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#249456 Ignition Changelog - 3/27/2017

Posted by Unleashed2k on 25 March 2017 - 05:14 PM

Ignition Changelog - 3/27/2017

Fixed Search Dropdown

Fixed other dropdowns

Fixed MySQL issue where records would 500 on trying to have them pop up

Various bug fixes.

Minor text fixes™

Database prep work for future upgrades


#248850 Growing Pains

Posted by Unleashed2k on 17 March 2017 - 11:32 PM

Probably when I was working on it- it's up again.

#248347 Survey Results & Q&A

Posted by Unleashed2k on 11 March 2017 - 03:08 PM

Q: The forum theme is too dark.
A: We do have an alternative theme available. Go to the bottom of the website and select "Change Theme"
Q: When do you plan on introducing a rating system.
A: The new IgnitionFUSE has a feature similar to a rating system, but instead will rely on "liking" CDLC. If there is an issue with CDLC it will be reported to the author, and eventually moderators to take down.
Q: When is the forum upgrade
A: The forum upgrade is in progress. We're actually working on redoing the auth system for our forums so when we complete this the forums will be upgraded.
Q: When will IgnitionFUSE be released?
A: After the forums are upgraded we plan on beta testing ignitionfuse to the public once the new forums and auth system is complete.
Q: Where do I go when the site is down?
A: We announce downtime to everyone on Facebook & Twitter
Q: Better tutorials and guides.
A: This is a highly requested feature that is high on our priority list. We plan on doing something about this soon.
Q: I want to donate with my Credit Card without a paypal account.
A: This is already possible, you don't need to. 
Q: I want guitar tabs of my rocksmith songs
A: Download the rocksmith toolkit, this is already possible.
Q: IE and Edge (or my other browser) doesn't work
A: This is the auth fix we're working on. It will also be officially fixed in IgnitionFUSE
Q: Thanks System
A: This will be included in our like system, we will improve it upon feedback.
Q: CDLC Updating
A: This is a feature I actually planned several months ago, but is not possible at the moment. With the new ignitionFUSE we will enable it! 
Q: Please use something other than paypal
A: We would need a popular suggestion that other people would donate to as well.
Q: I want to block bands I don't like and not have them listed in ignition.
A: I actually haven't seen this yet and will pass this along!
Q: Please do not remove the group forums feature
A: From what I have found, there is a new version for IP Board 4. We will see if we can get it to work.
Q: A mobile interface for ignition
A: There already is one, and we use a "save for later" feature so you can download the songs you want when you are home
Q: Quality Checks
A: We're still looking into how to enable this, we would need to wait for fuse to come out.
Q: Most songs are on PC. Where's my song for "X" platform?
A: Download the toolkit and you can convert it!
Q: CDLC Packs
A: This is not a supported feature and we do not plan on doing this.
Q: Pay for CDLC
A: This is not allowed. You can pay for guitar pro tabs, but not CDLC. This is strictly forbidden.
Q: Already downloaded page for ignition
A: This is your collection: http://ignition.cust...arch/collection
Q: A way to report broken/bad CDLC
A: All CDLC records have a report button.
Q: Host files on CF Servers
A: We do not plan on doing this for several reasons.
Q: How do I report a song or a user?
A: When on ignition select "go to record page", you'll see a "report" button.
