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Favorite Brand and model of Guitar?

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54 replies to this topic

Offline   Hostilian


    Master Guitarist

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  • Location:Edinburgh, Scotland

Steam Profile



I've got a Gibson SG Standard and love it!!!!


I was thinking about getting a Jackson at some point - but my local store doesn't keep them in stock (so I can't try one out).

Has anyone got any experience with them - good or bad? I quite like the King or Kelly...



Offline   RevT2


    Medium Guitarist

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  • Location:Pennsylvania USA

My most loved bass was my 1990 Washburn XS8 what a guitar that was. But those are days past, I would buy one in a heartbeat if I could find one for sale. I foolishly sold it when I got out of the navy. It was light weight and easy to set up and play. I just can't say enough about this bass.


Today my favorite is my Ibanez TR70 Series bass seen here next to my Dean. It plays nicely and is lightweight the neck is thin and suits my hands well. It plays fairly clean and sounds nice. It will be getting a paint job in the next month or so if I ever decide I want to give it up for a week or so while I refinish it.


Posted Image



I'm looking to pick up another washburn in the near future I think deep down I'm holding out For a good condition XS again.

It's good to know that everyone I idolize at one time or another in their career was where I am right now.
Posted Image

Offline   lespaul77


    Beginner Guitarist

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  • Location:michigan

I have an 05 Gibson lespaul gold top and a 82 Gibson lp custom in cherry burst ijust love the feel the weight and most of all the tone of a lespaul

Offline   MVega


    Touring Guitarist

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  • Location:France

Since my birthday's coming up, I went ahead and bought this direct from the manufacturer.


Posted Image


I have no idea what I'm going to receive. Could be a total POS. Could be a great guitar. Might not even ever get here! (Although they seem like a real company, they supply a lot of the knockoff guitars and even a lot of the name brand stuff).


My plan is to use the body as a template to build my own. Unless it turns out to be  a decent guitar.


Once you've gone headless, it's difficult to go back. :cool:

Offline   pom


    Beginner Guitarist

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  • Location:England, mostly

I have a Gibson Les Paul Traditional it weighs in at 9lb 2oz has a 50's style neck, a little fatter than usual Gibsons, one piece back AAA flame maple cap, Klusons blah blah blah. I love it, I've had too many guitars and this is the one I stick with, the feel of the neck, for me, is very important. I used to have a Strat, but it felt like a toy by comparison, it was sold quickly! The sustain, from the mass, of the Gibson is unreal, it goes on for about 3 weeks :) And thats without high output pups, mine are 57plus R&T respectively and the strings are custom lights Les Paul Sigs 9 ~52. So to reiterate get a fat Gibson and you will never buy another guitar, unless you are a weak willed consumeristic fool like me :)


Posted Image

Sex is like spreading butter on toast. Sure you can do it with a credit card, but its so much easier with a knife :shock:

Offline   Arkanoloth


    Beginner Guitarist

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just to mention ESP Shinigami by Masao Ohmuro



and you should have see the others...

Offline   bahamut443


    Beginner Guitarist

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  • Location:Connecticut
  • XBOX:bahamut443
  • PSN:PettyFansNet

Fender Stratocaster and Jaguar. Switch and swap, easy and versatile.

Offline   domsch1988


    Beginner Guitarist

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Epiphone LP Custom from 2007. The first Guitar i bought with my own money. I guess i was lucky with mine. I purchased a MIM strat, a sterling JP, PRS SE24 and tried guitars between 300$ and 4000$, all with the intention to buy one. None came close. For me, more expensive guitars where always about looks. I just can't justify spending 3 grand for a nice finish.

To this date i have not found a guitar that resonates and sustains like my LP. I have put a JB/Jazz set in it and am done. In a lucky accident i might have screwed the wiring up. I have two push-push-pots for splitting. The Neck by itself is really dull, but in the middle position with both HB's split i get a really convincing acoustic sound :lol:  Through the Years i modified the finish (stripped the neck and top completely without refinishing).

Also, since it got releveled twice, the frets are nice and low. I hate tall frets with a passion. No new guitar comes with frets that low. I fear the day when these can't be leveled again  :(


I often thought about upgrading the hardware (tone pros bridge, graphtech nut), but i'm at the point where i fear every modification might make it loose it's mojo. So, i fix whats broken and stopped searching for something better  :wub:

Offline   ThatWerewolfTho


    Beginner Guitarist

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Big fan of Gibsons here. I have an '83 Les Paul (that badly needs new frets set) that mostly sits in its case under my bed. Dream one day of owning an SG, an Explorer, and a Flying V. HUGE Flying V fan but I gotta have a real Gibson V (I'd settle for a Jackson Rhoads). I also love the Gibson RD (it's what the Ghost guitarists play) but I don't think you can get them for under $2500. My Iceman (below) is about as close to an RD as I'll ever get.




However, I somehow became brand loyal to Ibanez at some point. My main guitar is a HEAVILY customized Iceman.




Bigsby roller bridge, DiMarzio pickups, killswitch. The tuning machines are even custom. It's nuts. It cost me practically nothing. The bridge alone costs about what I paid for the whole guitar. It's awesome. Plays like crazy. I also have an Ibanez acoustic for when I don't feel like plugging in. I'm primarily a bass player, though.




I play an Ibanez BTB. It's a Mark 1 from forever ago. I don't think they make this thing in a 4-string anymore and it came with the stock Ibanez pickups. I guess the later models shipped with Bartolini pickups. If I can scrape the cash together for a set of those bars, I'd like to replace my pickups with Bartolinis.

Offline   Montaro


    Beginner Guitarist

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I use Brian May's red special replica as well as a 1990's roland bc-60 and a treble booster. 

Offline   Xellot


    Expert Guitarist

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  • Location:Houston, TX



Offline   Draggon


    Beginner Guitarist

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  • Location:Oklahoma

Gibson Les Paul Custom

Offline   Goranpaa


    Beginner Guitarist

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My Squire Standard strat SE, cherry sunburst. I own a Squire Standard Telecaster too btw.


But the guitar I really would  love to have are a Schecter Dream Macine strat. But unfortunatly it is way out of my financial league for now at least. Cost about 4000 USD.



Offline   h7x12nkFkXxG


    Beginner Guitarist

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  • Location:Somewhere in Iowa

I had a guitar that I sold in a rough patch 20 years ago. I miss her still. It was a bottom-end Ibanez JS-forgetthenumber. Joe Satriani. Wine Red mahogany with a stop tail and two P-90 style pups. So purdy.

Offline   Cbouty


    Beginner Guitarist

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  • Location:WA
  • PSN:cbouty
I’ve been a Fender player forever. Just bought a PRS custom 24 core guitar and it is hands down better than any other guitar ai’ve picked up! Fretboard is like a dream and tones are sick!