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what causes tone drop?

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Offline   figital


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i was wondering if anyone had looked into what causes the tone drop?


i used to think it was on a cdlc where the author didn't add in a bass tone to the

package, but i have had the issue on customs where there is an assigned tone.


so i hope someone had done some more serious looking into it and might have some



for a long time, i sometimes didn't notice the tone drop.  the bass would still sound

like a bass with no effects with a lower  volume.  once i noticed the issue, i changed

my preset tone #4 to be ORION by metallica, which just howls.  so it's easy to know

when you've turned it on.  and i sporadically test it in game to make sure that the

tone is still working.  2 days ago i did a session with all official dlc and game songs

and that was 100 percent fine.  at the end, i changed to ORION and it still worked.

yesterday, i played dlc and pretty much after the first song, which did have a tone

in it's package, the tone dropped.  so for the rest of the game, the tone is just a bass

with no effects, but the game still tracks my playing ok.


i have the most recent update of RS, a pc with win 7, CFSM 1.3 and all my cdlc has 

been repaired in the song manager.


i guess compared to the problems some people have had, i have it easy, but it'd be

nice to figure out the cause of the problem.




Offline   RubberDave


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I believe the tone bug *used* to be caused almost exclusively by bad DLC (I could be wrong, it wouldn't be the first time and won't be the last), however on a couple of occasions now I've had it occur whilst playing official DLC - Raining Blood and Fear of the Dark - so there appears to be something else that can cause it and it seems to be fairly random.

Offline   figital


    Master Guitarist

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thanks for the reply RubberDave


i wonder if it's tied into the issues with the last update and the changes they made to the real tone cable settings?

i've started keeping a log, so i can try to see if there's any patterns.  in the meantime, maybe others will chime in

on their experiences as well...




Offline   firekorn


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@figital Tone drop can be cause by two main cause as far as i'm aware :


  • Tone not properly define in a song, that will never happen on any ODLC and it's very consistent as it's a tone that is called that will always cause it.
  • CPU/RAM usage that make the tone simulation stop, it's very unclear and i don't have the time or knowledge to deeply test this but i had pretty consistent result for what i've tried so far, as soon as i had some intensive software running in the background, RS tone simulation could just randomly dropped at any tone change no matter if it's CDLC or ODLC or even a simple change in the menu.

So for all i know there's not much to do beside avoiding bad CDLC (note that the tone issue shouldn't happen anymore if people use up to date tools) and avoiding intensive software in the background.

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Offline   figital


    Master Guitarist

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thanks @firekorn.  that is helpful...

today i had a 90 minute session with no tone drop by not running the game

from CFSM.  so that might have something to do with it, as i do normally

do launch my game from the song manager program.


Offline   figital


    Master Guitarist

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for the second day in a row, i have had a 90 minute session with no tone drop by not running the game from the CFSM.

i am happy that it seems to be sorted out, i was getting bummed as playing is not nearly as fun with no tones!!


tomorrow i am going to try running the game from CFSM and see if it causes it to tone drop.


Offline   GarryRS


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I've never heard of a console user having this issue only PC user it must be an issue with your PC not being "good" enough I get the issue on my old crappy laptop that cannot run RS according to "canirunit"