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Online   Unleashed2k


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Hello everyone!

I wanted to say thanks to everyone who's supported us so far. 

First off I wanted to explain what your donations was used for.
The negatives are what I've purchased. The websites domain for $15 and the IP.Board & IP.Download system for $225

I have [color=rgb(51,51,51);font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;font-size:16px;font-weight:bold;]$142.93 [/color][color=rgb(117,117,117);font-size:.63em;font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;font-weight:bold;]USD [/color]Left in paypal and I plan to let all users know where their money went. I will not pocket any of this money as it will be used for this website only.

I've moved the transactions list to Google Spreadsheet.
Please view it here: https://docs.google....dit?usp=sharing


Thank you SO much to everyone.

Okay now, for the future of the website I have a few things in motion.

1) We will most likely use http://rscdlc.com/ for our DLC system. We will modify it to make it better.
2) We will use IP.Downloads for our file system. You can do EVERYTHING you dreamed it. 
Some of the features: 

- It counts every download

- Searchable fields (Title, Artist, etc)

- NOTIFICATIONS for file updates. This is a huge update I'm looking forward to. No longer have to deal with outdated CDLC.

- Report broken file downloads to the CDLC creator

& More!

3) We are actively working with PHP developers to upgrade to our new CDLC system. 

4) We are looking into hiring a Skin designer to design a professional dark-themed type skin. (Possibly a white one too).

Please note this will take some time but I'm hoping to get all of this in motion within the week. I'd like to have everything up and running soon so we can have an awesome community with awesome CDLC.


I also want to give thanks for my wife, Ally who has been here since the morning helping me out with everything. 


I'm looking forward to working with everyone to create the ultimate CDLC website.

"Just remember: when something breaks, kick it as hard as you fucking can"

-Trent Reznor

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Offline   UKLooney


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Good luck :)

All my customs can be found here :)

Offline   Rush


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Thx to both of you, and to all the members that make possible this amazing work , my best wishes to you :) 

Time? I can't give you time... Anyone can... Time is just an illusion...


My CDLC'S here --> Rush Forge


Offline   Hesher


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Is there still possibility to donate site? I have few dolars on my paypal account and I can spare them here x)

"Problem with most Norwigian bands is that their singer sounds like Popay" ~Cronos, Venom, 1999

Offline   mikeb91594


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Offline   TMHDATA


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Good luck from Denmark with this new site and thanks for your dedication :cool:

Offline   Adoneill


    Beginner Guitarist

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Congrats, good luck and all the best.

I know this may not be the thread for this, but I had a thought.

I'm not a coder or designer in any way, but i don;t knkow if you have ever seen on the Skyrim modders forum nexus thing, thewy wrote a program that you download and log into their site with and it organises all your DLC and cDLC for the game and notifies you when a file has a newer version.

I have no idea of what kind of work this entails, nor the uselfulness, but it might be worth thinking about, maybe some genius member who enjoys this might have a look.

Some problems I can think of immediately,

Hosting the files - What can be worked with.

Updates not getting the feedback they deserve and need due to people just updating their list and not contributing constructively.

of course the general problems with writing an application from scratch!


Sorry to Hijack, I just really wanted to congratulate you with the new endeavour!

Offline   twistedsinz


    Expert Guitarist

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I think you and your wife should buy a few beers or a bottle of wine and write it off as an expense for all the hard work you two put in to get this site up and running so quickly.

Offline   Thrallsa


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Only thing I can say to describe this: Pure Awesomeness!


Can't wait until things fall into place here! Thanks for putting so much effort into all of this!

Offline   DyingAtheist


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Was fairly terrified when I noticed what went on at Smithy - so this is awesome, it really is. Go you. 

Offline   afterdark


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Thanks for making this possible.

Offline   raynebc


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I've been meaning to say this for a while, Thrallsa, but your avatar creeps me out :0

Offline   xvladx


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Steam Profile


Thank you for doing this, I look forward to see this site grow big.

Guitars owned:

Schecter Damien Platinum-6 FR (EMG 85-81) | Ibanez GRG20Z | B.C. Rich NJ Deluxe Warbeast (EMG 85-81) | Jackson Pro King V KVT (Duncan SH-6).


Playing since:

November 11, 2013.


Favorite Genre:

Heavy Metal \m/ (specifically Death Metal, Power Metal, etc. and the heavier stuff) 



Offline   rijy


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Thank you for doing this

Offline   uthere1


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Thanks for all the hard work, Unleashed.


Just please don't add ratings.  :mrgreen:

Offline   CrazyEddie


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Cool, rock on  :cool:.

Offline   twistedsinz


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I've been meaning to say this for a while, Thrallsa, but your avatar creeps me out :0

I was thinking the same thing..

Offline   thadius856


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Hrm. Tried to donate earlier, but didn't get a PayPal address.


Can you post one here or PM me?


Really want some 0-day bling if it's still available :(

Offline   jjacks68


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Ditto what everyone has said.

Thanks for taking this on board.

Happy to donate, just wish I could do more (have the time and figure out how to make cdlcs) etc.

Would love to do some Elvis Costello.


Can't wait to see the site develop.



Offline   tripsick


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Glad to see it still moving forward..