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What is the most underrated band(s)?

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Polkadot Stingray






Somali Yatch Club








Mild Orange


Dream wife




Dan Patlansky






Dead Sara




Good Morning


No buses




There are probably more but those are the first ones that come to my mind.


I second Clutch and 1000mods. Fantastic bands.

Offline   Brotein Supplements

Brotein Supplements

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Personal top three would have to be:


-Everything Everything

-The Cult



Probably with a band like Clutch for close fourth.

Offline   khuff71


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Night Ranger

Offline   rvcezar


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OMG they are awesome!

Offline   flyinghammer


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I would have to agree Clutch is very under rated.


Also Jerry Cantrell's solo albums are very under rated for the awesome riffage on Degridation Trip Volume 1 and 2.  Boggy Depot was a good album but the anger in Degridation Trip just shines through.  I would love to see someone chart Bargain Basement Howard Hughes, Leave Me Alone, Pig Charmer, Gone.  just a few off the top of my head.

Offline   Sharkadark


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A little off from what I am seeing, but I do not see too much talk about Silverchair, at least in the United States. This might be an unpopular opinion, and I am too young to have grown up in the 90's but I barely hear about them. I have only heard people mention them when I covered one of their songs at a show a couple of years ago, but since then it's been quiet about them. I really like their first two albums (Frogstomp and Freak Show) and think they are pretty good.


Faultline (my favorite song by them)


The Closing (The song I covered)

Offline   loganbruce


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I think a distinction between underrated and underappreciated is needed.  I wouldn't call Nightwish underrated, they have an excellent reputation and anyone that has seen or heard them perform recognizes they are very good. (Look at all the youtube videos of people reacting to Nightwish) So, it's more that their style of music isn't what a lot of people like to listen to (notably in the US) , rather than people thinking Nightwish sucks. 

I would say AC/DC is underrated, even though they are extremely popular, because their playing has always been criticized for being simple and not being very good - even though playing their songs CORRECTLY so they sound right,  is quite hard.  How many novice guitar players choose AC/DC songs to learn specifically because they think they are easy? 


I think it's similar to country music. Where in the US country artists especially the more modern ones like Brantley Gilbert, Luke Bryan, Kenny Chesney, etc will sell out huge stadiums. But they usually won't even tour in Europe, and if they did probably would only play small venues. 


Sure maybe you've got some fans of American country music in Germany or Austria but I'd doubt it's very much. ;)


I think a lot of 80s rock bands (especially Melodirock) that went over "Big in Japan" were underrated in much of the rest of the world like Scorpions, Mr. Big, Night Ranger and Toto.


Though I think the most underrated band of the last 5 years is either Brother Firetribe. All of their albums are great! Diamond in the Firepit was a great surprise this year, probably in my top 5 albums of 2014.




Bands that fit into the symphonic metal genre such as Nightwish and Within Temptation.  I say this because it seems like I can't talk to anybody about these bands without getting a strange look because they've never heard of them.

NIghtwish is HUGE in Scandinavia, and Within Temptation is also a well known band here.


Yeah but I wish these bands would be well known in America.  I honestly believe these bands could sell out 10,000 seat arenas over here but they end up playing in small venues.



Offline   Lotuseater24


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Steam Profile


Back in the early Y2K wehn Metalcore was still pretty new there was this band that started out as Christian Metal called Symphony in Peril, and while their first album was not too memorable, I still think that their follow-up The Whore's Trophy is top tier metalcore.

Offline   andsuch


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Offline   SalamanderNoodle


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The Cult

Metal Church




are 4 bands that come to mind right away

Offline   zanzibarnights


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Because everyone thinks they are a novelty band when they are genre defying musicians that can hold their own with most touring acts

Offline   Gallon215


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Sugar (90s power trio) / Bob Mould (solo stuff...check Workbook) / Husker Du (seminal 80s) Mould is a guitar animal and largely unheard of.


The Clash (and Big Audio Dynamite)

Offline   newmans1985


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Another band I want to put into the discussion is Crimson Glory.  The solo on this song is amazing and Midnight was one of hell of a singer and song writer.  I'm actually shocked there isn't more Crimson Glory on this site

Offline   k151rumm


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I'd have to recommend  Capstan and Hot Mulligan