Additionally you can go to any post and report it. Please use this if you find broken CDLC, links, etc.
Q: I can't login to ignition! 
A: You have the login bug, please check this page: http://customsforge....ge/support.html
Q: I need support!
A: We have a dedicated support page for CustomsForge: http://customsforge....ge/support.html
Q: My songs are going to 100%
A: You have the mastery bug. Please download our CustomsForge Song Manager and run the repair tool.
Social Media:
Do you play Rocksmith at parties, events, or coop with a friend?
26% - Yes
74% - No
Do you currently have more CDLC than DLC?
64.8% - Yes
22.3% - No
12.9% - Maybe
Do you still purchase DLC?
80.1% - Yes
19.9% - No
How many rocksmith cables have you purchased?
58% - 1
36.9% - 2-3
3.5% - 3-4
1.5% - 5+
Do you currently use Rocksmith Toolkit?
38.7% - Yes
61.3% - No
Do you currently use CustomsForge Song Manager?
36.3% - Yes
63.7% - No
Do you currently use Editor On Fire?
16.9% - Yes
83.1% - No
Have you had any issues with Ignition?
33.4% - Yes
66.6% - No
What browser do you currently use to access Ignition?
63.7% - Chrome
23.4% - Firefox
Other (2%)
Are you interested in a forum upgrade that will add tons of new features, better security, more browser compatibility but will remove old features such as groups?
75.1% - Yes
24.9% - No
We are currently rewriting the authentication system between IP Board and Ignition. Would you be okay with Ignition being down for multiple days while we implemented a fix that could resolve all future login issues?
93.2% - Yes
6.8% - No
Would you help contribute, or view a wiki if we had one?
74.9% - Yes
25.1% - No
Do you own a CustomsForge shirt, or plan to own one in the future?
46.6% - Maybe
46.4% - No
7% - Yes
Have you donated to CustomsForge before?
18.7% - Yes
81.3% - No
What platform do you play on?
96.4% - Steam
6.7 % - Mac
4.9% - Xbox One
6.4% - PS4
7.8% - Xbox 360
8.4% - PS3
Do you use cdlc on a platform other than pc
6.6% - Yes
93.4% - No
Do you stream Rocksmith?
14.3% - Yes
85.7% - No
Do you visit TheRiffRepeater?
62.5% - Yes
37.5% - No
How important do you consider the news about official releases? (1 out of 5, 5 being important)
8.4% - 121 - 1
10.8% - 155 - 2
27.7% - 399 - 3
28.1% - 405 - 4
25.1% - 361 - 5
How likely is it that you buy DLC that is currently custom content?
14.8% - 213 - 1
10.8% - 156 - 2
25.3% - 364 - 3
22.4% - 323 - 4
26.7% - 385 - 5
Do you actually look at anything on the site other than the CDLC search and download pages
58.4% - Yes
41.6% - No
How often do you use CF?
20.3% - Daily
17.6% - Once a week
17.2% - Once a month
15.9% - Once every other day
14.8% - Twice a week
14.2% - Once every other week
How likely would you recommend us to a friend? (1-5)
79.1% - 5 (1,140)
15.1% - 4
4.6% - 3
0.6% - 2
0.6% - 1
Do you know how to make CDLC?
26.1% - Yes
73.9% - No
Do you know how to fix CDLC?
22.1% - Yes
77.9% - No
Do you know how to report a user?
39.3% - Yes
60.7% - No
Do you know how to convert / fix pc files for your platform.
37.1% - Yes
49.3% - No
13.7% - NA
Have you disabled your adblockers for this site?
48.1% - Yes
51.9% - No
Are you looking forward to the future of CustomsForge?
96.9% - Yes
3.1% - No
Are you following us on Twitter?
9% - Yes
91% - No
Are you following us on Facebook?
18.2% - Yes
81.8% - No
Thank you everyone for your feedback. We're looking forward to the future. We have added several new moderators, c# programmers, and laraval/php developers. We plan on publishing an update soon.

