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CustomsForge April Newsletter | Newsletter (Issue 18) | CF Charting "Creators" Special

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To view this months newsletter please use a PDF Reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader
You can also download this PDF here: http://customsforge.com/newsletter/newsletter_apr_2020.pdf

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I'm happy to see that I'm inside the list of " Quality Charters ". Thank you so much. I feel honored :heart:




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Offline   bwaredapenguin


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A good portion of this newsletter is entirely incorrect. I'll ignore everything that's wrong about the rating system section and the fact that there is a defacto one in place with the record star rating system and just move on to the charting stuff.


Part 1: The only important thing that needed to be said about tools wasn't said: keep them up to date. Not only is it part of the site rules, but your CDLC will benefit from it (especially keeping EOF and the Toolkit relatively up to date).  EOF won't prompt you for updates so every time you start a new song go out of your way to check for a new hotfix.


Note that I personally recommend staying a couple builds behind the current Toolkit since more often than not they break stuff on releases. The good news here is that the toolkit is open-source so you can maintain your own builds that undo some of the breaks that were introduced years ago, like the DLC in-game tag. 


Part 2: The "6 fret distance" is a completely arbitrary number that has no ties to reality. Always reconsider every part of every tab. Check YouTube for live performances to see how the artist does it. Play a test build a bunch of times and look for transposition opportunities to make things easier/more logical.  Many, many things can be wrong in less than a 6 fret stretch, or a 6 fret stretch can be accurate depending on where on the neck you are and what the song is doing. Doing set ridiculous arbitrary rules for your tab review.


Part 3: "Do you want your chart to be Artist Accurate or Easier to Play?" That is not a legitimate question. The answer for Rocksmith (aside from some odd exception, apparently) is "artist accurate." I don't know about these specific Pantera song examples, but you always put the song in the tuning in which it's supposed to be played. You can offer alt paths or an alt download using the in-game pitch shifter pedal, but you should NEVER EVER change the tuning of a song because you think it's "easier" when there's evidence that's not how the song is performed by the artist who wrote it.


Part 4: The entire 2nd paragraph is an outright lie. No amount of tone designer work can salvage a shit chart. Bad tones can ruin a good chart, but not the other way around. 


Part 5: Beware the vocals - vocals are in no way whatsoever an indication of the quality of a chart. Are you really going to ignore some awesome instrumental songs because that box isn't checked? 


Part 5: Beware the paths - No, nothing about multiple paths gives any indication towards the quality of a CDLC or the effort put in. All that indicates is someone pressed F12 a 2nd time in EOF. And again, some songs don't have multiple paths. Do not listen to this at all. And while charts with one path don't necessarily have to be bad, you can't reasonably expect someone to release 1600 songs and have any of them at an actual high-quality level, especially when basic stuff like fret hand positioning is completely ignored. But I guess that specific scenario can be addressed by the weird "no vocals = bad" advice. 


Charter Tip of the Month: I literally don't even have the words to describe how wrong this is

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Charter Tip of the Month: I literally don't even have the words to describe how wrong this is


I was expecting someone to comment on that, and I wasn't wrong when I knew it would be you.


Perhaps I should have expanded upon it. What I meant was that if a tune is in A443, use Audacity to repitch it to A440 so that players don't have to retune unnecessarily. Could you explain what is wrong with that please? I'm pleased that my tip on normalising mp3s wasn't used as that would have rattled your cage again. I don't know what I've done to piss you off, but whatever it was, please accept my apology.

Online   SlickWilly


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I'm surprised that there was no "The # of downloads a chart has doesn't reflect the chart's quality" under part5.

I guess the "In the end..." part assumes this, but it would have been nice it if was stated to help new users out :P.

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Great work. And a huge thank you to all the cdlc creators.

One question? Is there any tips or tools/hardware to automate the capture of the guitar notes played into a tablature?

It would be great to get an end to end working example (video clip)

Online   Hyphema


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As far as "automate capture of notes" (play the song flawlessly, and have the tab software write the tab for you, based on the notes you play?)
I don't think you are going to find a satisfactory, easy solution. I've heard of setting up a instrument as midi input and setting up 'gates' to control the input threshold for what is interpreted as input for a note, but I'm not sure of the accuracy you can expect, nor how to *actually* accomplish that...