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#19623 3/2/2014 UPDATE

Posted by Izzy2014 on 23 March 2014 - 11:26 AM in News & Announcements

I have a few suggestions and ideas that I'd like to share with you guys. First and foremost, I believe the testers should have their own colors if they are willing to devote their own time into testing (Just as the charters are willing to devote time into charting). Perhaps one of these delightful colors will do? http://www.colourlov...hocolate_Creams (I'm having a major craving for ice cream, which I can't have :( )Testing and charting go hand in hand when it comes to quality, and I feel testing is just as important as charting.


I play another game that is entirely community based for a game called "osu!" . They are comprised of members similar to ours (e.g. Developers, charters, donators, etc. ) The way they give incentive on having users leave feedback is by a system they call "kudosu" (or simply, kudos). When someone leaves detailed feedback on someone's chart thread, the creator of said chart could give the user giving feedback "kudos" (which would be about 2 or 3 points in kudos) while other users who feel the feedback is well thought out or definitely important in implementing, other users will also be able to give "kudos" to a user as well. (Only 1 point of kudos, since they themselves are not the creator of the chart).


For every post a user posts, they give themselves another chance of getting kudos. But what do we do with these points though, you might be asking? For charters, we can use the "kudos" points we gain to bring our charts closer to the front page so that we can get more feedback. But what about users who don't chart? Well, there should be a thread dedicated to suggestions. Users create their topics explaining what suggestions they want implemented to either the website, or to EOF, to the RS Gui Toolkit, etc. 


People enjoy getting noticed, and what better way that to reward their time leaving feedback with kudos, so that their ideas or their charted songs become more easily recognized? This may be a bit td;dr but I really hope you guys take this suggestion into consideration, as the kudos gives me much more incentive on leaving feedback to other's charts. As always, rock on guys m/


**Quick edit**


Maybe we can use the "thanks" we get as a form of "kudos" points, so it can be an easier task and a smoother transition?