#248346 Growing Pains

Posted by Unleashed2k on 11 March 2017 - 02:57 PM


As we grow into a bigger website we must evolve, and to do so we must upgrade our forums and ignition. During our upgrades, we ran into several problems, and unfortunately we learned about them days after. We were forced to roll back to a backup we took on March 5th.


Is there no development instance where you may test things before upgrading the productive system?


I have no discord - was the backup broken since 5th and you had to go back each day to find a working backup copy? This was then really bad luck, because when upgrading there's always a chance that something goes wrong and if you can't rely on the backup you're lost.


There is a developer instance but it is currently being used for IgnitionFUSE / IPBoard 4.1 Testing. During the upgrades everything was going smooth and there was only a few reports that could of been fixed, but unfortunately we found some severe problems a few days later. We had to make the decision to either A) rebuild B) Revert. We went ahead and chose B. Then during the backup, our backups failed. We have multiple backups but on the 5th is when we started the modifications and I took a snapshot, we have two backups that day, both failed. Linode's backup administrator went in and fixed the backup and it took 13 hours+ to restore the backup, and it worked. There was a bug during the upgrade process that we are working on for IP Board (we need to upgrade nginx, php, and convert our database) that occured that wasn't supposed to happen. IP Board will be working with us next time we attempt this to fix that bug, and we will have a backup ready. And better yet, next time it will take about 5-10 minutes to restore it instead of 12 hours+.

We don't have any proper system admins and this is all on me. I am a support tech at a web hosting company so I do know how to do this stuff, but I'm not certified and there are people way more knowledgeable who could volunteer and take on the job and assist us. Unfortunately, at the moment I am managing it and trying to do my best. Our last server admin betrayed us and was a liar. The one before that completely disappeared off the face of the planet never to be heard again. But I am always up to the task and I will work on CustomsForge as hard as I can. I love this site, this community, this game. I am extremely passionate and I hope we can definitely push forward and upgrade these damn forums and fix ignition!

#248304 Growing Pains

Posted by Unleashed2k on 11 March 2017 - 12:04 PM

As you are fully aware by now CustomsForge was completely down for over 24 hours due to a catastrophic backup failure. We worked with our host (Linode) to resolve this but unfortunately, it took 10 hours to just restore the files. We have a lot of upgrades for CustomsForge and we will be working on adding more fail safes to prevent problems like this happening in the future. As we grow into a bigger website we must evolve, and to do so we must upgrade our forums and ignition. During our upgrades, we ran into several problems, and unfortunately we learned about them days after. We were forced to roll back to a backup we took on March 5th. We still need to do these upgrades but we will be working closely with our board software support staff this time to fix the bug that caused these issues. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask us on our discord. We will be attempting these upgrades again, but in a different method which will reduce any future downtime if any problem was to occur again. (Example would be 30-minute downtime~ instead of 24 hours)
(p.s. if my wording sounds weird, I've been working on this non-stop for 24 hours trying to get this fixed for you guys, no sleep until I made sure our community is fixed! #exhausting) 
- Mark

#247706 Cloudbleed + SSL Login

Posted by Unleashed2k on 26 February 2017 - 09:02 PM

As you may of heard there is a major security flaw on Cloudflare, a service CF uses.

We are recommending everyone to change and update their passwords on all websites as a lot of them do end up using Cloudflare for protection. Also remember to enable 2FA.


You can read more about this: https://en.wikipedia...wiki/Cloudbleed

It's always recommend for everyone to change their passwords and use unique secure passwords for each of their websites. 

Here's a recommended password generator: http://passwordsgenerator.net/

You can use software such as LastPass + 2FA to use it securely, which is helpful.

Additionally we have secured our login system by adding SSL (https) to all logins.

We had an issue with this that we finally fixed.

I am editing this post to confirm there has been no leaks and none of your passwords have been compromised. It is however still strongly recommended for you to update your passwords.

#245516 Survey motivation

Posted by Unleashed2k on 02 February 2017 - 02:42 PM

As of right now only (I) the owner can see the results. I will be sharing the overall results of the survey with the community when we reach a certain percentage. We're close to reaching 1k results. It will take time to read every response, but when we do we will be releasing a Q&A and FAQ. 

#245236 CustomsForge Manager 1.3

Posted by Unleashed2k on 30 January 2017 - 02:01 AM

Hey all I got a response from them:




Thank you for your patience.
This is a false positive, it should be fixed in the new update.
To update virus definition: open Avast and go to > Settings (Gear icon) > Update > Virus Definitions - click "Update"

#245038 CustomsForge Manager 1.3

Posted by Unleashed2k on 27 January 2017 - 09:40 PM

during download, avast blocked cf manager as malware infection/ anyone have this issue? program looks cool but dont know if it is a false detection or what?

