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Headphone suggestions (not earbuds)? Please and Thank you!

- - - - - headphones

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12 replies to this topic

Offline   lilstrats


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Hey guys, need some headphones for when I'm practicing at night and don't want to bother anyone. I am not looking for earbuds. I play Guitar (lead mostly) if that makes a difference. I play RS on PC, but also want to plug headphones into my amp too for practice. 

So, what do you recommend? I don't want earbuds, just some good quality headphones (maybe something with it's own volume?) I understand the limits of headphones, but it would be nice to have something that sounds decent, I already use a pair of Sony's. 

I don't want to spend an arm and a leg, but I don't want to cheap out either. Let me know guys, it is greatly appreciated (links are helpful too!)

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Offline   madzillagd


    Beginner Guitarist

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Maybe you already have a version of these since you said you use Sony but I've always liked the Sony DJ style headphones.  Very good sound quality for the price.  Downside for me though is I get hot as hell whenever I'm wearing big over the ear headphones.  



Online   firekorn


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@madzillagd i wasn't able to find any kind of real spec for that headphone so i would strongly suggest to stay away as i'm pretty no ones wants to buy a TV without being sure that it will actually show the correct color.


Buying headphones is incredibly complicated as rare are the constructor that actually give the spec that are interesting...


The Audio Technica ATH-M50 or is newer equivalent the ATH-M50X seems to be quite good for the review available (www.innerfidelity.com/content/legend-continues-audio-technica-ath-m50x).


You can browse through all those review of sealed headphones if you wanna find a perfect price/perf pieces but it can take quite sometime to find the one that stand out : http://www.innerfide...adphone-reviews


PS : The reason why i suggest this site is because they give actual measurement and you can check up their actual process for measurement which is one of the most important element. You can always compare those reviews with other site but someone can claim anything because his ear heard it while controled measurement are more viable if you know how they were made...

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Offline   albatross213


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I have a set of ATH-M50s and also Sennheiser HD598. Both are great for the price from what I can tell.

The Senn's are open design, so they'll let some outside noise in, and produce more noise than other headphone designs. They're also less portable than the AT's, but I think overall I prefer them for in-home use.

I can say more if you'd like. I figure firekorn's post covered the other set pretty well and provided a great resource.

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Offline   PC Plum

PC Plum

    Hall of Fame Guitarist

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These headphones get a great review in Custom PC, come in different colours and can be used for gaming too




If I didn't hate over ears (I prefer earbuds) I'd buy them :D




Also, if they are mainly for RS14 then maybe go for direct electrical connection headphones (3.5mm jack) to try to minimize latency.


The suggestions above are great, and I only wanted to offer an alternative.

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Offline   Wepeel


    International Mac Help Desk

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I have a pair of Audio-Technica M50x's, and I love them.  They're comfortable, have a wide frequency response, and a high output.   Also the cables (they come with 3 different types) are nice and thick, and well insulated.


They're not very expensive, and well worth the money.



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Offline   DevStereo


    Expert Guitarist

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  • Location:Austria/Vienna


I use the Razer Kraken 7.1 Surround Sound..
It's the best one i had so far. Well it's more for Gaming and stuff. If i could choose for a badass Headset, i would either take Beyerdynamics or Sennheiser without microfons for Studio Sound Quality. There are some cheap ones ranged from 80~200 bucks and the badass ones ranged from 400~1.000 bucks. In the end it just depends for what purpose you need them and so on.
I won't change my Razer Kraken 7.1, because you have pretty awesome features with this one. I always get a heartattack when someone is touching my shoulder while playing. I can't hear anything around me even if i just put my headset on my head while doing nothing. It's pretty awesome, but scary as fuck sometimes. I paid for my Kraken i think 90 bucks or so...
The Volume is just crazy on this one... My Limit is 40% Volume and i'm not joking... It's just insane.
I've tried once 100% Volume + 100% Bass Boost.... It literally blew my right Eardrum.. Well i went to the hospital and stuff and got my eardrum fixed and i'll never do that shit again. I was dumb enough to pay heavy metal for testing this thing out... To be exact "Crossfaith - J├Ągerbomb"...
Before i got the Kraken, i had like a shitty 30 bucks Headset by Gamecom...
Either way The Razer Kraken 7.1 Surround Sound is a Beast and i seriously wouldn't recommend testing this thing out at 100% Volume. [emoji47] [emoji100]

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Offline   lilstrats


    Master Guitarist

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Ahhh, this is a HUGE help. Thank you guys, I knew you would know! Kind of eyeing up the ath-m50x on the site firekorn suggested, you said u have those too albatross. Will shop around a bit. thanks again!

Offline   Archie79


    Beginner Guitarist

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I know this is an old post and you probably have something by now but I too looked for headphones for ages that I liked. I hate cables on my earphones so I got something wireless. I will be honest I wasn't looking to spend serious cash on a top of the range pair as I only use them when my step daughter and fiancee are in the room and it stops them moaning. I ended up buying these  http://www.panasonic...s/rp-wf950.html

Sure I know they aren't top of the range but they are at a reasonable price and do the job. If you stand to close to your amp you will get some interference noise but just step back a bit and they are fine. They give great sound and reception and the best thing I like I they are protected from sudden loud sounds and will either cut off if really excessive or they automatically adjusted to the sound a bit like a compressor.

Offline   covinhas87


    Expert Guitarist

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I bought one PreSonus HD7 based on amazon reviews and am happy so far.
They has a good sound quality also for bass, has a very long wire and an adapter for your pc or amp.


Hope it helps someone with a low budget. :)




Offline   dblbogey1


    Touring Guitarist

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I just ordered these today.  

Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone

They've gotten lots of good reviews.



Offline   domsch1988


    Beginner Guitarist

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Not sure if it's still relevant. None the less:

From my Headphone Selection there are only two i would buy tomorrow if they broke now:

Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro's

Sennheiser HD600


Both are the most comfortable Headphones. I Wear them at work for 9 hours straight without any fatigue. The Sennheisers are a little rounder/warmer in sound, the Beyer's have a bit more bass.

Depending if you need isolation or not these would be my number one pick any day.

Offline   KingCobra


    Master Guitarist

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I have the DT770 Pro's too, I mostly play bass. I usually run them through an M-Audio Bass Traveller headphone amp when I want 80's volume levels. No complaints.