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What is the most underrated band(s)?

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Offline   Chicco


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Too many bands fit in... but...



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Offline   Radivia


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Iron maidens pretty underground

Offline   Venomous


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Rush,Blue Öyster Cult,Dire Straits and The Kinks

Offline   chili_time


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I don;t know about underrated but in my humble opinion Royal Blood is a great band yet I find many people have never heard of them.

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Offline   Liquidlizard


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  • Liquidlizard
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I don;t know about underrated but in my humble opinion Royal Blood is a great band yet I find many people have never heard of them.

I find they're a good band to listen to when at the gym :)

Offline   albatross213


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A few in metal that I've noticed (and done some charting for, so I'm probably a bit biased, but I believe that these are truly great bands that deserve more recognition):


Coroner, who are widely considered to be one of the best and most innovative thrash bands of the late '80s and early '90s. More technical than most, but loads of fun to play. Their top albums are rated as the #12, #14, and #44 thrash albums of all time on rateyourmusic, and around or over 90% on metal-archives. They've been inactive for a while, so they seem to be relatively forgotten after the 20+ years mostly off people's radar.


Enslaved, one of the best and most consistently awesome metal bands that I know of. Hard to pin down a genre, but their style is varyingly near black metal, progressive metal, and viking metal, and might call them something near "black metal Opeth", at least on some of their releases. Their top albums are rated #23, #27, #31, #40, and #79 on the black metal page of rateyourmusic, and #29, #36, #47, #48, and #82 on the progressive metal page of rateyourmusic, and also viewed quite favorably on metal-archives.


And there are a few others where I'd call their reception on here quite underwhelming, such as Disillusion and Ne Obliviscaris (both of which would probably also be worth checking out for fans of Opeth), but both of those are relatively underground metal acts, so I'm not really too surprised.

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Offline   RedCrowBleeding


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Offline   Reidit724


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The Who  gets no love but gives it to all.   Billy Idol was a bomb in the 80's Rebel Yell was a great album


Posion was great band in the 80's  Tom Petty was awesome,   Bon Jovi was Awesome 


Offline   montyindaghetto


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Most of Devin Townsends work.

Offline   Xellot


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Steam Profile


Stereomud, Sevendust, The Sorrow, Any given day.

Offline   Bojar


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German metal band Suidakra


Offline   mretgis


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Tinsley Ellis. 

Alien Ant Farm.

Minus the Bear.

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Offline   ShrillBear52


    Burnout CDLC creator with anxiety

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tbh, imo these bands are underrated in a prespective way as "not appearing in a lot of places" :


  • Breaking Benjamin
  • Chevelle
  • Godsmack
  • Alter Bridge


but if you i want to say a criminaly underrated band, then (surprise,surprise) Billy Talent would be my #1 for that.

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Offline   harvis


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Offline   TomSawyer2112



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Silver Condor ?

what a great song they made : 




or even better



Offline   RedCrowBleeding


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i'm gonna add Gary Clark jr (seriously there's a whole 2 cdlc for him (one of which is an official)



Offline   Heavyweaponsguy5


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Johnathan Fire*Eater

Offline   merkzmemes


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Easy, Rest Repose. Someone needs to make a CDLC Pack for them.

Offline   LordGhoul


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Future of the Left. Usually placed in post-punk, noise rock category, but have quite their own unique sound.

In fact I came here looking for CDLC because the bass in their music is just so god damn delicious, but only found a mclusky (former singers band) song w/o bass option.
Mclusky were also a brilliant band. Some people may have heard of them.

Came to look for a request forum just to realise it's been closed down two months ago or so.
A ride of disappointment, haha.

It's a shame because they are brilliant. They really need some more exposure.

I want to be as badass as their bassist one day :)

Offline   Dardo


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Polkadot Stingray






Somali Yatch Club








Mild Orange


Dream wife




Dan Patlansky






Dead Sara




Good Morning


No buses




There are probably more but those are the first ones that come to my mind.