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Should i skip tremolo/whammy bar guitars for Rocksmith

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Offline   Overpopulation


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Apprentice here, ive read tremolo/whammy bars guitars are harder to get strings replaced and also to change tuning. Ive been playing with a simple 22 fret Fender without any tremolo bar. Im getting a new guitar and i only play Rocksmith should i skip guitars with tremolo/whammy bar, or it isnt such a big deal.


Ive heard of tremol-no and also that you can simply block the tremolo putting something inside, or even adding or replacing springs. Anyway as i would be getting a new one should i simply skip them or thats makes no sense to you, i mean is it true that it will simply complicate everything beyond the usefulness added having a whammy bar that i may use from time to time (it is not that i dont like the whammy bar, indeed i like the idea of having it but not if 99% of the time it is only slowing me when chaging tuning, replacing strings, maintenance, and who knows on how many other tasks).

Offline   RubberDave


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If you only play Rocksmith there aren't really any songs that require you to use a whammy bar for the notes to register, so the only reason to get one is if you want it. Personally I love mine purely for the sounds you can't get with a fixed bridge. It all depends what you want to get out of it. If you're going to block the bridge you'll probably find there's a fixed bridge model of the same guitar which is cheaper simply because of the bridge.

If you do get one, you can get around retuning for standard tunings with a drop pedal, I know a few guys use these including Luke at www.twitch.tv/Wr4thTV. It drops the pitch of the signal in semitone intervals down to an octave. You would probably still want another guitar for drop tunings or those which are offset from A440 pitch. I've been playing long enough now that I've built up quite a collection and I still have one hardtail for odd tunings. Drop pedal is next on my wishlist.

Offline   Xellot


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You need to buy and download AMPLITUDE!!!  Play Rocksmith with that in the background... :-D

Offline   KingCobra


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You might struggle at first. But with practice (like everything else), you'll get quicker. Blocking it is quite easy anyway.

Though I'd still advise a beginner to avoid a Floyd Rose setup.

Offline   CeramicCitizen


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I started with a Floyd Rose. God, it's so hard to retune the guitar or even get it to Drop D tuning. If you're planning to switch from one tuning to another tuning, avoid a floating bridge guitar. Note that it's not healthy to frequently change tuning as well but if for example E std. to Drop D every other day, that shouldn't be a problem.

Offline   Hiroshi


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If you are going for a medium/low guitar price doesn't matter IMHO just block the bridge, If you want to buy a high end guitar and you want to change tuning often then don't go for a guitar with a floating bridge, I have an Ibanez gio and I put a piece of wood to block the bridge and I can change the tuning with out any problem. Until now I never needed the whammy bar to play any song on Rocksmith.