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Member Since 17 Feb 2014
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question about cdlc search page

13 May 2018 - 08:49 PM

apologies if this has been covered, i haven't seen direct reference to it though.   when i go to the cdlc search page now i get a partial screen video advertisement at the bottom of the page.  makes it difficult to look through the list as it keeps dropping to the video.  can't see the entire frame to see if it's closeable, and it just keeps reloading.  i've been away for a while and just noticed this.  it's really annoying.  i hope this isn't going to be a keeper.  is this going to be part of the newer page when it comes up? 


regardless, thanks for all the hard work everyone puts in to make this a great site.  you are vastly more appreciated than you'll know.




just curious about donations

07 October 2017 - 11:42 PM

i was wondering if someone could clue me in regarding the donations.  when i make a donation, it shows up on the donation page as less than i submitted.  are we getting hit with fees before you get the money? or is it something else?



couple items

03 July 2017 - 05:37 PM

recently i tried to go to the csfm page to report an issue with the new beta version out, and when i got there, the page kept scrolling to the bottom where the ad displays. no matter how i tried to scroll back up, it would keep pushing me down there.  i ended up leaving thinking i'd come back later, but haven't yet.


since then i have noticed that when i go to most any page on this site, in the lower left screen i get a white text box telling me it's looking for or retrieving or redirecting what looks like a lot of different ads or ad related.  some has google in it but most roll through too fast to keep up.  is this something to do with the ads on the pages?  i have run all the checkers i have and nothing registers, not like the cfsm anyway, but it's slightly disconcerting to see that running in the corner. 


thoughts or suggestions would be most welcome.

is there something new with the website or nortons anyone heard of?

03 June 2017 - 11:36 PM

resource://c1a2a613-35f1-4fcf-b27f-2840527b6556/data/html/pagebadredirect.html  is one of the pages that comes up.  i used to get this sporadically when trying to download cdlc.   it was typically from the same contributor, or loads from a similar source.  however over this weekend i've had numerous of these windows pop up.  sometimes from the main customsforge page, sometimes from the forums page, my favorite is when the main page comes up, then it flags me when changing to the forums page, and when i hit return it flags on the main page.   i've run a current sweep of my nortons and nothing shows up.  i have the custom song files added to  norton so i can use them, but this is keying off the internet site, and i haven't found anything on it yet.  or is this some virus i have lurking that isn't showing up.  all i know is it's getting to be a pain.  thanks in advance for any advice or hints that may apply


update:  i did locate the norton security toolbar on mozilla and disabled that, although i'm not a fan of turning off the protection.  it does seem to be making a difference so far.  hopefully this will settle the issue.  i would like to find a better solution though.  still open for suggestions if anyone has something.  thanks again.