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Member Since 13 Jul 2016
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Look who's back (Metal heads will love this!)

09 June 2018 - 04:52 AM

I give you none other than the best metalcore band of all time!  As I lay Dying!  I know all about what Tim Lambesis did, and it's not my place to pass judgement, nor is it any of my business!  That being said...... The TONES are the same old ones they used, and this song in general is just my cup of tea!  Figured I'd throw it at you boys, incase you hadn't seen, or heard they're back together now!  Cheers!   Oh and someone put this **** on cdlc :-D



Holy **** Too good not to share with fellow Guitarist!

15 November 2017 - 12:48 PM

I hope the link works but if it doesn't the video is uploaded by Aussie Floyd. and it's called Comfortably Number live in Germany 2016.  I guess they're a cover band of Pink Floyd.  I'm not the biggest Floyd fan,   I don't mind it.  But I absolutely love David Gilmour's solos.. Especially the Pulse version on Igniton ...  If you haven't downloaded it fellas DO IT!   I wish someone could upload this version too..  Start the vid at 5:09 its flawless and once it his around the 800 minute mark the dude just starts to get into it.. I love the outrro this guy did... I just figured you guys would enjoy this..   If any of you are cdlc creators.  This would be a blast to play this version as long as someone takes the time to create an evenly matched great tone too it.. Anyway I hope the links work! Enjoy!


<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube....phq4?start=309"frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

BIAS FX, Rocksmith has anyone tried this?

29 September 2017 - 01:12 AM

Currently I don't have an amp I'm just using my own improvised sound set up like everyone else.. It's plenty loud, and honestly I'm just curious  Has anyone used BIAS FX???  The reviews on it are absolutely BADASS!  I just downloaded the demo's and I'm about to piddle around with it.  I'm just curious if anyone has tried it, and if so have you tried to use it with rocksmith also?  Any latency issues???  One of the things that pisses me off about RS is the feedback I get through my guitar.. And it's due to the cable..   It's either OVERLY sensitive picking up anytime I brush over my strings, or it isn't sensitive enough for say. tapping..  I think it has alot to do with what type of pick ups you're running but there's no issues with my axe, or my cable..  I anyway.  Someone post up if they've tried BIAS FX out.. If any of you have heard of After the Burial here's just a glimpse of what BIAS FX sounds like with hands that can shred!

Wish someone would upload this song in particular, or Disconnect, hell theres a ton of great songs by the band.  Anyway cheers!


_p.psarc.psarcc_pp.psarc blah blah blah

05 September 2017 - 11:56 PM

Ok so a long time ago all my cdlc got ****ed up in CFSM, and that's why I never use the damn thing.  Here's my question.  Ever so often I'll refresh my computer "Surface Pro" Window 10.  But all my Rocksmith CDLC song extensions get either added too, or scrambled with all this bullshit .psarc extension shit!  It's driving me crazy because I"ve been using Rename it to bulk, and batch rename the files, but there's so damn many of them with gaps, or (1), or something to the extent,  I don't think I'm getting to play all of my actual songs!  I do have 2600 or 2700 songs.  Some are duplicates, and I use CC cleaner to delete extras.  But I'll notice songs aren't in my CDLC like they used to be.  is this because I do the Validate files option?  I read somewhere the other day that doing that will reset your account basically...   And I"ve downloaded Of wolf and man byt Metallica about 50 times.  Along with others like Jeff Healey - While my guitar gently weeps.   But they're neither one ****ing there anymore and img etting tired of having to reinstallt he same songs over and over again...    When the first big **** up happened initially it names all my songs to something of the nature lik

Can you imagine playing guitar like this? (Jeff Healey Inside)

05 September 2017 - 01:32 AM

https://youtu.be/fWB0RnxRHOg How has this not been uploaded to cdlc?  Someone get this **** up there on ignition already!  lol!


Anyway this song is from the movie Roadhouse with Patrick Swayze!  Pretty much what made Jeff Healey grow  popular from what I remember.  Anyway


I have enough of a hard time playing if my guitar isn't set up perfect!  (I do my own set ups)  Have any of you tried to pick, or playing like this????  And I'm curious... How do you play with your teeth?  lol I'm not interested in doing that!  I just wondered how Hendrix, and Healey both did it without it hurting like hell on their teeth, or cutting their damn gums up lol!  Anyway, feedback!  Let's hear it!