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Community Status Updates



Small updates. First of all. Busy. World of Warcraft yet again, taking a lot of my time. Because of poor game design. I still play it because of the somewhat amazing story (Books are better), the decent class design, I love trying new classes. And questing. The graphics on the other hand... needs an upgrade, and ffs let me remove FOG. I don't want my scenery ruined by a blanket of darkness which makes it look out of place. It's a little sad to be honest. WoW has so much potential, but it's going this really greedy route where it wants your cash and you as the player aren't valued. If I can't get my Heavenly Azure Cloud Serpant or see it in sight after I get my Felfire Hawk, I'm gonna call it quits on that aspect and go back to my routine. I also have to keep in mind, with most of the content being locked behind skill/grind walls, it's quite obvious how greedy they are. If they really cared about players, they'd scrap this RNG, grind and skill aspect of it, and reward it for milestones. Or after large quest chains, which is an RPG aspect apparently My routine is going to be games one day, projects/work another. I do Artwork and Writing outside of this. And hentai. I also write some music. And I have a lot of stuff to do. For CDLC's, nothing special coming up? It depends on the time I have and whether I can get it done before the Yogscast Jingle Jam. OH, and WoW events. Gotta do those for the weird achievement for the Pink Proto Drake. I may make Dragonforce CDLC for the songs on their new album. It was surprisingly good. Admittedly, I thought it was going to be cringe city, but it was fine. Everyone was doing their part. It sounded good. It's fine. As for tabbing? Only one song at the moment. It's a Falcom JDK cover of a Ys song called Mother Earth Altago? I Love that song. It sounds so awesome. The part where the guitars kick in, it's one of the most beautiful riffs ever. It sounds so 80s. And funnily enough, it was from the same collection as Dreaming. I've definitely got to listen to that playlist again. There was over 400 songs in it I think. I think I stopped because I said "It was too much."
Oct 04 2019 12:41 PM