival. Many people here will not have tastes "to the norm" (atleast, this is my assumption). There will probably be someone who is a huge Blind Guardian fan, to someone who loves video game music covers, to someone who digs whacky stuff like Babymetal, etc.

A piece of the magic that is Customsforge to me, is that there are many niche CDLC's out there. Many people may discover new bands even this way! 

#120584 Customsforge is going to MAGfest!

Posted by zerkz on 11 January 2015 - 12:49 PM

Ello community!

I'm pretty happy to announce that Customsforge has been asked to participate at MAGFest 2015, a music and gaming festival in Baltimore/National Harbor, MD. 
I will be going to represent us in the form of participating in a panel, and hosting a Rocksmith stand/booth where I plan on showcasing all the best Customsforge hosted CDLC's that we have to offer!

More details to come, but for now, I ask the community to recommend the highest quality CDLCs you have played or created! I am very open to all genres, as long as they are high quality, and do not cause dead tones/crash. I also recommend that they have DD, but it is not a requirement.  If you have a recommendation, please send me a private message (with a download link the PC psarc)!

If you live in the area, please come out and support us/have fun!

NOTE: This trip/event is being fully funded by myself, personally. All of your donations are still being used for site upkeep/server costs.