It is a false positive and I already submitted it to avast. Avast has notified me they will be whitelisting it in a future update.

#244888 CustomsForge Manager 1.3

Posted by Unleashed2k on 25 January 2017 - 08:45 PM

We have released a major update for CFSM. You can grab your copy of the latest version of CFSM today (1.3) at http://cfmanager.com

#244826 Ignition "search" feature doesnt work

Posted by Unleashed2k on 25 January 2017 - 03:32 AM

Very odd that it's DNS related as I've changed nothing in the DNS. Hmm. Oh well, it should of passed now whatever it was. Maybe our datacenter was having issues with their IPs.

#244825 CustomsForge "Remastered" + MAGFEST 2017

Posted by Unleashed2k on 25 January 2017 - 03:06 AM

Hey all we've been long overdue for a community update. 

I wanted to let everyone know that our lead developer has been super busy but will be returning to the project again soon so we can move to public beta testing.

Please remember we only have one developer rewriting ignition at the moment, and others are assisting him.


Our current plan is to do a large scale upgrade of CustomsForge. This will include the following:
1) Upgrading IP Board from 3.4 to 4.1

2) Upgrading authentication code (login script) 

2) Upgrading Ignition to IgnitionFUSE

This will remove a lot of community features such as groups but we will look into modifications so we can keep these features. 
Unfortunately to move forward we must do this, as IP Board 3.4's code is out of date and is basically end of life. We want to enable SSL site-wide and increase security on our website.

Additionally we want to improve and add other features such as creators which will show tutorials on how to create CDLC better, and also better visual tutorials on how to use CDLC, etc.


I am going through a list of volunteer applications and I will be adding hopefully at least 5+ new staff members to our teams. My plan is to expand so we can get development of this project going. It's a lot of work. We gain around 150 users per day daily.

We have a lot of support requests, user visits, and problems. We understand the frustration of the community and we're right there with you. We're going to start working harder for you guys and make sure we are more transparent this year.

We want to get this done and out the door so everyone has a pleasent search experience across all browsers, including edge / mobile. 



Magfest was a blast this year. Because I volunteered 30 hours last year (and this year) I got a free hotel staff suite room, and a free ticket w/ two free staff shirts. We had multiple singers, guitarists and bassists. From all skill levels.
Unfortunately my bag with goodies was lost by jetblue which angers me, but next year I will be shipping them so that won't happen again. 


Here's some pictures / video of our visit. I'll be adding more later.







Some footage: 





We're really proud of our booth and we will be returning for MAGFEST 2018. Next year we will be planning our booth even better. We hope to get a stage this year, unfortunately we didn't get a stage this year. We did get a nice screen and an amazing speaker setup. 

Next year we want to professionally record some footage and take better photos.

We're looking into expanding at a few other conventions. Possibly magwest and some florida conventions. You'll hear more about this if we decide to do anything.

Thanks for stopping by! I met a lot of CF users there and it's always a pleasure to see you.

Thanks to Conway, Dallas, Zerkz for being there.


I hope this clears everything up and I'll be posting another update in February. 


- Mark

#244815 We're returning to MagFEST!

Posted by Unleashed2k on 24 January 2017 - 10:36 PM

How did it go ? last year there was post's with pictures /reviews etc , but nothing this time  :(

We had a great time, just became very very sick. I'm just now recovering. I'll do a write up soon :)

#242804 We're returning to MagFEST!

Posted by Unleashed2k on 05 January 2017 - 12:06 AM

We will be at #MAGFest starting tomorrow! We're looking forward to seeing you there this weekend. We will have a better setup this year :)

#236125 Website Status

Posted by Unleashed2k on 05 November 2016 - 07:33 PM

We're aware the website has been slow. After doing an analysis we have found we are under a constant DDoS attack.

We have adjusted some settings on CloudFlare and some additional backend fixes.

I apologize for the slowness and we're working on making CustomsForge even better.